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Tall buildings, modern expensive stadiums, and wide avenues, or the Sykhiv district of Lviv


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The Sykhiv district of Lviv can be described as the youngest district of the city, an area where the tallest residential building in the city is located or where the city of Lviv hosted Pope John Paul II. Sykhiv is also the most significant housing estate in Lviv. Describing Sykhiv, you should mention that the city's central bus station and one of the most expensive stadiums in Ukraine are parts of this district.

Високі будівлі, сучасні дорогі стадіони і широкі проспекти, або Сихівський район Львова


The Sykhiv district of the Lviv City Council covers the southeastern part of the city.

This newest district of Lviv was officially created in 2000. It contains suburban villages such as Sikhiv, Kozelnyky, Novy Lviv, Pyrohivka, Bodnarivka, Persenkivka, Pasyky, Snopkiv, and Zubra, which were annexed to Lviv in the 1930s and even later.

These areas were especially actively developed during the Soviet era. The largest housing estate in Lviv has been named after the suburban village with that name. The first document mentioning the suburban village of Syhiv is dated from the 15th century.



Zalizna Voda park has been used for leisure and recreation since the 19th century, though it was officially founded in 1905. The name of the location comes from the local springs that have a high iron content.

John Paul II Square was founded in the 2007-to 2010s near the Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos, wherein in 2001, Pope John Paul II met with young people. This is the first park founded in independent Ukraine.

Високі будівлі, сучасні дорогі стадіони і широкі проспекти, або Сихівський район Львова

In the Soviet era, a cinema named after O.Dovzhenko was opened on Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue. There are two auditoriums in the cinema. In addition to film screenings, concerts, and other cultural events are taking place there.

Arena Lviv stadium was built in Lviv to serve as a playing venue for the Euro 2012 Championships and is able to accommodate up to 35,000 visitors. Arena Lviv is an important center of the sports, cultural and artistic life of the Sykhiv district, Lviv, and Ukraine. There is also a modern hippodrome near the stadium.

Sykhiv district has good transport connections with the main tourist attractions of Lviv. A tram and a trolley bus connect this district with the city center. The central bus station of Lviv is located here, which is the gateway to the city. People from other settlements come here every day. The main bus station of Lviv, which is the gateway to the town, is located here. People from different cities come here every day.

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Despite being a young district, there are located some ancient monuments, such as the authentic wooden church of the Holy Trinity, which was built in the XVII century.

Regarding the sacred objects, the is an exciting story about the former Discalced Carmelite monastery, which was built in Persenkivka in 1938. Later, the Lviv Bus Factory was built on this site. Significantly, the Discalced Carmelite monastery was not destroyed - it has survived to this day, although it is not active.

The Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin was built in 1995-2000 according to the project of Radoslav Zhuk. Due to the survey conducted among architects, this project was recognized as the best example of modern architecture in Lviv. In 2001, Pope Ivan Paul II met with young people in front of this church. The event gathered more than half a million visitors.

Persenkivka is home to the city's first alternating current power station. It was built in 1908 and is still valid.
The tallest buildings in Lviv are located on Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue 56.
These are Avalon Up residential skyscrapers that were commissioned in 2020. The height of these skyscrapers is 90 meters, consisting of 27 floors.
The address of the Sykhiv District Administration is Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue 66.



Sykkhiv district is the youngest district in Lviv, which is why urbanization began so late. There aren't so many monuments and memorial places here.

Though talking about monuments, we must remember to mention the most controversial one - the monument to Yuri Velikanovych, which was built by the project of Theodosia Bryzh in 1982 in New Lviv. The residents of the city of Lviv disagree with the existence of this monument. As a result, it is regularly vandalized, and in 2010 the head of the memorial was even sawed off. This was because Yuri Velikanovych was a participant in the Spanish Civil War and a member of the KPZU.

Another monument was erected on one of the main thoroughfares of the Sykhiv district - Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue, next to the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin. It was erected on the anniversary of Pope Ivan Paul II's visit to Lviv and is dedicated to honouring this pontiff.

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