Спільно з командою Stroom Digital наповнюємо карту львівських закладів, в яких є генератори та які працюють у разі вимкнення електроенергії
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A map of places in Lviv that have a generator


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In Lviv has created an online map of establishments operating during power outages.

Every day we have new challenges and new requests. A terrorist country is trying to cut off our electricity, and we are constantly finding creative solutions to continue working for Victory.

Together with the Stroom Digital team, we are filling out a map of places that have a generator —  https://stroom.digital/stroom-map-lviv/ 

More than 200 places are collected on the map:

  • hotel and restaurant;
  • shops;
  • banks;
  • pharmacies;
  • heating points.

Locations on the Stroom Map are divided into several categories:

  • places with a generator;
  • generator and shelter;
  • generator and shelter/works during air raid;
  • stove and firewood.

In six days, the Stroom Map has already been viewed about 200,000 times!

We recommend you save places near you to be ready in case of network failure.

Thanks to you and your feedback! The Stroom map is update every day. 

If your company has a generator, or you know places where is a generator - fill out this form - https://forms.gle/TtnYkVrNw4brVWU27 


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