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Exhibitions in Lviv in October

Exhibition "Zenovii Flinta: Reality and Metaphysics"

till October 18th  

Andrey Sheptytskyi National Museum

The aim of the exhibition project is to actualize the museum spectator's attention to a new reading of the works of Zenovii Flint, painter, graphic artist, ceramist, and organizer of Lviv's artistic life and strategist of its monumental decoration, 1960-1980, which used to associate with the period of official art.




"Mazes of LKSF" Exhibition Project

till October 18th 

"Powder Tower" Architecture, Design and Urban Planning Centre, Ya Gallery, Ya Gallery Lviv

"Labyrinths of LKSF" is an investigation of individual artists and their creative work, production activities and its impact on the artistic environment. This project is about artists, their experiences, as well as the rise and fall of the Lviv Ceramic and Sculpture Factory.


"As Comnesation for Us, Remains Love/ Lviv – Gdansk" by Serhiy Savchenko and Kamila Bednarska

till October 18th 

Green Sofa Gallery

In parallel, two exhibitions of one series of works by Lviv resident will take place in Gdansk and in Lviv. One of the most charismatic and important artists of contemporary art of Lviv and Ukraine Serhiy Savchenko and Kamila Bednarska (Gdansk).


"Tower. Destruction" by Ihor Kovalevych

till October 18th 

Ya Gallery Lviv

The exhibition is the final one for the "Mazes of LKSF" project, which presents a new series of ceramic objects of 2020 by Igor Kovalevych. He combined the idea of deconstruction of the classical art form, through the prism of fragile, thin, unearthly and unstable towers.


"Homo Urbanus Ukrainus"by Jean-Marc Caracci

till October 18th 

Lvivarnia – Lviv Brewery Museum

The event is part of the festival "French Autumn in Lviv". The photographer presents the vision of a resident in an urban space through the lens of his camera. In the photo you will not see the traditional monuments and monuments, which can identify the city in which the photo was taken, and the city depicted by the artist on the other side. Therefore, the viewer faces a difficult task to understand and recognize.


Project "Welcome" by Danylo Kovach

till December 25th


The "Welcome" project is basically socially critical. Raises the issue of human rights oppression, both in the historical context and today. The symbolic name of the project is "Welcome", associated with the main element of the work - the usual greeting rug, before entering the house, interpreted in different contexts


"Hutsul Vacations" by Yuri Yamash

till December 31th

"Shtuka" Cafe-Gallery

The exhibition presents the author's vision of the picturesque landscapes of the Hutsulshchyna, not purely realistic, but centered around the main object of the paintings. For the author himself, Hutsulshchyna is a source not only of plots and moods, but also a place of strength, where you can return without end.


My Sights: Photo Panoramas of Leonid Snitsaruk

till October 31th

The exposition includes 15 large-format panoramas that were created during mountain hikes.


"Pomegranate Juice" and "Road to the Ocean" by Oksana Radkevych

till November 1st

"Spilno" Library

An exposition of selected works by the artist through which the author captures time and her emotions about the world in which she lives. Focusing on details becomes a kind of therapy for her. Each picture is a separate section of life, which she explores from the first second to the end.


"60 Years of Independence" by Oleh Tistol

till November 8th

Modernism Museum

In Tistol's art, which arose on the border of the Soviet and post-Soviet eras, a revision of the clichés of Soviet culture was synthesized, namely the cheerfulness and enchantment that defined the essence of the Ukrainian "new wave". A kind of anniversary exhibition of Oleg Tistol. The exhibition includes drawings of 77-78, the first landscapes created by the artist while studying at RHSSH. The artist's student etchings, presented for the first time, were made in Lviv in the 1980s.


"Kings and People"

till November 9th

Львівський історичний музей

Lviv Historical Museum
The exhibition is part of the festival "French Autumn in Lviv". It features portraits and busts of iconic figures of French history and culture, monarchs, politicians, military and religious figures, writers, poets, philosophers and mathematicians. The peculiarity of the exhibition is the division of these people into two categories of kings "from birth" - Kings and "for achievement" - People.


"Indifferently" by Zhanna Petrenko

till November 11th

Apartment 35


Exhibition-Research of the Photo Archive by Vilya Furhalo

till December 13th

Urban History Centre

A digital archive is being created at the exhibition and it is possible to trace the transition of private works to the institution; how negatives are transformed into digital format and become an archive; how our knowledge of the author, photography and the images themselves are constructed.



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