Спільно з командою Stroom Digital наповнюємо карту львівських закладів, в яких є генератори та які працюють у разі вимкнення електроенергії
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A map of places in Lviv that have a generator


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Where to Find Light in Case of Power Outages?


The Stroom Map – a map of establishments with generators and shelters – was created in the fall of 2022. Since then, Lviv residents and guests have used it over 1.5 million times.

The threat of shelling of power facilities remains high, so we want to prepare Ukrainians for power outages in their homes and offices. To achieve this, we have updated data on 400+ institutions and facilities in the city equipped with generators for power outages.

For Stroom Map users, convenient categorization is available:

  • pharmacies
  • restaurants
  • hotels

The Lviv City Council, a partner in the Stroom Map project, continues to work to ensure that Lviv residents are prepared for any developments, stay in touch with their loved ones, and continue working.

Both users and business owners can contribute to updating the map. To do this, you need to fill out a Google form, providing the name of the institution, location, and category to which it belongs.

Entrepreneurs whose establishments are listed on the Stroom Map can receive "Here is Stroom" stickers at 20 Ruska Street for their doors, indicating the readiness of the business for power outages.

Stroom Map is created by the marketing company Stroom Digital in collaboration with the Lviv City Council, Lviv Tourism Office, and the Economic Department.


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