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Romantic places in Lviv. Ideas and locations in Lviv where you can make a proposal


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The sound of an old tram disturbing the tranquility of Rynok Square, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee floating in the air, big flakes of snow, gentle music from the nearest cafe immerse us in a romantic atmosphere. And it's not for nothing. After all, Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day) is very close.

On the occasion of the approaching holiday of all lovers, we offer you a selection of top locations and the most romantic places that will be perfect for your special day and declaration of love.

Італійський дворик

Top 20 best places to declare your love from

Italian courtyard

Rynok square, 6

It is located in the inner courtyard of Korniakta Palace. It was built in such a way that the noise from Rynok Square does not reach here, so it is cozy and calm. If you are looking for an elegant location for certification - this is the place for you. Invite your partner on a tour of the city - so she will not guess about your plan.

Since the courtyard is surrounded by balconies with columns, we recommend climbing to the highest of them for authentication. In advance, take care of the decoration with candles and flowers, agree on the musical accompaniment of a saxophone or violin - this day will be unforgettable for your couple.

Будинок вчених

House of Scientists

Lystopadovoho Chynu street, 6

This is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions in Lviv. It impresses both with its exterior and interior: oak wooden stairs, authentic marble fireplaces, sliding walls, crystal chandeliers, and spacious halls. It is not for nothing that films are often shot here - these are ready-made scenery for filming. Usually, the certification is arranged even in the courtyard of the Shlyakhetsky casino. Still, in the cold season, the best solution would be to organize the certificate in one of the luxurious halls. This day will be etched in your memory for a long time.

Вище неба

Проспект Свободи, 27


Вище Неба - сучасний rooftop зроблений з душею.

Унікальний романтичний майданчик з панорамним виглядом на все місто. Ідеально підходить для романтичних побачень, освідчень в коханні  та …івентів.

На даху встановлений прозорий купол, в якому комфортно перебувати в будь яку погоду. Весь дах надається лише для одних гостей, не зважаючи чи пара це, чи компанія до 15 людей. Також тут встановлена якісна аудіосистема з можливістю приєднатись по блютузу та включати свої улюблені треки. Більше інформації про це чудове місце на сайті.

Наукова бібліотека ЛНУ ім. Івана Франка

Scientific library named after Ivan Franko

St. Drahomanova 5

Now you will know that in the Lviv library, you can read books and make an original declaration of love. This location is ideal for your couple if you don't like banalities. The library hall can be decorated for a romantic atmosphere, add saxophone music and prepare a sensual video story that can be viewed on a projector.

Митрополичі Сади

Metropolitan gardens

St. Yura Square, 5

The best option for those who would like to find out in a quiet and peaceful place, as far as possible from the city bustle and noisy streets. Now imagine: You are in a cosy corner of nature, and behind you is a panorama of evening Lviv, to the melody of her favorite song, you declare your love. Later, this place can become an excellent location for your wedding photography.

Шевченківський гай

Clementii Sheptytskyi Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (Shevchenkivskyi Hai)

St. Chernecha Gora 1

An open-air museum, one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. In addition to monuments of folk architecture and everyday life, there is a breathtaking and picturesque nature here. It is essential to inform you that the "Marriage for a day" service is available here. Using this option, you will be married within a day. At the request of the newlyweds, the wedding ceremony can be held in an ethnic style with elements of Ukrainian traditions.

Ресторан «36Pо»


8 Shevchenko Avenue

We boldly include "Oceanarium" in the list of original locations for certification. You enter the tunnel under the water, the path is lined with candles and flowers, fish swim above you, there is a table with champagne and fruit nearby, and a romantic composition sounds in the background. For even greater exclusivity, order the services of a scuba diver who, while feeding the fish, will unexpectedly show you a sign with your offer of a hand and heart. After this fabulous confirmation, a romantic dinner in the midst of underwater beauty and a photo session to commemorate the most magical day of your life will await you.

Restaurant "Pretty high kitchen"

Sq. Rynok, 14

Give your significant other an unforgettable date on the roof terrace in the heart of Lviv. We will not be talking about a classic restaurant - but about a dome with a panoramic view of Lviv. This is one of the most popular places, so be sure to reserve your date in advance.

Restaurant "Terrazza"

Sq. Zvenygorodska, 3

"Terrazza" is one of the most romantic restaurants in the central part of Lviv, which is ideal for your special day. After taking the elevator to the top floor of the Saint Feder hotel, you immediately enter the elegant hall of the restaurant, the pianist plays your beloved's favorite song on the piano - the best moment for the declaration comes. An elegant dinner against the backdrop of the scenery of evening Lviv will be a wonderful addition to this festive evening

Restaurant "Valentyno"

St. Nyzhankivskogo, 20

"Valentino" is a restaurant of Italian cuisine with an elegant interior. The establishment has several halls, a wine cellar and a terrace with a view of the old part of Lviv. Perhaps it is here that you will hear the most important "yes" in your life. To complete the evening, we recommend going down to the wine hall and celebrating the engagement with a wine tasting accompanied by a professional sommelier.

Ресторан «Babo Gardens»

Grand Hotel Lviv Casino & SPA

13 Svoboda Avenue

If you are still thinking about where to celebrate Valentine's Day and get married on this special day - we recommend booking a "Romantic Weekend" at the 5-star "Grand Hotel Lviv Casino & SPA": elegant rooms, delicious breakfasts and relaxation in the SPA area. Also, a spacious hall with an original transparent dome will be a luxurious place for your declaration of love. If you would like something more original - the glass terrace on the roof of the hotel is at your service. A bouquet of her favorite flowers, the atmospheric flickering of candles, and the sound of a saxophone are ideal ingredients for a successful proposal of the hand and the heart.

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Замок Лева

Restaurant "36Po"

Rynok Square, 36

Restaurant "36Po" has five floors and two open terraces. There is a unique transparent piano, coffee is prepared on a golden coffee machine, and the interior is decorated with more than five thousand green plants. The highlight of the restaurant is a huge aquarium 6.5 meters high, which occupies two floors. Who is looking for original solutions for the organization of the certification - in addition to an exquisite dinner in a hall with an original interior, you can order the services of a scuba diver who will dive into the aquarium to show a sign with the most important question for your beloved.


Restaurant "Panorama"

Svobody Avenue, 45

In the center of Lviv, on the seventh floor of the PANORAMA Lviv Hotel, there is a restaurant with a magnificent view of the Opera House, which is directly opposite the panoramic windows of the establishment. Guests have access to the main hall and terrace. Even in the cold season, thanks to the spacious windows on the terrace, you can enjoy the unique scenery of the city. The restaurant is ideal for a celebratory dinner, and will also be a great place to propose.

 Митрополичі сади

Restaurant "Walk on the roof"

St. Shevska 12

Spatser na Dakhu restaurant is located right in the historical center of Lviv, on the top floor of the Vernisazh Lviv mall shopping center. From here you can enjoy a magical panorama of the Town Hall and Lviv rooftops. This is one of the most beautiful places for organizing weddings and romantic photo sessions for lovers. An offer of a hand and heart on a panoramic terrace under the open sky - perhaps this is what your future bride dreams of. Here you will have a great opportunity to turn her wishes into reality. This day will become one of the brightest memories in your love story.

Шляхетське казино (Будинок вчених)

Restaurant "Cloud no7.Panorama"

Soborna square, 14

The restaurant "Cloud no7.Panorama" is also included in the list of popular establishments where you can go out on the terrace and enjoy the fantastic panorama of Lviv and take wonderful photos at sunset. In addition, the restaurant will conquer you with delicious dishes and its own laboratory of cocktails. And the most important thing - in the Cloud no7.Panorama institution, you can organize an unforgettable confirmation by choosing a hall with a glass dome under the evening starry sky. The tree that grows through all the floors adds originality to the interior. A great place to declare your love or just spend a romantic evening in a dreamy atmosphere.

Наукова бібліотека ім. Івана Франка 

Restaurant "Babo Gardens"

St. Kuznevycha, 16A

The restaurant "Babo Gardens" is an old Lviv villa with its own garden. It is definitely worth visiting here: delicious dishes from the menu, well-thought-out interior and cozy atmosphere. The highlight of the restaurant is the garden, which looks luxurious at any time of the year. What is worth, the arch made of garlands, which creates a kind of "ceiling" over the courtyard and immerses you in a fairy-tale atmosphere. Add a decor of candles, a saxophone or an acoustic guitar - it will be the most romantic declaration of love in a cozy corner of the city of Leo.

Під куполом на даху кіноцентру

Restaurant "Kilinski"

St. Ulasa Samchuka, 16

Restaurant "Kilinski" is located in Stryiskyi Park - one of the largest and most beautiful in Lviv. The establishment will add to your list of restaurants that are ideal for solemn holidays, a romantic dinner, or even an elegant declaration on Valentine's Day. Sophisticated interior details, masterpiece dishes, and the elegant atmosphere of Paris - you will want to come back here again.


Планета кіно

Restaurant "Lion's Castle"

St. Hlinky 7-9

The Lion's Castle hotel and restaurant complex consists of two villas: MODERN and CASTLE, which are architectural monuments. The restaurant invites its guests to original dishes from the chef, complemented by a wine and cocktail menu with a wide selection. Very often, the complex is chosen for celebrations, a table is ordered for a romantic meeting, and it is chosen as a place where it is worth declaring your love. And here is an ideal location for a photo shoot of a newlywed couple in love and a cozy corner of relaxation, as far as possible from the noisy streets of the city.

Grand Hotel Lviv Casino & SPA


Stryiskyi park

The greenhouse in Stryiskyi Park is a unique place to declare your love. You will definitely surprise your partner if you choose this location. In the greenhouse with glass walls, among exotic plants, you can arrange the most original romantic date. Add here the lights of twinkling garlands and candles, the melodiousness of the saxophone, and glasses of champagne - and this tropical corner will turn into the best location for the proposal of the hand and the heart.

 Edem Resort  та (Park032)

Under the dome on the roof of the cinema center

St. Volodymyra Velykoho 14a

If you have already been to observation decks in Lviv, or restaurant terraces, and are still looking for an original location for identification - invite your partner to a movie on the roof of the house. We recommend the company What's On Friday - cinema and a dome under the stars on the roof of the Lviv Film Center. You will have the opportunity to rent the roof area and the dome for only two for your special event - a confirmation or just a romantic date. It is very atmospheric, cozy and warm, and generators work in case of power outages.

Emily Resort

Planeta Kino

Another original way to find out is during a movie session. Imagine, a photo or video story of your acquaintance appears on the screen, you are overwhelmed with emotions and pleasant memories, and all that remains is to hear the answer of your beloved to your most important question. In the Planeta Kino network, you can rent an entire movie theater just for your couple, or show off in front of the entire theater.

Шевченківський гай

Edem Resort and (Park032)

v. Strilky, 1 Park kraina Edem str.

The "Edem Resort Medical & SPA" complex is located near Lviv, on the shore of a lake surrounded by a picturesque forest. This is a five-star hotel with impeccable service, restaurants of author's cuisine, a SPA center, a golf club and a snow-white beach. A unique landscape park of modern sculpture "PARK3020" is also located here. If you dreamed of getting married in a quiet place against the background of nature - this is the place for you, the photos will turn out to be simply incredible.


Emily Resort

Vynnyky, 9B, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho st 

"Emily Resort" is a state-of-the-art recreation complex located not far from Lviv. It will be the best location outside the city for a weekend getaway. And also, "Emily Resort" has already become a popular location for grand testimonials. The most romantic place is near a picturesque lake, on a pier decorated with candles and lights. Or, take a chair lift to the top of the mountain with an incredible view of the surrounding landscapes and boldly declare your love.

There are many locations for walks in Lviv, so love each other and go on a romantic adventure in the old city of Lviv 💖


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