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Zaliznychnyi district of Lviv: the first train, ice cream and modern technology

Yevhen Huliuk



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The southwestern part of Lviv is the Zaliznychnyi District. It covers Levandivka, Bilohorshcha, Sknylivok, Syhnivka, partially Riasne, Klepariv, Bohdanivku and Rudne.

Zaliznychnyi is one of the two districts of Lviv that were not decommunized after the collapse of the USSR. It was not renamed after the declaration of independence because there was nothing ideological in its name.

Zaliznychnyi district is the "warmest" in the city – "Lvivteploenerho" is located here, which provides all of Lviv with heat and hot water.

Zaliznychnyi district is also the "coldest" in Lviv because it is home to "Lvivskyi kholodokombinat", one of the leaders in ice cream production in Ukraine.

The Lviv Main Railway station and the Airport are located in the Zaliznychnyi district. Therefore, it was here that the first train and the first plane arrived in Lviv's history.

General view of the Railway district

In 1861, a train arrived on the modern Ukrainian territory for the first time. Its final station was the Lviv railway station, built on the eve of this momentous event.

The modern Main Railway station was built somewhat later, but it is a dominant feature of the Railway District of Lviv. The construction and development of the area were determined by the presence of the railway here.

At the end of the 19th century, the Railway station received a tram connection with the central part of Lviv, which made it easier to move around the city. At first, a horse-drawn tram ran along this route, and later an electric one.

The construction of the railway contributed to the area and infrastructure development. Railroad workers settled near the station, and quickly this part of the city was overgrown with elegant houses; several enterprises were founded here, and later several suburban villages were added to Lviv.

During the Soviet period, the district was enriched with industrial facilities; after the declaration of independence of Ukraine, the search for ways to revitalize this space and integrate it into the cultural and tourist life of the city continues.

District and its sections

In the 15th century, settlements and estates of foreign colonists are mentioned here. It is Klopperhof, founded by Andreas Klopper - modern Klepariv.

A little later, Loewendorf was also founded by German colonists - today - it is Levandivka.

Until the 19th century, there were still several villages on the site of Zaliznychnyi district: Sygnivka in the area of Horodotska, Vyhovskoho and Patona, Sknylivok, which is between Liubinska, Kulparkivska and Vyhovskoho, Bilohorshcha, Riasne, Bohdanivka and Rudno.

Only in recent times, these villages and colonies began to undergo urbanization and integration into the structure of Lviv.

First and unique

Zaliznychnyi district of Lviv is still the place where the first plane landed. On the eve of World War І, the first military airport was built in Levandivka.

A little later, a civilian also worked here. In 1922, the airport received the first passenger plane: the flight "Gdansk-Warsaw-Lviv".

Later, the airport increased its capacity, but due to the insufficient dimensions of the runway on Levandivka, it was still closed.

Instead, from 1925-1929 another airfield was built near Sknyliv.

Despite the building of a new modern airport for Euro-2012, another one built in the interwar period continues to function today.

From the life of the Zaliznychnyi district

One of the largest enterprises in Lviv, "Electron", is located in the Railway district. After the stoppage of production at the Lviv Bus Plant, "Electron" - the main machine-building company.

Lviv also owes its comfort to the Zaliznychnyi district because "Lvivteploenerho" is located here, which provides the city with heat and hot water.

City life consists of positive but also negative moments. The Zaliznychnyi district of Lviv is associated with one very tragic episode.

In 2002, during aviation celebrations near the Lviv airport, the Su-27UB fighter crashed. 77 people died because of the plane crash. This disaster is considered the largest in the world during an air show.

There are churches of all denominations in the Zaliznychnyi district of Lviv. Among them are those whose construction money was donated by Metropolitan Andreі. One of the district highlights is an active synagogue - Beis Aharon ve Israel.

It was built in the 20th century, and even the interior paintings of this synagogue have survived to this day.

Shopping centres and hypermarkets like Pivdennyi or Epitsentr are in the Zaliznychnyi district.

The district has significant production facilities and enterprises with a large number of jobs: "Lvivskyi kholodokombinat", which is the largest producer of ice cream in Ukraine, a furniture factory, a fat processing plant, a bread factory, etc.

З життя Залізничного району

Одне з найбільших у Львові підприємств, "Електрон", знаходиться у Залізничному районі міста. Після зупинки виробництва на Львівському автобусному заводі “Електрон” є головною у Львові і однією з найбільших у державі машинобудівних компаній. Залізничному району Львів також завдячує комфортом, адже тут знаходиться ЛКП “Львівтеплоенерго”, яке забезпечує місто теплом і гарячою водою. 

Життя міста складається з позитивних, але також і негативних моментів. Залізничний район Львова асоціюється з одним дуже трагічним епізодом. У 2002 році, під час авійційних святкувань в районі львівського аеропорту, винищувач Су-27УБ потрапив у катастрофу. Унаслідок падіння літака тоді загинуло 77 людей. Ця катастрофа вважається найбільшою в світі під час авіа-шоу.

У Залізничному районі Львова є храми усіх конфесій. Серед них і такі, гроші на будівництво яких жертвував ще Владика Андрей. До ізюминок району можна віднести і те, що він єдиний в місті з діючою синагогою – "Бейс Ахарон ве Ізраель". Вона збудована в першій половині ХХ століття, а до сьогодні збереглися навіть розписи інтер’єрів цієї синагоги.   

Залізничний район багатий на торгові центри і гіпермаркети: торгово-розважальний центр "Південний", гіпермаркет "Епіцентр" тощо. Район має значні виробничі потужності і підприємства з великою кількістю робочих місць: ПАТ "Львівський холодокомбінат", що є найбільшим виробником морозива в Україні, меблева фабрика, жиркомбінат, хлібзавод тощо.   


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