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Nightlife in Lviv: Night Ambassadors

Oleksii Fedak



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There is an absolutely natural need for parties and holidays for every resident and guest of the city. Extraordinary and comfortable nightlife is definitely an important indicator of the Lviv culture. The answer to the question "What to do in the night?" is a valid argument when you`re choosing a city where to travel. Even an event with a good DJ can be a major reason to visit it. Excellent night events and the high-quality organization of these events contribute to the increase in tourist influx.

This publication will cover the Night Ambassadors activity and parties organized by them. Real parties that are awaited not only by locals but also by tourists from other cities.

This is a story about two pioneers. They started the tradition of parties for locals almost three years ago. Their team has grown significantly since those days and today it consists of 30 members. All of them are enthusiastic and have a lot of creative ideas. This is why the Ambassadors are able to organize not only local events but also large-scale events for hundreds of people in places that you can not even imagine.

By the way, the most unique locations for parties is one of the recognizable features of Night Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are those who know how to attract residents of Lviv and make them discover the city from the other side. Just imagine yourself dancing hip-hop at Tram Depot # 1 or at the basketball court on the Valova street, in the Armenian court and even on the High Castle. Just imagine enjoying the good music in the museum or gallery!

The distinctive feature of every party is the DJ`s line-up - the opportunity to showcase a unique set of hip-hop or even disco music. An emerging musician who is ready to present unique and fresh creativity or a very popular musician - every guest is important. Lazare Hoche, Robert Diez, Leo Pol, Monsto or Pabel are well known by their compositions and performances at Boiler Room or Cercle. They were invited as special headliners during our events.

The Night Ambassadors are creators of the Lesi Street Fest. A big and elegant street party with a vintage market and the wine tasting by the Table Project, which turned Lesya Ukrainka street, invisible for tourists before into a special place. If you have never been to the Botanical Garden in the early spring, catch the unique opportunity to get to a party by the Secret Garden thus you will also join in the restoration and renovation of this beautiful place.

Nightlife is not only about parties and how they are organized, but also about local people, freedom for  everyone, safety and personal comfort in the city at night.

These are issues that need discussion. That is why Lviv Night Summit was held at the end of the warm season, in November 2019, at Lem Station. Together with the specially invited "night mayors", famous for the high-quality parties in European cities - London, Budapest, Berlin and Vilnius. Some key topics like what nightlife in Lviv should be and what experience we should use were discussed during the Lviv Night Summit Catch a great atmosphere with The Night Ambassadors.

Enjoy the incredible music in a good company and look for announcements and events on facebook and instagram.


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