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On December 05, 1998, during the 22nd Session of the World Heritage Committee in Kyoto (Japan), Lviv was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The following reasons for the inclusion of Lviv in the World Heritage List and the compliance with the following UNESCO criteria were named:

Criterion Р С’: In its urban fabric and architecture, Lviv is an outstanding example of the fusion of Eastern Europe architectural and artistic traditions with those of Italy and Germany;

Criterion B: The political and commercial role of Lviv attracted to the city a number of ethnic groups with different cultural and religious traditions, who established separate yet interdependent communities within the city, evidence for which is still discernible in the modern townscape.

The territory of the Lviv Historic Centre Ensemble covers 120 ha of the Old Russ and Medieval part of the city, as well as the territory of the St. George’s Cathedral on the St. George’s Hill. The buffer area of the Historic Centre, which is defined by the historic area bounds, is approximately 3,000 ha.

Lviv has the most historical and architectural monuments in Ukraine - 2500. This is explained by the early development of the area, the relatively high economic growth and large population density. Lviv is located at the crossroads of important trade routes from north to south and from west to east. In Lviv there still some monuments preserved from XII century.


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