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Where to go in Lviv with friends: 7 interesting locations from


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Ideas for your rest with Lviv City Card: interesting locations, tourist routes and bright emotions.

Where to go with friends in Lviv? So that historically, traditionally, culturally, and, of course, tasty and atmospheric. And if you combine? 

We have already prepared everything! With Lviv City Card, you will get a ready-made route and new impressions and emotions.

The main advantage is free visits to museums and significant discounts on shops and restaurants. It works according to the formula: one card - enough locations.

Порохова Вежа

Powder Tower

4 Pidvalna St.

The first stop of our walk is the Powder Tower. It is not just a place on the map; the Tower is

  • one of the best-preserved defensive structures in Lviv
  • centre of architecture and urbanism
  • public art space, with a small coffee shop

And now, let's add some details. 

Powder Tower, or as it is also called, the Architect's House or the building with lions, is in the centre, near the Arsenal and the Korniakt Tower. The Tower was also a place for storing gunpowder and grain, then the centre of architecture was organized here, and two sculptures of lions were installed at the entrance. Just imagine, made of white marble of the XIX century!

Порохова Вежа у Львові

Today the Tower is the centre of the creative architectural community of Lviv and a cultural and artistic space.

There is a permanent exhibition here - the Multimedia Model of Lviv. It is an innovative urban map, and you can trace the city's development from its foundation to the present day using video mapping technology.

The tower team is always happy to welcome guests: you will learn the Tower's history, hear its legends, see various exhibitions and art projects, and finally, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

And for 100% effect - all this is free with Lviv City Card.

Магазин-кафе «Наливки зі Львова»


Nyzhankivskoho 20 St.

The restaurant at the "Swiss" hotel, which has been operating for over 20 years and has become so beloved by locals and city guests that several generations have grown to cherish it.

The menu features dishes from classical Italian, European, and Ukrainian cuisines. The restaurant's head chef always takes care to incorporate the finest original recipes, preparing dishes that are highly favored by the guests. The doors of this establishment will always be opened to you by a Swiss host, who will assist you with your outerwear and escort you to the restaurant's hall.

And as an added bonus, a 20% discount off the bill with the Lviv City Card will make your experience even more delightful!

Відділ давньої історії. Львівський історичний музей

Department of ancient history. Lviv Historical Museum

24 Rynok Sq.

The museum is in the former Renaissance Massariv tenement house. If you are interested in learning about the stages of the formation of Ukrainian statehood from ancient times, be sure to visit here! The museum tour is presented alternately from the archaeology, the Galicia-Volyn state, to the Cossack era. The uniqueness of archaeological artefacts is also impressive. Here you will see rare Paleolithic musical instruments. Just imagine them 20 thousand years old!

And also painted Trypillian ceramics and bronze jewellery. What was life like in Lviv in the XIII-XVI centuries? To find out, come to the museum. Numerous furniture, clothes, weapons, and dishes highlight the life of the citizens. 

Now the museum presents changing exhibitions. 

Visiting the museum with Lviv City Card is free.

Відділ давньої історії. Львівський історичний музей
Відділ давньої історії. Львівський історичний музей
Етно-магазин «Гудз»

Ethno-shop "Gudz"

7 Brativ Rohatyntsiv St.

Gudz is a shop for ethnic clothes and accessories in the city centre. Traditional ornament, linen fabric, a variety of colours, and in addition - handmade and individual sewing - this is all about the collection of embroidered clothes.

Gudz is a place where traditions shape the style. The assortment also includes delicate silk scarves, corals, chokers and gerdans. Gudz also experiments: traditional clothes instantly become modern here. A successful combination of authenticity and modernity.

Stay beautiful and inspired. Try on an embroidered shirt - it will suit you.

With Lviv City Card, the discount is 5%.

Ресторан грузинської кухні «Ахалі» у Львові

Restaurant of Georgian cuisine - "Akhali"

7, 16 Dudaievа St.

For a glass of homemade wine but also in combination with Georgian dishes, it can only be in Akhali.

And when wine with Lviv City Card is free!

Akhali is a cosy restaurant of Georgian cuisine in the central part of the city.

We offer instructions for guests:

  • Order delicious khinkali, khachapuri or kebab
  • Feel the heady aroma of wine
  • Enjoy the cosy atmosphere

Akhali is a "company" restaurant that can not do without friends. So, be sure to visit.

And a bit of Georgian wisdom from the restaurant: well-fed Genatsvale is happy Genatsvale!

Ресторан грузинської кухні «Ахалі»
Ресторан грузинської кухні «Ахалі»
Музейно-культурний комплекс пивної історії «Львіварня»

Museum of Beer History "Lvivarnia"

18 Kleparivska St.

Not the only coffee. You bet! One of the business cards of the city is beer. The oldest brewery in Ukraine is in Lviv. It all began in 1715 with a small brewery when Count Stanislaw Potocki granted Jesuit monks the right to build a brewery in the suburbs of Lviv. Since then, the "own and good" Lvivske beer has been brewed here.

Today, in addition to the brewery, there is an innovative museum of brewing history in Lviv. 

The museum harmoniously combines impressive modern art and interesting beer history. What is the difference between Lager and Ale? What are the secrets of making "Lvivske", fermentation technology and malt taste? All this during a visit to Lviv Brewery.

We start with the history, then gradually about the modern process of brewing beer, and at the final stage - tasting. Among the novelties is an interactive room where you will plunge into the life of a beer.

Come in, be surprised and learn!

And all this is free with Lviv City Card.

Музейно-культурний комплекс пивної історії «Львіварня»
Музейно-культурний комплекс пивної історії «Львіварня»
Магазин-кафе «Наливки зі Львова»

Shop-cafe "Nalyvky zi Lvova"

8 Ruska St.

It is a perfect place for friendly gatherings. Nalyvky zi Lvova is an exclusive shop-cafe in the city centre, where you can taste natural and author's liqueurs according to traditional Galician recipes.

There are many sweet, not too strong (or vice versa) craft liqueurs. The shelves are bursting with variety. 

Apple, Raspberry, Herbal, Honey or Forest... all the liqueurs can't be counted.

So, hurry up to the tasting and get a 10% discount with Lviv City Card.

It means that you can try more and buy more for the future.

Even more ideas for recreation, locations and discounts

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