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Lviv is a city of centuries-old traditions and unique culture.

A gastronomic industry is an indispensable component of every culture. Created by generations of local families, Galician cuisine has absorbed the achievements of various national and local gastronomic traditions. Dozens of new restaurants are opened every year in Lviv, whose chefs try to combine authenticity with innovation. We share with you a selection of the best restaurants in Lviv, which preserve and develop the traditions of Galician cuisine, enriching it with selected examples of world cuisine.

Restaurant Valentino

Address: 20 Nyzhankivs'koho St.

Cuisine: Italian, European, Local

The restaurant, which has been operating for over 20 years, has become so beloved by locals and city guests that several generations have already grown up cherishing it. The menu features dishes from classical Italian, European, and Ukrainian cuisines. The restaurant's head chef always takes care to prioritize the best original recipes, preparing dishes that are highly appealing to the guests.

This place of sophistication and classic charm is located right by the monument of Volodymyr Ivasyuk and Taras Shevchenko Avenue. This incredibly cozy family restaurant is also perfect for couples, as on the rooftop (seventh and eighth floors) you'll find the First Panoramic Terrace in Lviv, accommodating up to 70 guests. The doors of this establishment will always be opened to you by a Swiss host, who will assist you with your outerwear and escort you to the restaurant's hall.

In the morning, from 08:00 to 11:00, the restaurant invites you to enjoy the "Swedish table" breakfast – we recommend reserving a table in advance. In the morning, the pastry chefs bake fragrant croissants, and the barista prepares incredibly delicious coffee. Believe us, you'll be pleasantly impressed by the variety of dishes, snacks, and beverages during breakfast at this establishment.

From 12:00 to 15:00 on weekdays, "Valentino" invites you for business lunches. In the evening, an elegant sommelier awaits you, who will lead a tour and wine tasting in the wine cellar – the collection of local wines there will amaze you.



Address: Krakivska Street, 1

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Discover the iconic seafood establishment "Krevetka" at 1 Krakivska Street, beloved by the residents and guests of Lviv. At "Krevetka," shrimp is served in various styles, from crispy tempura to a variety of sauces and garnishes. They even incorporate shrimp into tartare. The portions are large and satisfying. Additionally, you can indulge in seafood, pasta, or succulent meats. Recently, the establishment introduced new cocktails and a wine list, ensuring you'll find your favorite drink.

We recommend trying:

  • Baked shrimp in cheese sauce
  • Pasta with shrimp in a creamy sauce
  • Perch fillet in panko breadcrumbs

Special attention is given to breakfasts, prepared from 10:00 to 16:00, with prices not exceeding 239 hryvnias.

The establishment hosts various events, including open mic nights, live music, and DJ performances.

Tante Sophie

Address: 6a, Drukarska street

Cuisine: french

It is an island of elegance and serenity next to the vibrant Market Square. A cozy restaurant with  the traditions of French Provence can be the answer to the question: where to eat snails in Lviv? The doors of this restaurant - probably one of the most famous in the city, becouse of great cooking and famous blue paintings.

Restaurant offers guests snails baked under twelve varieties of sauces brought from different regions of France, dishes made from them, and, of course, frogs' legs, according to culinary traditions of France, You can be sure of the freshness of the ingredients, because the owners also own an oyster farm near the city. And every morning, Tante Sophie bakes homemade bread and classic croissants, which are served with your choice of sauce (caramel, fruit, chocolate). Therefore, you can focus not only on the blue door, but also on the smells of "Lviv Provence". This place  is clearly included in the "Best restaurants of Lviv" category.


Mons Pius

Address: 14 Lesi Ukrainky street

Cuisine: european

The restaurant operates in the premises of a former bank-pawnshop, the history of which dates back to the 18th century. The memory of the past of this place is preserved both in the name (the bank was called the same) and in the interiors. The thematic furnishings are successfully combined with the works of Vlodek Kostyrk and one of the few stained glass windows by the outstanding master Jan Henryk Rosen.
The cousine specializes mainly in meat, but vegetarians will also find something to dine on.

The creators of the restaurant offer guests real steaks without excess seasoning (salt and pepper) and author's live beer. Particularly, it is worth paying attention to the opportunity to have breakfast in a cozy courtyard, where a special atmosphere of ancient Lviv hangs out.

One of the best restaurants in Lviv also owes its appearance to the activities of the owner of this place, Lviv restaurateur Vardkes Arzumanyan. We see an example of how a private business can positively influence the public spaces of the city.

Trapezna idey

Address: 18 Valova street

Cuisine: local

A restaurant that encourage relaxation and reflection. The interior of the place reproduces the medieval atmosphere: thick stone walls, vaulted ceilings, massive oak furniture, linen tablecloths, kerosene lamp light. It is not surprising, because the restaurant  operates at the "Museum of Ideas", which, for its part, occupies part of the halls and cellars of the ancient Bernardine Monastery.

In the menu you will find traditional dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine, prepared according to authentic ancient recipes: bograch goulash, monastery borscht, pork ribs. If you don't know what to choose, you will be offered a wide range of homemade tinctures.

The place is definitely a "prize-winner of the "Best Restaurants of Lviv" cup as an ambassador of traditional Galician cuisine.


Black cat

Address: 4  Heroiv Maidanu street

Cuisine: european

The "Black Cat" pub, decorated in the style of old England, is located outside the historical center, but in an equally attractive area of old villas. The elegant and expensive interior of the restaurant fully matches the quality of the surrounding architecture. The restaurant-pub, of course, serves various types of beer, as well as meat dishes from European and Ukrainian cuisines. The menu here has such a wide representation that everyone will find a dish to their taste. Gourmets will be delighted by variations of hot pans, homemade pizza and fresh baked goods. The pub is proud of its oven. Wheat or corn kraft bread, baked in this oven according to old recipes, will be a great addition to any meal.

Ribs near Arsenal

Address: 5 Pidvalna street

Cuisine: local

A place that everyone who has heard at least something about Lviv restaurants wants to visit. A permanent line to the institution, which sometimes stretches all the way to the door of our office will be a proof. Here you will not find the usual tableware, except painted ones. Ribs according to the original recipe are suggested to be enjoyed bare-handed, but in a nice apron (do not come in a tie).

Snacks and craft beer are also on the menu. Lifehack: if you don't want to stand in line, visit a similar restaurant located on the 24-26 Staroznesenska street. It is not for nothing that they say that ribs from Lviv taste good, regardless of in which city (or place) you are now.

The first grill restaurant of meat and justice in Lviv

Address: 20 Valova street

Cuisine: local (entrance from the courtyard of the Bernardine monastery)

A restaurant where you will be surprised and fed well. You can be surprised by the original concept of the place. According to the legend of the creators, with the arrival of democracy in Lviv, the city executioner lost his job, but his skills did not disappear anywhere. So a butcher with extensive work experience decided to start his own business that would fit the new times, he opened a restaurant. The interior echoes the previous workplace of the "owner": cages and tools for torture. The establishment specializes in the preparation of various types of meat (who knows meat better than an executioner). The restaurant menu offers various types of steaks, kebabs, sausages, ribs, grilled fish and vegetables. Be prepared for the fact that, according to the good tradition of Lviv establishments, you will have to wait in line before entering the restaurant.

Bachevski Restaurant

Address: 8 Shevska street

Cuisine: local

Probably one of the most famous restaurants of the city in the center of Lviv.
A restaurant that takes a leading position in the field of new Ukrainian cuisine. The restaurant's menu is based on dishes, the recipes of which were collected by the owners from ancient Lviv families. And they serve reimagined author's dishes with unusual names and a unique local flavor. For example, traditional lazanka with crawfish coexists successfully with a reinterpreted cherry meringue. It is a pleasure to taste them in the middle of flowered dining halls-gardens. The institution preserves the memory of the Bachevski family - pioneer local alcohol growers. Thats why the menu also includes atypical alcoholic beverages, including more than 45 types of liqueurs. You can't try everything at once. Therefore, there is a shop in the restaurant, where you can buy your favorite tinctures (and those you haven't tried yet). The restaurant is also loved by Lviv residents, so sometimes you have to wait for a free table.

Expect new publications and selections about the best restaurants in Lviv, which present that unique mix where author's cuisine is combined with local flavor. Be sure to visit Tourist Information Centers to get recommendations on where to eat in Lviv.

Find other interesting and exquisite restaurants in Lviv by following the link.

Photo - Ribs near the Arsenal, First Lviv Grilled Meat and Justice Restaurant


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