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D. S. Secret Farmacy

Oleksii Fedak


Representatives of one of the essential professions typical for a large city appeared in the XIV century in Lviv. In general, pharmacists worked at the monasteries. Despite the great competition between monks, herbalists, and healers, the first pharmacies were established in Lviv, where professional pharmacists provided their services.

One of the oldest pharmacy «‎Under the Hungarian Crown» was founded by a descendant of a famous family of French emigrants – Alexander Longchamps
de Berier in 1772.

Unfortunately, documents of the pharmacy about the first years of its functioning are unavailable - no documents were found. But it is known that Jakub Piepes- Poratynski owned the pharmacy in 1871. At his request, a new three-story, the neo- baroque-style building was erected by architect Karel Boublik in the early XX century, where the pharmacy is located today. Herbal remedies, herbal mixtures, medicinal wines, and even cosmetics – these are the products that were made at this pharmacy.

Nowadays, it is not only the pharmacy of the «‎D.S.» network but also the «Secret Pharmacy» Museum. You will have a unique opportunity to get into a secret dungeon, a pharmaceutical lab and learn a lot about the history of pharmacy during the interactive guided group tour.

Phone number +38 067 37 05 698
Working hours: Daily — 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.
Address: 1 Soborna Sq.


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