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Lviv is beautiful from any corner, which you would choose to see because each of them will open the city for you in a different and special way. We want to share with you a selection of places with breathtaking views of the city, which can be a great place for your unforgettable moment.

Lviv City Hall

Let`s start with the famous and well-known Lviv City Hall, or rather the view from its tower. You will be on the Market Square, go through the main entrance to the city council, first overcome four floors, and then follow the signs to the entrance to the tower, where in front of you will be more than three hundred steps (306, to be exact, but you better see for yourself) up - to the goal.

We got up, took a breath and here is one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city. Below you can watch the anthill of the Lviv bustle, and around you can see the places nearby or not, which exactly you need to visit today, and which should be postponed for tomorrow. It is especially beautiful to see off the last rays of the sun on the Town Hall tower.

High Castle (temporary closed)

The next destination for contemplation of Lviv is the observation deck of the High Castle. It seems impossible to overcome the way there, but, as practice shows, it is possible and it is worth it. Along the way, you can find a yard of lost toys and even optionally supplement the collection with your own toy, and if you suddenly do not turn there, you will get for a moment in the yard of the USSR. The road is laid through the park High Castle, one of the green oases of Lviv, where you can relax while traveling and enjoy the rustle of nature around. In rainy weather, it is best to go in sneakers, as there is a quite steep rise.

At the top you have a full view of the city, here you can find where your home is, what you have already visited and understood "oh, how little we saw". A place where you can start a new day.

Address: Zamkova Street

Monument to Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds

Returning to the city, we advise you to go down Maxima Kryvonosa Street and visit the observation deck of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial. Which today, in addition to a place of memory, is also a place for good photography. The memorial stele is one of the few objects in Lviv made using corten steel, the appearance of which resembles the process of metal corrosion.
Address: M. Kryvonosa Street

The temple of Saints Olga and Elizabeth

Another place for sightseeing is the tower of the temple of Saints Olga and Elizabeth. The temple itself is worthy of attention and is considered one of the pearls of Lviv. The neo-Gothic church designed by Theodore-Maryan Talovskyi was the first to greet visitors to Lviv by train. In addition, the church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth is the tallest sacred building in Lviv, the tallest tower reaches 88 meters. Here, you have a different view of the city and its scale, the sleeping areas not visited by tourists, the noisy Horodotska Street underneath, which, incidentally, is considered the longest street in Lviv and which ends somewhere.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12 a.m.-5:30 p.m.;
Sun: 1:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Entrance: 20 UAH
Address: 1 Kropyvnytskoho Square (entrance from Horodotska Street)

The view from the Lviv Citadel

The view of the city from the Lviv Citadel is also worth noting. First, along the way, you can wander the many streets of the park and complex of the Lviv Citadel, see both forgotten and abandoned buildings, and preserved and restored. And behind one of the towers, where is the hotel "Citadel Inn", open a view of the city.
Address: 11 Hrabovskoho Street.

The view from Lysa Mountain or Leo Mountain

If you suddenly want to visit the mountains for a moment, we advise you to take a bike and go to the story- covered Lysa Mountain (Lysa Hora), or Leo Mountain (Hora Leva).

Its history dates back to the fourteenth century, when it housed the second castle-palace of King Leo of Galicia, hence one of the names. You can climb to a height of 389 meters above sea level and admire the open views and tranquility of nature. For a hike or trip, choose a light time of day, as the hill has many slopes.
Address: Between Opryshkivska, M. Kryvonosa and O. Dovbusha streets

If you like to admire the scenery with a cup of good Lviv coffee with a delicacy, then you can choose restaurants with terraces on the top floors of Lviv establishments. There are plenty in Lviv, the choice is yours: terraces of Vernissage Shopping Center, Roksolana Shopping
Center, "36Po", "Pretty High Kitchen", "Tower",
FESTrepublic etc.

Alternatively, you may choose restaurants with terraces in hotels: Eurohotel, Dnister, Taurus, Saint Feder, etc.

If you prefer non-standard routes, we advise you to view convenient electronic routes created by the Tourist Information Center or take a walk in atypical Lviv: Pogulyanka, Professor`s Colony, Church of the Blessed  Mary, The Glory Hill.


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