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28 BookForum: why to go there and what to look for?

Oksana Koval


BookForum is back offline in 2021!

Autumn in our city is lively and dynamic, filled with wonderful opportunities - here you will never face the autumn melancholy. So set aside warm blankets with cups of fragrant cocoa, let's enjoy the last warmth of early autumn! Interesting events await you ahead. First, we mean the main cultural event of the country - 28 BookForum.

It seems to be almost as a good autumn tradition that so perfectly finds interest of book lovers. Just imagine 120 events within one festival. Wow, that sounds great! You also can't wait to meet different authors, visit book presentations, discussions, book fairs!? This year the theme of the festival is "The game of growing up: how we become independent".

We wanted to choose the top 5 events for you, but… Irena Karpa, Maks Kidruk, Ostap Slyvynskyi, Halyna Kruk, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Serhii Zhadan, Yurii Andrukhovych - have you already seen this list?!

Nobel Laureate

By the way, Nobel Laureate Olga Tokarczuk will take part in the Ukrainian literary festival for the first time in the history of our independent country. Another interesting event is a meeting with the special guest of the festival, a 93-year-old psychotherapist who survived the Holocaust, writer, author of the novel "Choice" - Edith Eger.

The most interesting thematic clusters of 28 BookForum

Writers' insights

Together with the cluster curator, Haska Shyian, the participants will look for answers to the question: What does growing up mean for creative people and how does it manifest itself in different cultures and traditions?

Media cluster

Together with E. Kuzmenko, participants and visitors will find themselves in the rapid vortex of media events of the Ukrainian 30-year retrospective and will look for answers to the following questions: What is the way of growing up for the media community of Ukraine? What is the function of Ukrainian journalism in particular today? The participants of the festival are invited to join the talks about the media of independent Ukraine.

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Women in the subject

Discussions about women, gender roles, and social stereotypes about them are waiting for you together with Larysa Denysenko and Iryna Slavinska.


Meetings and discussions on the topic "Sustainability and variability of identity". A great opportunity to think about what is Ukrainian identity? We would like to note for you the presentation of the book by Yaroslav Hrytsak: "Overcoming the Past: Global History of Ukraine".

Science Fiction

During the meetings within the cluster, visitors will have the opportunity to reflect and learn more about Stanisław Lem, as 28 BookForum coincides with the 100th anniversary of the outstanding Lviv resident. And why not attend a discussion on the path of transformation of science fiction as a genre.

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Over the past year, everyone has missed the traditional meetings with the authors, live discussions, and the festival atmosphere, so some events of this year's forum will be held offline. But there will be online events to make the festival more accessible for those who can't come to Lviv.

If you can't imagine your life without books, hurry up to get acquainted with the full program of events of the book forum.

Where? Different locations of the city.

When? September 15-19.

All events are free.

Watch online events on

A complete list of autumn events


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