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Unknow Lviv: the Professor's Colony

Danylo Yurchyk


Lviv fascinates with its architecture. Lviv fascinates with its atmosphere, traditions and legends. Lions will not leave everyone indifferent and will make you want to come back here. Getting to know Lviv starts differently for everyone.

But everyone, first of all, will see the Rynok Square, the Opera House, the High Castle as their goal. There is no need to remind about these locations, they are known and loved by tourists and tour operators. It often happens that tourists do not leave the circle with a diameter of about one kilometer, content with what the city center has to offer. And they are understandable - the number of museums, theaters, bars and restaurants, monuments and various excursions is impressive and impossible to see and visit everything.

When a tourist thinks that they have seen the whole of Lviv - they will always be told that you can visit the castles near Lviv, the town of Zhovkva, to make a tour to the Carpathians. And again - they will not lose at all, because each of these places is attractive and interesting in its own way.

But if tourists have seen only the city center, the tourist attractions of Lviv region and say that they have already seen everything, they are deeply mistaken. Leaving the central part of the city - you will see a completely different Lviv. You will see unique Austrian, Polish, Soviet buildings, quiet streets, luxury estates and villas, each of which is special in its own way.

We would like to tell you today about "another Lviv", namely about the "Professor's Colony" neighborhood.


Probably one of the most cozy and quiet locations in the city appeared in the 30s of the last century. The then Lviv grew rapidly, there was a need for new areas and housing estates. More than 15,000 workers were involved in the construction at the time. Much of the city was rebuilt. The building attacked the suburbs, one of which was the then Lychakiv, with which the village of Kryvchytsia still borders.

Construction of the district began in 1935 according to the projects of Leopold Karasinsky - Lviv architect, Tadeusz Wrubel - Polish architect, co-founder of Wroclaw Polytechnic and Maximilian Kochur - Lviv architect.

All three were united by the style of construction - a bright style of functionalism. It got its name because the first inhabitants were professors of Lviv University.

Kryvchytsi village it`s a dirt street, dog barking, one-story houses, chickens, geese, pigs - in fact a classic village 10 minutes drive from the city center. Modern wealthy estates of that time looked really unusual in the background.

It should be noted that although the district can be considered as "on the outskirts" connection with the central part of the city was excellent - the tram line at that time did not go to the beginning of Pasichna Street, but near the Church of Mary Intercession turned left to Lychakiv railway station.

The professor's colony consists of several blocks of one-, two-, rarely three-storey buildings in the style of constructivism and functionalism, barrack-type buildings of the 50s, houses of the early 60s and modern villas of the early 2000s.

The area is located on a hill, so many estates offer a beautiful panorama of the city. It is surrounded on three sides by the Kryvchytsi-Znesinnya track (almost never used today) and Znesinnya park.

The peculiarity of the Professor's Colony is the narrow streets - sometimes single-lane, paved with cobblestones, and wide sidewalks. Only the “central” Nishchynska Street has two lanes. It should be noted that more lanes are not needed for traffic here - the streets of the area are short and traffic jams are never here. Also, almost every homestead here has a spacious garden nearby.

Well-known Ukrainian writers once lived here - Iryna Wilde (one of the local streets is named after her), Mykola Vigranovsky and Roman Didula. Also here in the barrack buildings was one of the branches of the Lviv Railway hospital - today the building is abandoned and empty.

Nowadays, the professor's colony is one of the elite districts of Lviv, a vivid example of architectural construction in the style of constructivism and functionalism.

Given the growing suburbs, this area will soon be considered almost the central part of the city. It is quiet and deserted, so it is suitable for tourists who want to relax in the noise of central Lviv. Also, it is an ideal place for a romantic walk, especially beautiful in autumn and spring.

Visits to this location can be successfully combined with others - within walking distance of the Professor's Colony is the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life named after Klimenty Sheptytsky, better known as Shevchenkivskyi Gai, or Lviv Skansen, one of the largest but little-known Lviv churches Church of Mary Intercession, the only Raccoon House in Lviv, the memorial complex of the First and Second World Wars “Pagorb Slavy” (“Hill of Fame”) and the famous museum “Lychakiv Cemetery”.

Address - Lviv, Nischinskogo St.

How to get there:

From the center: tram  1 and  2 from “Market Square” stop to “Pasichna Street. The end of the road” stop then walk down the Mikhailo Kozyka street to Nischinskogo street


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