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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About… Lviv Parks! Online Booklet

Oksana Koval


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About… Lviv Parks! Online Booklet
To make the necessary information about our city available and well-structured, the Tourist Information Center team has created a series of thematic booklets, which contain a list of relevant and useful recommendations for guests and residents of Lviv.
The attraction of the modern city and its centuries-old charm always coexist to surprise you. In Lviv, you can find everything you need and have fun.

After reading the booklet you will know for sure: where is the gunpowder tower located? What park does have the historical name of the Jesuit garden? In which park was the Dynamo sports complex once located? Where is the "House of Rescued Animals" (the place where wild animals are being rehabilitated)? Where is it possible to get married in twenty-four hours? Where to see a panorama of the city on the Ferris wheel? And the most mysterious: where to look for willow that is planted in commemoration of Taras Shevchenko?

Lviv parks are an integral part of the city culture as well as great places for outdoor activities. Often the stories of their origin are intriguing and shrouded in legends. We believe that by discovering the amazing parks and green zones of Lviv, you will discover the whole city much better.

We have written for you a brief description of city parks, as well as gathered information about various attractions for every taste. Most parks are great for walking around picturesque places and watching the unhurried life of Lviv residents who spend their leisure time in the city oases.

"What about botanical gardens?" – you can ask. We mentioned them in the booklet too, so try to find time to get acquainted with their extremely rich collection of flora. We are sure that you will remember and reminisce with pleasure time spent in one of the most beautiful parks in Lviv.

Discover Lviv – enjoy a great time and the unique atmosphere of the ancient city! Check out recommendations under the hashtag #TIPSfromTIC.
You can download the online booklet Lviv Parks here.
For other thematic booklets follow the link.

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