Lviv hotels

Lviv is a city with a charm atmosphere. Hotels and hostels of Lviv combine not only the ancient spirit of the city, but also comfort.

Lviv offers for tourists more than 600 hotels, hostels, apartments.

You can stay in the central part of the city or in a cozy suburb.
Our hotels offer their guests comfortable rooms with bathroom, air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi. And  many other services that depend on your needs. At hostels you will find 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 bedrooms with kitchens, laundry, Wi-Fi and thematic design.

Tourist statistics

  • 91,7%

    of inbound tourists would recommend their friends to visit Lviv

  • 67%

    average occupancy of hotels

  • 4,3

    tourist satisfaction index of tourist services (5 is max)

Where to stay


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