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The сourtyards of Lviv. There are more of them than it seems


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Among other things, Lviv is a kind of labyrinth. Its narrow streets gradually turn into even narrower ones, which always lead to extremely beautiful and cozy courtyards. Italian and Armenian, courtyards of palaces and tenements - this is a whole world, where each subsequent location differs from the previous one and surprises with its beauty.

TOP 15 famous and secret courtyards of Lviv

Who would have thought

It may not be the most famous, but the central courtyard of Lviv is located in the building of the city hall. The current town hall was built in the first half of the 19th century. It is the highest in Ukraine. As in the case of its predecessors, the city council is located here. That is why city council employees know exactly about the courtyard in the town hall premises. He can even be seen in many interviews with the mayor.

Courtyard of the Lviv City Council

Despite the significance and importance of the town hall building, this courtyard is not inaccessible to visitors. Theater performances, concerts, and sometimes even festivals often take place here.

Significantly, the City Council is not the only administrative building in Lviv that has a beautiful courtyard. There is one on the premises of LODA, a particularly cozy courtyard of the regional archive etc.


The roads of all visitors to Lviv lead to the courtyard of the Armenian Church, or the Armenian courtyard. The temple near which the mentioned courtyard arose is one of the oldest in Lviv, and the Armenian community was a key factor in the life of ancient Lviv. Nearby are also the premises of the former bank, the Armenian court building, the historic bell tower and the archbishop's palace. The courtyard itself is located on the site of an ancient cemetery. All the burials were moved a long time ago, and the courtyard is today one of the most beautiful places in Lviv, where photo shoots and films are often shot.

Armenian courtyard

The space around the Armenian courtyard is made up of several locations that merge into one another. There is a courtyard near the former Armenian bank, courtyards on the north and south side of the church - they have interesting examples of Lviv sculpture, there is a corner and next to the restaurant "Para Dzhanov".

Around the Market

The Italian courtyard is not inferior in popularity to the Armenian courtyard. This is one of the most spacious and majestic courtyards in Lviv. Italian architects planned and implemented this project, which was part of a complex of a massive tenement house on Rynok Square. The Kornyakt palace or tenement still amazes with its scale and craftsmanship. Nowadays, the Italian courtyard, like the mentioned building, is under the control of the Lviv Historical Museum. Theatrical performances, various exhibitions, films are shot and photo shoots are organized here.

Italian courtyard

The Italian courtyard is the most popular location of this type in the center of Lviv, but there are many buildings with courtyards on Rynok Square. In the open-air courtyard, next to the coffee mine, you can drink a cup of your favorite drink, which will energize you for the whole day. Lviv is now without the "House of Legends", but the car can be seen in the courtyard of the Venetian tenement house at number 14. There is a beautiful and cozy yard in building No. 13, located on the sq. Rynok. Unforgettable emotions will be given by visiting the pharmacy museum. By the way, through the atmospheric courtyard. In the courtyards of Andreolli Passage and near the Royal Brewery, you can have a good look at the Lviv sky.


Ancient Lviv is also about a large concentration of noble families and aristocracy. Most of them had their own luxurious palace, next to which there was a cozy courtyard or a whole yard. This is the Potocki palace with a huge area around it, the former Semenskyi-Levinskyi or Besyadetskyi palace has an equally spacious yard.

Semenskyi-Levinskyi or Besyadetskyi palace

There are also palaces with inner courtyards, the existence of which we do not even suspect. For example, this is the former Lozynskyi Palace, which today belongs to the Lviv Art Gallery. The House of Scientists, the former Noble Casino, is located nearby. This building also has a luxurious courtyard, which was intended for carriages.

Inner courtyard, House of scientists


All ancient monasteries, and there were many of them in Lviv, also had inner courtyards and courtyards. The courtyard of the Bernardine monastery is a whole excursion route, where you can see ancient fortifications and a well, as well as visit a modern themed restaurant.

Courtyard of the former Benedictine monastery

A very cozy and especially beautiful courtyard of the former Benedictine monastery. The most unforgettable impressions will be after visiting this location in the warm season. The courtyards at the former Dominican monastery and at the Dormition Church are extremely atmospheric, where antiquity simply blows.


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