Horikhovyi Hai (Walnut Grove)

  • Out of city center

A small park located in the Frankivskyi district of Lviv, in the historical area of Kul'parkiv. It is situated between Volodymyra Velykoho, Knyahyni Olhy streets and the railway tracks of the Lviv-Khodoriv line.

The park received its name due to the large number of hazelnuts from hornbeam and walnut trees. Within the park, there is a lake called Olesko or Kachyne, which visitors come to for relaxation. Here, you can see various animals that visitors come with children to observe, such as ducks or water hens that swim in the lake.

Benches are located throughout the park, and visitors also come here for picnics or to relax on hammocks. The park has paths that lead to the "Dynamo" stadium or through a small forest, and after crossing a bridge, visitors can reach other streets. Hammocks are a popular way to relax in this park.

Another interesting feature of this park is the "Sokil" cinema, also known as Lviv Film Center. It is positioned as an educational center and a cinema for independent and artistic films. In the summer, outdoor film screenings are organized on the roof of the center.

During the warm season, there are children's attractions located near the cinema. There is also a café for park visitors and a children's playground. In the summer, various exhibitions or children's performances are organized here.


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