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TOP quiet locations of Lviv (Part 1)



Lviv is a tourist Mecca of Ukraine, which has been attracting more and more tourists for ten years. The motto of the city is "Lviv - open to the world", and indeed - for guests Lviv offers color, history, architecture, reasonable prices, many hotels, hostels, restaurants, tours and tours.

Tourists are primarily attracted by the central pedestrian part of the city - this is where most of the architectural monuments, restaurants and attractions are located. Probably all visitors to the city know about the Market Square, the Opera House, the High Castle, so it is near these locations that tourist life is concentrated. In summer, as well as during celebrations or festivals, it becomes difficult to walk the streets of Lviv due to the number of guests, to get to the museum or restaurant you have to stand in a long queue, and find a quiet, peaceful and cozy place - an impossible task.

Many people fall in love with Lviv because of the opportunity to be in the whirlpool of life and feel the noise and atmosphere of the city, but after that - you will always want to be in peace and quiet, feel the atmosphere of another Lviv and we will help you.

So meet: TOP quiet locations of Lviv (Part 1)

Kaiserwald. Bald Mountain (Lion Mount). Baba Rod Mountain.

"Kaiser's" park after the noise of the central part of the city will take you to the relaxation of peace, tranquility and greenery. Demolition is the small Carpathians right next to the center of Lviv. After walking a little deeper into the park, you will definitely be left alone with nature and the incredible beauty of the scenery. Here you can climb the legendary Bald Mountain (Lion Mountain), which is the second highest observation deck in the city or relax on the plateau of Mount Baba Rod, which is said to be a "place of power" and worship of the ancient Slavic gods.

More here: Kaiserwald Park 

Route - from the center up the street Kryvonosa, then right to Dovbusha Street to the beginning of the park, or from the beginning of Opryshkivska Street to enter from another entrance to the park. Next routes on the stands of the Park.

Professor's Colony. Church of the Intercession, Hill of Fame.

Guides do not often talk about these places and do not come here with tours, but in vain, because in these three locations on both sides of Lychakivska Street there is something to see. Professor's Colony - a neighborhood built in the style of functionalism and constructivism for professors of Lviv University will impress you with peace and quiet - the narrow streets here are deserted and almost invisible. Church of the Intercession - a Greek Catholic church built in 1933, one of the largest churches in Lviv with the only Basilica in the city. The Hill of Fame is a memorial and cemetery in memory of the First and Second World Wars, a Soviet architectural monument from the square behind which a beautiful panorama of the city opens.

More here:

Route - from the center by tram №1 or №2 to the stop “Pasichna Street. End of the Road”. Then walk along Pasichna Street to the Hill of Fame Memorial, then back across Pasichna Street to the Church of the Intercession, then along Kryvchytska Doroha Street to Professor's Colony.


Lychakiv Cemetery Museum, Pekarska Street, Park Pohulyanka

Lviv Necropolis is a “city within a city”, an impressive museum, a place of eternal silence, peace and reflection, a location from the category of “must see”. It is crowded here, so we advise you to come here immediately after the opening or in the afternoon. However, the road here can also be interesting - after a noisy center walk along Pekarska Street will allow you to relax, see interesting buildings, palaces and monuments. Behind Lychakiv Cemetery is Pohulyanka - a little-known and therefore uninhabited park in Lviv, which can impress you with its wildness and beauty of nature.

More here:

The route is on foot along Pekarska Street to Lychakiv Cemetery, then along Mechnikova Street to the beginning of Pohulyanka Street.


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