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Lviv hotels with history

Sofiia Dmytryshyn


When we go to another city on vacation or business, what do we pay attention to in temporary accommodation? Is the hotel you have chosen well maintained, is the staff professional and courteous, is it newly renovated, or is it far from the city center?

What about the hotel's history? Perhaps a world-famous writer, a talented opera singer, or even a royal person once lived there... Hmm, who knows.

Hotels in Lviv are no exception. For centuries, monarchs and princes, entire monastic orders, merchants, and citizens of various nationalities passed through our city. The old local residences still keep memories of these events.

In this publication, we will talk about Lviv hotels with history.

The George Hotel

1 Mitskevycha Sq.

It is no accident that we started our story with this building. Meet the oldest operating hotel in all of Ukraine!

This place’s history began in the 17th century when the Poltva River flowed through the city. There was a lock at this place. An inn and a restaurant were set up at this place. Later, the hotel of Georges Hoffmann - "De La Rus" was built. Even then, the establishment radiated sophistication and luxury.

However, the city did not sleep and was constantly developing: "De La Rus" expanded and became more and more famous. It also changed his name. Now the hotel forever immortalized its founder – he was called "George Hoffmann", and later shortened just to "George". Ivan Levynskyi and Józef Cebulski worked together on the renovated building. The project belonged to the creators of the Odesa Opera, Herman Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner. Antony Popel decorated this architectural masterpiece.

Imagine, about 100 years ago there was hot water in the hotel! This once again hints at the high level and elite status of the hotel.

We have already mentioned more than one well-known name, but the George Hotel is not limited to them. There were people staying in the hotel whose contribution to music, literature, and politics we still remember today. Just think: Honoré de Balzac, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ivan Franko, Giacomo Casanova, Richard Strauss, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Ferenc Liszt, Józef Pilsudski. All of them at one time or another lived in the George Hotel. Now you can too.


Swiss Hotel

20 Kniazia Romana St.

The hotel's history begins with a beautiful legend - a love story. It is said that once a banker from Switzerland came to our country to look for love because in his homeland the girls valued only his wealth and status. However, for happy family life, you need something completely different. Do you agree?

Therefore, the rich man came to Lviv. However, how to find that true feeling? He got an idea: he pretended to be a poor man and started asking for a place to stay. Fortune smiled on the man: on the street where the hotel is now, a beautiful Galician girl opened the door. This is how their love story began: walks in Lviv, romance, and the brightest feelings.

After the wedding, the young man founded a hotel with the simple name "Swiss" on the girl's native street. To this day, the establishment combines Swiss service and Galician hospitality.

The couple also left a piece of their hearts, their passion. Here you can visit the wine cellar, where a bottle of red wine worth 60 thousand hryvnias is stored!

Citadel Inn

11 Hrabovskoho St.

The Citadel is now a park where you can walk along the paths between the old trees and admire the singing of the birds. There is a five-star hotel here, which impresses with its service, unusual location and concept. However, what was in this area before?

It all started with fortifications. Because of the "Spring of Nations", the Austrian authorities decided to protect themselves in Lviv as well. Thus, in the middle of the 19th century, six towers and barracks spread out on the Kalicha, Shenberka and Pelchynska hills. By the way, today the Citadel is the only example of Austrian defense architecture of that time in all of Ukraine!

Fortification has a difficult history. One of the key locations was the Citadel during the uprising of 1918: a battle took place here between the Sich riflemen and the Polish army. The Nazis took advantage of the favorable location of the fortress and organized the concentration camp "Stalag 328" here.

After the Second World War, the Soviet authorities reformatted this place. There were parts of the military district and a chemical weapons warehouse at this place. Later, the book depository of the library named after V. Stefanyka and the warehouse of the "Electron" association. After Ukraine gained its independence, the Citadel buildings became private property.

Today, we can easily visit these places: take a walk between the old towers, admire the view of Lviv, have dinner in a restaurant or stay in a hotel for the night.

Grand Hotel Lviv Casino & Spa

13 Svobody Sq.

A majestic hotel with a similar name in the very center of Lviv, a hotel where Paris Hilton stayed and where elegant musical evenings take place in the restaurant Grand SoLie.

This is one of the oldest hotels in Lviv, which usually had the same goal – to give comfort and a pleasant experience to its guests. Well, except for the beginnings. In the first half of the 19th century, the Lviv police department was located in the building of the modern Grand Hotel. By the way, Leopold von Sacher Masoch's father, also Leopold, worked here.

Read more "Masoch. The other side of the writer's personality"

At the end of the century, a hotel was built here – with luxurious exterior decoration and exquisite details, with shops, a restaurant and 48 rooms. Imagine, at that time the hotel already had electric lighting! What a service!

For more than 100 years, the "Grand Hotel" changed its name, became better and more beautiful, it was renovated and reconstructed, it has hosted famous guests and everyone who decided to please him with their presence. One thing remains unchanged: pride in its history and care for guests.


15 Horodotska St.

One of the most luxurious and oldest hotels in the City of Lions. He is already over 100 years old! As it was a century ago, now the hotel has the same name - Astoria.

The hotel started its life in 1914 - at the beginning of World War I. Despite this, this work of Tadeusz Gardel in the Art Nouveau style has survived to the present day. Moreover, during the renovation, the owners took care of the history and left the stairwell and tiles as they were then, at the beginning of the last century. By the way, the sign was also left in its original form.


Wealthy guests of the city often stayed at the hotel, cultural and public figures and the Ukrainian intelligentsia repeatedly met here.

Today, Astoria invites guests to book one of its rooms, have dinner at the Mon Chef restaurant, spend an evening with a loved one with a view of the Opera House, or organize a business meeting.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the city's history and aesthetics. After all, Lviv has a lot to offer its guests - ancient streets and architecture, meaningful museums, thematic restaurants, and, as we have already explored with you, hotels with a fascinating history.

Come and experience it all yourself!


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