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It's a great idea to visit Lviv during the Christmas and New Year season! The city becomes fabulous and special at this time. Despite the difficult and hard times of the war, which are still ongoing, we want to preserve the traditions of Christmas. Many tourists come to Lviv to celebrate the holidays with their families and share pleasant moments together. 

We recommend you to take advantage of a great offer -  loyalty card for tourists Lviv City Card, in order to plan your time more conveniently, visit more locations and save your budget. 

Come into the Tourist Information Center (1 Rynok Square) or buy a card online on the website and take part in the drawing of an unforgettable weekend for two in Lviv.

The conditions of the draw are simple:

  1. Buy a Lviv City Card from December 15 to January 15 on the website or at the Tourist Information Center (1 Rynok Square)
  2. Keep the card
  3. Register here!
  4. Win a gift!

The winner receives:

  • Accommodation for 2 people for two nights at the Swiss Hotel
  • Desserts with coffee at the French Holidays restaurant
  • Dinner for 2 at the Georgian cuisine restaurant "Akhali"
  • Two tickets to the Lviv Oceanarium
  • Two tickets to a concert at the Lviv Organ Hall
  • Lviv City Card for two for 72 hours

*The validity period of the weekend certificate in Lviv is 6 months

We will announce the winner live on on January 16

Buy Lviv City Card

Types of cards (validity period) and cost:

  • 24 hours - 350 UAH
  • 48 hours - 450 UAH
  • 72 hours - 550 UAH

*the card is valid from the first activation at the location

A list of all offers can be found here.

Also, we have prepared recommendations for you on how to spend your time in Lviv during Christmas.

Start your exploration of the city by tour on the Wonder Train and learn a lot about Lviv, its picturesque corners and historical monuments.

  • The Wonder Train departs daily from Rynok Square, 1
  • 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. (departure every hour)
  • Duration of the tour: up to 1 hour

The cost of the tour is already included in the Lviv City Card 

Then, go up to the observation deck of the City Hall tower (65 m) (Rynok Square, 1), which offers an incredible view of Lviv.

Important! The observation deck is open to visitors only on Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

For Lviv City Card holders, the entrance to the Town Hall Tower is free!

What museums to visit?

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in Lviv named after Klymentii Sheptytskyi (Shevchenkivskyi Hai)

1 Chernecha Hora St.

Shevchenkivskyi Hai is an open-air museum, one of the most popular among tourists. In winter, it is especially beautiful and fabulous here: picturesque nature, snow-covered trees, old houses with fascinating interior displays. During the holidays, various interesting events are often held here. You can visit a performance of carolers or take part in master classes: pottery, straw weaving, glass painting etc.

Museum opening hours in winter:

  • 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.- park mode (external expositions)
  • 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.- internal exhibitions (interiors of the mansions), on Monday and Tuesday the mansions are closed

Free admission for Lviv City Card holders!

Andrei Sheptytskyi National Museum

20 Svobody Ave.

The National Museum is a treasure trove of Ukrainian sculpture and art. Due to the martial law, the main exhibition is not available, but there are additional exhibitions of artists or art installations that impress with their filling. Therefore, if you are an art lover, be sure to include this museum in your itinerary.

Museum opening hours:

  • Tuesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Free admission for Lviv City Card holders!

Interactive museum "D.S. Secret Pharmacy"

 1/1 Soborna Sq.

By purchasing a Lviv City Card, you have the opportunity not only to visit the museum, but also to visit the dungeon, take an informative tour with experiments and a lot of interesting information from the world of pharmaceuticals. Here you can also buy "pills for happiness", "pills for laziness", "pills for greed" and other interesting things in the shop with original souvenirs.

Museum opening hours:

  • Daily 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (guided tours are held every hour; by appointment)

Entrance to the museum and the tour with Lviv City Card are free!

The Museum and cultural complex of beer history "Lvivarnya"

18 Kleparivska St.

Lvivarnya is a modern museum complex that will immerse you in the history of brewing and the spread of beer in the world, with many interesting exhibits, interactive and game installations, and an original ceiling made of beer barrels. You will be able to learn about Lviv's beer traditions, the stages and subtleties of the brewing process, and for true beer connoisseurs, you will be able to taste the legendary drink in the tasting room. Until January 24, you have the opportunity to visit the art exhibition "Festive Artmix" - it presents artworks made in various techniques and genres by 14 Lviv artists. 

Museum opening hours:

  • Thursday-Monday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Free admission for Lviv City Card holders!

Museum of Glass

2 Rynok Square

Art has many directions and trends. Artists' ideas are embodied in paintings, sculptures, and various art installations. Do you want to discover something new and unusual? We offer you to get acquainted with the art of art glass in one of the most interesting museums in the city. "The Museum of Glass" is located in the dungeon of an old townhouse on Rynok Square and contains a collection of more than 350 exhibits. Here you can see unique products made of different types of this material, learn the secrets of glass making, and even complete a free quest.

Museum opening hours:

  • daily, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • entrance to the dungeons - daily

For Lviv City Card holders, admission to the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion and its dungeons is free

Lviv Museum of the History of Religion

1, Muzeina St

The museum is just a few steps away from Rynok Square. The exhibition is housed in the cells of the former Dominican monastery and consists of various thematic sections that illuminate the philosophical foundations of world religions, the history, and activities of traditional church organizations in our region. Moreover, you can descend into the underground, often included in Lviv's sightseeing routes. Additionally, if you've long dreamed of hearing the sound of an organ, visit the museum on weekends. Organ music concerts are held here on Saturdays and Sundays.

Museum hours:

  • Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00-18:00;
  • entrance to the underground is available daily

For Lviv City Card holders, admission to the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion and its underground is free.

Also, we recommend visiting the Dominican Church, which annually hosts the Great Koliada Christmas Festival (from 25.12 to 7.01) - it’s a great opportunity to support an ancient Ukrainian tradition and hear Christmas carols from creative teams from all over Ukraine.

More information about Christmas events in Lviv can be found here

Not only museums.  Discounts in various shops, restaurants and tourist locations with Lviv City Card 

  • Chichka  - coffee house-shop

78 Heroiv UPA St.

Delicious coffee, Galician cakes and desserts. Here you can also buy Kosiv ceramics and various products of Hutsul craftsmen. In addition, various Christmas-themed master classes are held here.

Get 10% discount on desserts and drinks with Lviv City Card


  • Ethno-shop "Gudz" 

7 Rohatyntsiv Brativ St.

Shop of Ukrainian handmade souvenirs and gifts "Koza Dereza". Here you can buy both embroidery and traditional Ukrainian jewelry. Currently, the store offers a variety of interesting things with Christmas and New Year's themes: children's toys, a set for creativity, Christmas shopping and figurines, various Christmas wreaths, and a set of Christmas decorations. Choose a handmade souvenir for yourself as a memento of Lviv or buy great gifts for your loved ones.

5% discount with Lviv City Card


  • "Green Sofa" Gallery 

7 Virmenska St.

Visit the gallery for an exhibition and enjoy the art. Here you can also buy paintings, various accessories and even author's decorations for your Christmas tree.

5% discount with Lviv City Card


  • Candy manufactury

18 Krakivska St.

13 Serbska St.

Here you can buy handmade caramel, a variety of lollipops, marshmallows, jelly and toffee. Sweets are made from natural ingredients.

Get a 15% discount on products with Lviv City Card


  • Underwater kingdom "Oceanarium Lviv" 

8 Shevchenka Ave.

An underwater tunnel, three floors with different sized aquariums, where you can see a wide variety of fish, turtles and other marine life.

Get a 10% discount on entrance tickets with Lviv City Card


  • "Virmenka" coffee house

19, Virmenska St.

Enjoy aromatic coffee brewed on the sand at the legendary Virmenka coffee house. A sweet cake or Lviv cheesecake is the perfect complement.

10 % discount with Lviv City Card


  • "Liqueurs from Lviv" branded shop-cafe

8 Ruska St. 

There is a wide selection of liqueurs and tinctures for every taste. You can also choose something as a gift or a souvenir from Lviv.

10 % discount with Lviv City Card


  • "Valentino" Restaurant 

20, Knyazia Romana St.

Sophisticated atmosphere and delicious cuisine - come to "Valentino" restaurant for hearty breakfasts, lunches or make reservations for dinner here.

20 % discount with Lviv City Card


  • "Frantsuzki kanikuly" Restaurant and confectionery 

3 Shevchenka Ave.

Premium French desserts in the center of Lviv, the taste and presentation of which will pleasantly surprise you. The menu also includes delicious breakfasts, main dishes, pastas, soups, and a large selection of beverages.

10 % discount with Lviv City Card

When you come to Lviv for Christmas, you have a good opportunity to visit theaters, listen to organ music and Christmas tunes. With Lviv City Card, get the following discounts:

  • Lviv Organ Hall - 20% 

8 S. Banderу St.

Get an unforgettable experience of listening to organ music

  • Lviv National Philharmonic - 20%

7 M. Skoryka St.

Enjoy great music at the Lviv Philharmonic.


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