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When planning a trip and exploring a new destination, you always want to try something local. Focusing on local products is about a deeper understanding of the locals' culture, habits and lives. It is the history and traditions of the area.

It is very encouraging that we are now beginning to appreciate products made in Ukraine more. It's about trusting the local community and supporting the local economy, which is essential in the wartime and post-war recovery.

Ukrainian wine is one of the most actively growing local products. The history of Ukrainian winemaking dates back to antiquity. Our lands are rich in vineyards and talented people who can create incredible and quality products. From family-owned craft producers to large-scale and well-known brands that experiment with wine styles and grape sorts and win more and more awards at international competitions and tastings.

We have prepared for you a list* of places in Lviv where you can taste good Ukrainian wine:



3 Vynnychenka St.

11 am to 11 pm

The restaurant offers an author's vision of traditional Greek dishes, described as "Greek cuisine with Ukrainian character". Local farm products are used for cooking. The wine list includes 120 positions produced in various countries, including Ukraine: Shabo, Graevo, Kolonist, Trubetskoi winery, Beykush, Gigineishvili Wine House, Biologist, Axis.

Vinoteca Praha


8 Hnatiuka St.

12 pm to 11 pm

The restaurant has a shop with 30 offers of Ukrainian wine (Beykush, Kolonist, Leleka wines, Shabo, Villa Tinta, 46 Parallel, Biologist, Chizay, Odesos, Stakhovsky, Axis Wine). A professional sommelier will help you make the best choice. You can taste the purchased wine in the restaurant with dishes from the chef and his team or enjoy it at home.

Inshi Bistro


2a Soborna Sq.

7 am to 10 pm

Restaurant by Yevhen Klopotenko and Inna Popereshniuk. The menu is varied and frequently updated, but one thing is unchanged - Ukrainian borsch and Ukrainian wine. The list includes Shabo, Biologist, Beykush, Stakhovsky, Villa Tinta, My Wine, Kolonist, Leleka wines, and Axis.



5 Virmenska St. 

10.30 am to 11.30 pm

It is a place where the best local, craft and natural products are combined with Italian craftsmanship. The menu is based on pizza, cheeses and the Ukrainian wine list of the following brands:  46 parallel, Leleka wines, Frumushika-Nova, Axis, Zelenytsi, Kolonist, Shabo, Beykush, Chizay, Graevo, Vinoman, Biologist, AO, Odesos, Father`s wine, Trubetskoi winery, Terroir, Stakhovsky wines.

Mad Bar`s House


10 Shevska St.

12 pm to 11 pm

Mad Bar`s House offers six gastronomic formats. There are two cocktail bars, beer and wine bars and a meat restaurant. WIN BAR is a wine bar on the second floor of MAD, which follows the philosophy of the culture of wine consumption as a quality product. The wine list includes the following Ukrainian brands: Biologist, Kolonist, Shabo, VinoMan, Beykush, Stakhovsky, Villa Tinta, Frumushika-Nova, Father's Wine, Chateau Chizay, Sass Winery, Trubetskoi winery, Grande Vallee, Axis, Yanchyn Hills.

Valentino Restaurant


20 Nyzhankivskoho St.

8 am to 10 pm

It is a restaurant of Italian cuisine with an elegant interior. There is a wine hall for banquets and tastings. Among the Ukrainian wine brands, you will find the following: Kolonist, Beykush, Leleka wines, 46 Parallel, Grand Vallee, and Chateau Chizay.

Citadel gastro boutique hotel


11 Hrabovskoho St.

7 am to 10 pm

The restaurant promotes local farmers, works with Ukrainian products and combines them with new techniques. The restaurant's chefs experiment and look for a balance in unusual products and flavours. The restaurant has a wine cellar for private and group wine tastings. The wine list offers a wide range of wines: Father's Wine, Biologist, Kolonist, Terroir, Shabo, Chateau Chizay, Leleka wines, Beykush.

ZWIN wine bar


200a Kulparkivska St.

12 pm to 10 pm

Wine bar in Futura Hub. Here, visitors can enjoy dinner and exquisite collections of wines of various ages and attend lectures, sommelier courses or even meetings with professional winemakers. The bar offers a wide range of Ukrainian brands: Beykush, Shabo, VinoMan, Stakhovsky, Frumushika-Nova, Kolonist, Villa Tinta, Bohdan's wine, Chateau Chizay, 46 Parallel, My Wine, Gigineishvili Wine House, Trubetskoi winery, Father's wine, Biologist, Artwinery, Grand Vallee, Terroir, Graevo, Axis wine, Chateau Edem.

Four Chebureks Prosecco Bar


40 Heroiv UPA St., 16 Staroievreska St., 52a Chervonoi Kalyny St.

11 am to 10 pm

A restaurant offers a new recipe of chebureks with different fillings and Ukrainian wines: Kolonist, Yanchyn Hills, Biologist, and Father's Wine.

The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant


14 Rynok Sq.

1 pm to 10 pm

It is a restaurant where visitors enter the world of a mysterious interior, light classical music and jazz, secret symbols and signs, Masonic traditions and European cuisine. Here you can taste wines from different regions and brands, including Kolonist, Shabo, Chateau Chizay, Stakhovsky, Beykush, Axis wine, Father's wine, VinoMan, 46 Parallel, Cotnar, My wine, Villa Tinta, Leleka wines, Grand Vallee, Biologist.

Dzyga Art Centre


35 Virmenska St.

12 pm to 10 pm

Dzyga has become a legendary artistic community that promotes the development of contemporary art in its various manifestations - from art installations to music concerts. It is also a place for tasting Ukrainian wine. The restaurant offers the following brands: Kolonist, Shabo, Chateau Chizay, Stakhovsky, Beykush, and Father's Wine.

Babo Gardens


16a Kuznevycha St.

12 pm to 11 pm

It is an old Lviv villa with a private garden and Lviv cuisine. It is a place where the culinary traditions of Ukrainian, Armenian and Jewish cultures are combined. The menu includes appetisers and salads, main dishes, fish, shashlik and kebabs, desserts and drinks that successfully combine with wines, 75% of which are Ukrainian. Among them are the following: Biologist, Stakhovsky, Kolonist, Beykush, Prince Trubetskoy, Shabo, 46 Parallel.

Mons Pius


7 Virmenska St.

12 pm to 11 pm

Restaurant with the old atmosphere in the Armenian quarter. It is a meat restaurant, with steaks and creative burgers among its main dishes, which combine with beer and Ukrainian wine. The restaurant offers to taste wines of Kolonist, Biologist, SHABO, Beykush, Trubetskoi winery, and Stakhovsky brands.



181 Pasichna St., 36 Maloholoskivska St. (opening soon)

12 pm to 9 pm

It is a new and unique gastro shop. Here, you can buy products made in Ukraine. The cafe in the store offers oysters, snails, speciality burgers, cider or Ukrainian wine of the following brands: Frumushika-nova, Biologist, Zelenytsi, Mon Crafto, Graevo, Gigineishvili Wine House, Leleka wines, Axis wine, Stakhovsky, Chizay, Cotnar, Shabo, Odesos, Terroir, Father's wine.

Bad Boy Bar


200 Stryiska St.

12 pm to 9 pm

It is one of the largest alcohol stores in Ukraine with a wide range of Ukrainian wines. Before buying, you can try what you have chosen because Bad Boy has its bar. The Bad Boy Bar often hosts tastings with professional sommeliers. Taste the wines of Ukrainian brands, including Stakhovsky, Terroir, Shabo, Beykush, Biologist, and Kolonist.

Lion’s Castle Restaurant


7 Hlinky St.

8 am to 10 pm

It is a cosy location near the park, with its unique atmosphere and spirit. The restaurant offers exclusive dishes from the chef, complemented by an impressive wine list with selected wines. Ukrainian brands include Kolonist, Beykush, VinoMan, Axis wine, Shabo and Stakhovsky. The restaurant often hosts wine tastings with a professional sommelier. Each glass is accompanied by original dishes from local products that perfectly complement the wine.



17 Soborna Sq.

8 am to 10 pm

It is a restaurant with Ukrainian and European cuisine that has recently opened in the city. The restaurant is located in the historical centre of Lviv, on Soborna Square, overlooking the Bernardine Monastery. The restaurant's slogan is: "to taste and be inspired". The restaurant offers the following Ukrainian brands:  Leleka wines, Beykush, 46 Parallel, and Chateau Chizay.


*The list of places can be updated. The selection was made according to the availability of wine from at least three wineries based on restaurateurs' data and open Internet sources.


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