Gunpowder Tower

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4 Pidvalna St.


It is the only element of the old defensive buildings of the medieval Lviv that has been best preserved to this day.

It was built in 1556 at the same time as a new arsenal in the eastern part of the city that was considered the least protected.

The thick walls, loopholes, and well-planned architecture system were supposed to protect the city in the case of another attack by enemies. In the XIX century, it was decided to dismantle the old walls, but the gunpowder has been preserved.

There was a time when it was used as a storage space for groceries, and in the post-war period it was passed to the use of the Lviv Union of Architects. In front of the entrance to the tower you can see two of the most famous sculptures of lions.

After the Second World War they were transferred from the city of Innsbruck as part of military reparations.

                                                                                         Author Ihor Lylo
                                                                                         Translated by A. Kushch


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