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Winter in Lviv: main events and celebrations 2023

The most important events of February.

Winter in Lviv is quite a busy time, full of comfort, warmth and an incredible atmosphere of anticipation for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

We have prepared a list of events for you to spend this winter full of.

So how about a winter fairy tale in one of Lviv's concert halls? Go to the theatre, or would you prefer a Christmas concert in the Philharmonic or Organ Hall?

* The publication is being updated. Follow the events!



5 plays

  • Ballet “Don Quixote”

    “Don Quixote” is the colorful festive ballet which is considered to be the pearl of the ballet art. Fascinating plot on the novel written by Cervantes and the fiery music composed by Minkus, fervent dances with national color and the most complicated classical pas performed by main characters, magnificent scenery and splendid costumes impress the audience of all ages.

    When? February 3

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody ave.

  • Play "Cross paths"

    "Zakhar Berkut" is a story by Ivan Franko about the struggle of the inhabitants of Tukholshchyna against the Mongol invasion in the XIII century. This cult work of Ukrainian classic, a landmark for Ukrainians, should sound to us in a new way, through the prism of today's war with russia. We can see a certain formula for victory.

    When? February 3

    Where? Les Kurbas Theatre, 3 Lesia Kurbasa st.

  • Play "Ivasyk Telesyk"

    The plot is familiar to everyone since childhood. Our mothers and grandmothers have told this fairy tale many times. It is an instructive story about little Ivasyk and his parents, about the evil Baba Yaha and her daughter Olenka. It was they who decided to steal Ivasyk in order to cook dinner from him, but will they cope with the nimble and brave boy?

    When? February 4

    Where? M. Zankovetska Theater, 1 Lesi Ukrainky St.

Модерн-балет «Пізнай себе»
Вистава-мюзикл «Вкрадений час»
Вистава «Різдвяна ніч»
  • Play "146 stars visible to the naked eye"

    The "sacred" norm, which we try our best to conform to, increasingly resembles a Procrustean bed that does not hold the most valuable things. Instead, it is full of fears, the biggest of which is the fear of being ourselves

    When? February 5

    Where? Lesi Ukrainky Theater, 36 Horodotska st

  • The play "Christmas night"

    Christmas night - and we are adult children again, with faith in miracles and harmony. Oksana will be waiting for new shoes as a gift, and Vakula will catch the devil by the tail - just to attract a black-browed beauty, the devil will steal the moon, and Chub and company will be sitting in sacks at the seductive Solokha

    When? February 10

    Where? M. Zankovetska Theater, 1 Lesi Ukrainky St.

Вистава «Стежечка Святого Миколая»
Вистава «Valse Melancolique»

5 concerts

  • Natalia Buchynska

    This winter evening Natalia Buchynska will give her fans an atmosphere of spring mood, and share the emotions of euphoria of first love, passion and sinful love. The concert program will include favourite songs, including "Spring Girl", "Sinful Love", "Love is Gold", and "Victory", as well as new compositions full of love, warmth, sincerity and hope. 

    When? January 31

    Where? M. Zankovetska Theater, 1 Lesi Ukrainky St.

  • Concert "Baroque music"

    Baroque music surprises me with a wealth of images and a variety of feelings. The main instrument and symbol of the Baroque is the organ. Baroque music is primarily associated with the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, but other prominent composers, including George Frideric Handel and Johann Pachelbel, also worked at this time.

    When? February 5

    Where? Lviv Organ Hall, 8 Bandery St.

  • Concert "Farewell to carols"

    We create music and a festive mood thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with hope and faith in our Victory! The bells have rung, colourful nativity scenes have marched through the centre of Lviv, Jordan water has brought blessings... The echoes of carols are still in our hearts, and the light of a candle on Christmas will inspire us all year round.

    When? February 2

    Where? Lviv National Philharmonic, 7 Skoryka st

Концерт «Коляда та й плєс … Ізпрежди віка…»
Концерт «Christmas по-Львівськи»
Concert "Baroque music"
  • Takuya Shegishita. Symphony concert

    An oriental view of European music. The Luhansk Symphony Orchestra and conductor Takuya Shegishita from Japan will surprise with their interpretation of symphonies by Czech Antonin Dvořák and Ukrainian Mykhailo Verbytskyi.

    When? February 5

    Where? Lviv Organ Hall, 8 Bandery St.

  • Concert "Koliada and ples... From time immemorial...

    Christmas heritage - "Koliada and ples... From time immemorial..." - is an enchanting carol-parable about what is the basis of our life on earth, about what unites people into a nation and gives a bright Christmas hope for unity in love, as it was intended by God from the beginning of time. 

    When? February 5

    Where? M. Zankovetska Theater, 1 Lesi Ukrainky St.

Концерт «The Harry Potter symphony»
Концерт «Frank Sinatra. A Snow White Christmas»

5 exhibitions

  • Vladyslav Khrystenko. Christmas

    The exhibition of Vladyslav Khrystenko's "Christmas" presents 46 works in the techniques of classical etching and colour screen printing, in which the artist rethinks the historical past of Ukrainians in symbolic images.

    When? until February 3

    Where? Museum of Olena Kulchytska, 7 Lystopadovoho Chynu St.

  • Exhibition of Daria Zavіalova and Olena Zotova "Calendar"

    The calendar is the rhythm of time, a reliable keeper of the memory of what lay at the heart of each culture, as well as the keeper of each person's personal history. Dates of births, deaths, celebrations and work schedules. And also - the rhythmic dimension of nature and human life.

    When? until February 12

    Where? Green Sofa Gallery, 7 Virmenska St.

  • Exhibition project by Yulia Dolynska and Marian Pirozhko "Creation of the World"

    From January 20 to February 20, the Frank House will host an exhibition project by Yulia Dolynska and Marian Pirozhko, The Creation of the World.

    This installation event is specially designed for the Franko House and is jinxed to the work of its owner, The Creation of the World. However, the concept is based on the leitmotifs of three carols: "Oh, how it was from the descendants of the World," "Oh, long ago, long ago," and "Glorious."

    When? until February 20

    Where? Franko House, 150-152 Franka St.

Виставка Івана Проціва «Дорога додому»
Виставка Ростислава Лужецького «Гіпоглікемія»
Виставка Гейзи Дьерке «о-СУТНЕННЯ»
  • Volodymyr Kostyrko. Lemberg Style

    Lemberg Style is a total installation on the theme of Lviv and its place in the history of modern Europe. Volodymyr Kostyrko creates separate installations in four halls. A mixture of contemporary art, history and objects of the past reveal the theme of Lviv style.

    When? until February 26

    Where? Ya Gallery Lviv, 8 Shota Rustaveli St.

  • Roman Selskyі. Taming the color

    The event is timed to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the classic of Ukrainian colorism, Roman Selskyi. The presented works are grouped by decades: from the earliest, student works (1925) and oil compositions of the 1930s, to landscapes and plot compositions of the 1970s-1980s.

    When? until March 26

    Where? Аndreі Sheptytskyі National Museum, 20 Svobody Ave.

Виставка «Василь Польовий: повернення наративу»
Виставка «Мудрість, як зброя»

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