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Where to taste the legendary Lviv syrnyk?

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Syrnyk in Lviv are one of the most popular desserts, an integral part of Galician gastronomic culture. You can find various culinary variations and presentations of this delicacy - with raisins or dried apricots, with caramel or drizzled with chocolate glaze, with nuts or in a chocolate dough, with the addition of orange zest or cranberries... Syrnyk are a very popular dessert that you can try at many locations in the city.

We offer you an author's selection of the top 10 places where you can taste Lviv's syrnyk.



Shevska St., 8

Three floors with various themed rooms, a veranda, and a summer terrace - we are talking about one of the most popular establishments among Lviv residents and guests of the city of Lviv - "Bachevsky Restaurant." Reserve a table and come enjoy Galician cuisine presented in a modern author's style. Moreover, here you have a wonderful opportunity to have breakfast in the greenhouse accompanied by live piano music, or have lunch to the sounds of the harp and bandura. Also, in this establishment, you have the chance to taste Lviv syrniki made according to the traditional Galician recipe of Daria Tsvek and with a special presentation that will pleasantly surprise you.


Virmenska St., 19

A legendary cult café in the historical center of Lviv, which has been operating since 1979. The establishment has repeatedly received the title of "Best Coffee Shop in Lviv" at the "Lviv Coffee Festival." And not in vain, as it's always cozy here, with delicious coffee and fresh homemade desserts. It's definitely worth a visit to taste coffee brewed in a jezve on sand and traditional Lviv's syrnyk.

Restaurant "Valentyno" 

20 Nyzhankivs'koho St.

Taste the best Lviv-style syrnyk at Valentino Restaurant. In the heart of Lviv, where every street is filled with the aromas of authentic Ukrainian cuisine, Valentino Restaurant invites you to experience true culinary pleasure by trying the unparalleled Lviv-style syrnyk. Here, it's not just a gastronomic choice but an opportunity to enjoy an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Comfortable furniture, pleasant lighting, and attentive staff make every lunch or dinner unforgettable. Valentino is not just a restaurant; it's a place where each dish is prepared with passion and love for the culinary craft. The Lviv-style syrnyk is a gem on the menu that is worth trying.

Hungry Mykola

352 Stryiska St.

"Hungry Mykola" is the world's largest restaurant of Galician cuisine with its own bakery, brewery, and spacious premises. We are confident that everyone will find a dish to their liking here. When visiting "Hungry Mykola," don't miss the opportunity to try four different types of syrnyk. Order the dessert "Cheese Cubes," which includes classic homemade syrnyk, carrot, peach "Tears of an Angel," and poppy seed syrnyk – all served with a condensed milk-based sauce.

Lvivski Pliatsky

13 Rynok Square

"Lvivski Pliatsky" is a city bakery specializing in syrnyk and strudels, located right in the center of Lviv. Here, they bake fresh delicacies that you can enjoy on-site, take with you, or order for delivery. At "Lviv Pliatsky," you have the opportunity to taste the classic syrnyk with raisins and chocolate glaze, or you can order syrnyk with caramel and nuts, sour cream with strawberries, or chocolate syrnyk, all according to your preference.

Grand Cafe Leopolis 

1 Rynok Square

As you stroll through Market Square, don't miss the establishment located right in its heart, inside the building with the towering Town Hall. Here, your eyes will be drawn to the variety of desserts in the display case and the intriguing items on the menu. But since we're talking about syrnyk today, they serve a creamy syrnyk with blueberries, based on a cinnamon-flavored pastry. There's another option as well - a syrnyk prepared in a French style, on a sandy base with layers of dried plums and oranges, stewed in brandy.

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Pidpilnyi Kindrat

25 Valova str.

Pidpilnyi Kindrat Restaurant - holds an honorable place among the locations where you can get acquainted with Galician cuisine dishes. Additionally, it is renowned for its "drunken collection" of author's balsams and infusions prepared according to ancient recipes. The establishment is perfect for a tasty and hearty lunch, a romantic dinner, or celebrating a special occasion with your loved ones. We also recommend coming here for a cup of aromatic coffee and a serving of fresh Lviv's syrnyk.


45 Rynok sq.

The stylized interior that transports you to the early 19th century, delicious dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine, a cozy summer terrace on the historic Market Square – that's what the sophisticated "Atlas" restaurant is all about. Choose a table for yourself and enjoy the atmosphere of Lviv along with the taste of the legendary Lviv syrnyk. In addition to the classic version, we recommend trying the syrnyk with peach and strawberry syrup.

Під золотою зіркою 

вул. Коперника, 1

Розкішна кондитерська у центрі Львова, з широким вибором різноманітних страв, авторських п'янких лікерів, десертів та смаколиків за авторськими рецептами. Кавова пауза у поєднанні з смачним сирником у затишній атмосфері додадуть Вам гарного настрою - зробіть паузу серед метушливих буднів і не відмовляйте собі в задоволенні.


вул. Староєврейська, 3

Цукерня - ресторан-кондитерська із своєю історією, сімейними традиціями, затишною атмосферою та неймовірними десертами. У меню закладу представлені сніданки, обіди, основні страви, сезонні новинки, напої, винна карта та кондитерські вироби. Різномантіні тортики, тістечка, свіжоспечене печиво… і звісно ж сирник, який посідає почесне місце серед інших смаколиків. Тут Вам запропонують два варіанти легендарного десерту - сирник з грушкою і шоколадним бісквітом та віденський сирник з родзинками.

Львівська майстерня шоколаду

вул. Сербська, 3 / вул. Січових Стрільців, 5

Меню закладу - це широкий вибір різноманітних смаколиків та унікальних десертів. Завітайте сюди на порцію топленого шоколаду, а ще для того, щоб  скуштувати найпопулярніший десерт - львівський сирник. Кондитери майстерні готують його за класичним рецептом - поєднання ніжного вершкового сиру з основою з пісочного печива та додають  шоколадний соус. Ще один приємний бонус для Вас - піднімайтесь на терасу, яка знаходиться на  найвищому поверсі майстерні і милуйтесь чарівною панорамою старовинного Львова (за адресою вул. Сербська, 3). 


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