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Camping and Glamping Locations near Lviv


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Camping is an adventure filled with joyful memories, ample time for bonding and storytelling amidst the forest and starry sky, illuminated by a crackling campfire. Organizing a camping retreat can be done comfortably, offering a fantastic solution for those who cherish nature and wish to revel in it without forgoing basic conveniences. The key lies in selecting the right camping equipment, allowing you to finally feel at home in the great outdoors.

Here is a brief list of items that will help make your outdoor experience maximally comfortable and enable you to enjoy quality time with family and friends:

  • Tent and sleeping bags
  • Cookware and utensils
  • Portable gas stoves
  • Lanterns
  • Hygiene essentials and a first aid kit
  • Furniture (foldable table and chairs)
  • Insect repellents

Selection of the best campgrounds in the most picturesque corners of Ukraine by

Mala Richka

Location: Korchyn Village, Lviv Oblast


  • Double occupancy glamping tent: 1,500 UAH. Minimum stay of 2 days.
  • Family glamping tent: 1,500 UAH per night for double occupancy. Minimum stay of 2 days.
  • Bring your own tent: 200 UAH per guest.

This is a splendid camping site in the Skole Beskydy. Here, you can leisurely unwind without leaving the camp's grounds. There are tents and hammocks by the riverbank, football and volleyball courts, and a café for those who prefer a more relaxed retreat. Alternatively, you can fill your time with active and engaging activities. Starting from "Mala Richka," you can take radial hiking or biking trips to the Gurkalo, Sopit, and Kamianka waterfalls, the Parashka mountain, and the Tustan Reserve.

In the autumn, near the campsite, a boulder festival (climbing competition) is held on the slopes of Mount Dobryana. As for the amenities, you have access to showers and toilets, a kitchen, café, campfire area, barbecue facilities, equipment and bicycle rental, and parking. Accommodation is available in personal tents or double/family glamping tents.

"Мala Richka" can accommodate up to 30 tents. Additionally, you can experience glamping in large family tents, which are outfitted almost like houses. This relatively new style of leisure in Ukraine combines romance with an elevated level of comfort, albeit with a higher cost for staying in glamping tents.


Location: Yamelnytsia Village, Lviv Oblast


  • Double occupancy cabin: 600 UAH
  • Four-person cabin: 1,200 UAH
  • Bring your own tent: 100 UAH per guest

Camping site nestled in a picturesque corner of the Carpathians amidst rocks and forests in the Skole Beskids. Numerous intriguing locations are situated nearby, including waterfalls, the Stryi River, and Tustan Fortress. The camping site regularly hosts workshops, volunteer events, organizes hiking routes, and children's summer camps. All necessary amenities are provided for accommodation: hot water showers and toilets, a gazebo, kitchen, campfire area, power outlets, Wi-Fi, sauna, eco-toilet, equipment rental. Accommodation is available in tents or guest cabins. The tent area is designed to accommodate up to 50 people.


Location: Slavske, Lviv Oblast


  • Minimum reservation of 2 days, prices valid until September 15, 2023:
  • Creative Residence MS6: 4,400 UAH
  • Architect's Hut: 2,400 UAH
  • Hut under Modryna: 3,000 UAH
  • Estate under Trostyan: 5,000 UAH

Glamping Camping Season (May-October):

  • Tent for 2 people: 1,000 UAH
  • Tent for 3 people: 1,200 UAH
  • Tent for 4 people: 1,400 UAH
  • Additional day tent rental: 200 UAH

Prices valid from September 15, 2023, to December 15, 2023:

  • Creative Residence MS6: 4,800 UAH
  • Architect's Hut: 2,900 UAH
  • Hut under Modryna: 3,500 UAH
  • Estate under Trostyan: 5,650 UAH

MS6 is a new project by a creative architect couple. The location is designed for relaxation and creative events. Hiking trips to the Trostyan and Menchil mountains and other interesting places around Slavske are organized here.

Within the estate (or as the owners call it, Creative Residence), there are several wooden houses and a camping site. The tent area here is unconventional: instead of designated spots for tents, there are large glamping tents (a total of 5) with beds and other furniture inside, as well as more modest two-person tents with inflatable mattresses (availability for setting up personal tents should be confirmed separately).

The infrastructure includes toilets and showers with hot water, a kitchen (fridge, stove, grill, utensils), power outlets, a campfire area, Wi-Fi, equipment rental for sleep (including heated mattresses), and parking. For those who wish to enjoy a beautiful and creative vacation in the Carpathians, this location will be highly appreciated.

Stodola Camping

Location: 13 Lesi Ukrainky Street, Dolynivka Village, Lviv Oblast.


Rent for the entire space for the September 2023 season:

  • For 2 people: 4,000 UAH
  • For 6 people: 6,000 UAH

Just 2 hours away from Lviv and a 10-minute drive from the "Play" resort. The total area of the space is over 1 hectare. Two mountain streams flow through the territory. Here, you can stay in a tipi (25 sq. m) made from environmentally friendly 100% cotton, which is also waterproof. It is located right by the river. The tipi is equipped with all necessary furniture, a double mattress bed, and a connected electrical network. The tipi can accommodate 2 adult guests and 1 child (on a separate bed), and a shower with hot water and a toilet are located nearby. Next to the tipi, there is a large heated bathhouse with a bathtub.

Additionally, two more people can stay in the house, on the summer porch (70 sq. m), equipped with all necessary amenities: a shower and a toilet heated by a cast iron wood-burning stove. The house has a kitchen with all the necessary utensils, and if needed, a coal grill or barbecue can be provided. The space is suitable for groups of 4-6 people, and you can only rent the entire area with the house and the tipi.

Medovyi bliuz

Location: Lubiana Village, Lviv Oblast


  • Entrance to the territory until evening: 40 UAH per person.
  • Overnight stay: 100 UAH per person.
  • Accommodation in your own tent: 100 UAH per day.

This would be a typical camping site with all the basic amenities if it weren't for one intriguing detail - its proximity to an apiary. In addition to comfortable living on a well-kept green territory, for an additional fee, you can also go on an apiary tour (several times a year with observation of the honey collection process), sleep on beehives, and purchase natural honey. Moreover, they conduct workshops on pottery, gingerbread making, and candle crafting, along with rather unconventional tractor rides.

All necessary tourist amenities are provided, including toilets and showers with hot water, a kitchen, a campfire area, gazebos, barbecue facilities, a washing machine, Wi-Fi, and a children's playground. Accommodation is available in tents or wooden cabins.

Staying here will be a pleasant and intriguing experience, as the "Honey Blues" territory is very cozy, with the entire courtyard adorned in Ukrainian style, even without the added attractions.



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Budynky Rybaka

Location: 23 Zelena Street, Sudova Vyshnia Village, Lviv Oblast.


  • Budynky Rybaka: 4,500 UAH
  • Ukrainian-style Family House for 6 people: 4,500 UAH
  • Norwegian Fisherman's Hut for 4 people: 5,500 UAH

The accommodations at this property include the following amenities: hairdryer, mini-kitchen, refrigerator, complimentary toiletries, electric kettle, terrace, outdoor furniture, and an outdoor dining area. Some rooms offer beautiful views of the lake and the garden. Special amenities for your vacation include a fireplace in the house.

Guest services available: fast internet, beach access, sauna, parking for your vehicles, well-kept garden. Guests are allowed to stay with their pets. The city center is 3.9 km away. The accommodating staff is always happy to welcome foreign tourists as well; the service personnel is fluent in English.


Location: Zelene Village, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Price until the end of September:

  • Night in a room: 3,690 UAH
  • Night in a glamp: 4,330 UAH
  • Night in the "Mahal" glamp: 10,000 UAH for up to 6 people
  • Additional bed in a glamp: 500 UAH
  • Each option is designed for the comfortable accommodation of 2 guests. The cost is indicated for the entire stay, not per person.

The Perestanok Complex is designed for 40 people. On its premises, there is a small hotel and glamping tents. Each tent is designed for two people, but additional space can be arranged if needed. Tents are equipped with power outlets, heaters, and internet access. The shower and toilet facilities are located near the tents.

The complex offers a library, hot tubs for bathing, a yoga area, a campfire spot, and a dining area.

Pid Makovytseiu

Location: Yaremche Town, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Price: 50 UAH per guest, advance payment required

This small budget camp located within a private estate in Yaremche will delight you with its well-kept green territory, designated spots for tents, and basic services along with good infrastructure. It offers a summer shower, toilet facilities, hot water (by arrangement), power outlets, a barbecue area, and a kitchen gazebo equipped with a gas stove, refrigerator, and electric kettle. Accommodation is available in your own tents or through rental (there are 7 tents available for up to 30 people).

Conveniently located within the popular mountain town of Yaremche, you'll have easy access to Mount Makovitsya, the Prut River, and the Probiy Waterfall. It's also a great starting point for hiking the Yavirnyk Ridge. Upon arrangement, the hosts provide guided tours, horseback rides, and organize hiking trips and fishing activities.

Location: Luka Village and Khmeleva Village, Kolomyia District, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast


  • Own tent - 220 UAH per day;
  • House - 1,400 UAH for 4 people.

Both camps offer nearly identical services, but the main highlight is their location along the Dnister River in the Dnister Canyon region. Services include shower and toilet facilities, Wi-Fi, a children's playground, barbecue area, parking, sauna, seasonal pool, transfers, bus excursions, rental of hiking equipment, bicycles, and boats. Accommodation is available in your own tents, hostel, or wooden bungalows.

The camping site consists of two parts: one located in Luka Village and the other in Khmeleva Village (approximately 30 km apart). Visitors come here to enjoy peaceful relaxation by the river, but what truly intrigues adventure enthusiasts is the "Bilyi Bizon" offerings for water expeditions. They organize guided water trips on kayaks, canoes, rafts, and even a drakkar (Viking boat) for those interested.

Na nebi kemp

Location: Dubove, Zakarpatska Oblast


  • Sprint Tour for 5 days - 4,300 UAH;
  • Relax Tour for 9 days - 6,600 UAH.

*The cost includes accommodation on the campsite in suspended or ground tents; all necessary equipment, dining and sleeping utensils; guidance from professional guides; lunches and dinners; trips and engaging events

Wake up here between the sky and the earth. Suspended tents are exactly what you need for morning meditation in the air. Unforgettable experiences are guaranteed as you get the chance to enter a camp in the trees in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains, where thoughts are diverted from the cold ground, insects, and other discomforts. You can store small items in special pockets and protect yourself from rain with a dedicated rainfly. The campsite offers: showers with hot water, free Wi-Fi, BBQ relaxation area, tabletop games, shisha, outdoor cinema, exciting programs, and of course, stunning views and the cleanest air. In addition to tents, there's a small cabin for your convenience where you can store your belongings and prepare breakfast using the provided kitchen utensils.

Camping Petros

Location: Keveliv Street, Yasinya, Zakarpatska Oblast

Price: Own tent - 100 UAH per guest

The camping site is situated in the Keveliv area. For tourists, there's a spacious clearing for tents and cars, a 24-hour shower with hot water, a kitchen, and Wi-Fi. It's very convenient, reliable, and highly affordable. Cooking facilities are available on-site (kettle, utensils). There are gazebos with power outlets and Internet access, perfect for evening gatherings. The camping owner offers the convenience of purchasing beer, bread, and fresh milk, especially handy when all the nearby shops are closed. The friendly owners go out of their way to ensure a comfortable stay and are ready to assist and provide guidance as needed.

The location is within the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, with healing water springs nearby, including carbonated water from a spring and hydrogen sulfide water from a burkut. Of course, you can also embark on a journey to the summit of Mount Petros, representing the two-thousanders range, with an elevation of 2020 meters above sea level. Along the way, you'll encounter numerous rocky slopes, dramatic cliff formations, and enchanting subalpine vegetation.

In general, camping has been becoming an increasingly popular way of leisure among travelers in Ukraine for several consecutive years. While it's no longer surprising in Europe, this culture is only starting to emerge on our lands, along with the development of corresponding infrastructure. Therefore, proper organization is paramount, creating a cozy atmosphere that feels like home.

Don't disregard the recommendations of experienced travelers and allocate sufficient time for preparation to truly savor life and witness it firsthand. Ahead of us lie broad horizons for engaging leisure during our vacation, offering the mirror-like surface of lakes, rocky formations, and enchanting sunsets!


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