Stryiskyi Park

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It is a monument of landscape art.

Stryiskyi Park is one of the largest in Europe. Its territory is more than 50 hectares. The impetus for the park was the Regional Exhibition of 1894, which took place on its upper terrace. The exhibition has lasted for six months; it is an epochal event for the city. Lviv received more than a million visitors then.

Planning and landscaping

Like most similar locations, Stryiskyi Park was arranged according to a plan. The author of this project was landscape designer Arnold Roehrig. Landscaping works began in the 1880s. A century before, these places were considered a thicket where only beasts and evil people sought shelter. After Roehring's teamwork, the territory has changed beyond recognition.

Exhibition pavilions were erected here, on which famous masters worked: Y. Zakharevych, Y. Hochberger, Z. Horholevsky and others. Later, the Eastern Bidding fair was held at the exhibition site. One of its pavilions was rebuilt into the Lviv cinema, which operated in the park during the Soviet era. One of the few objects that have survived since the exhibition is a water tower.

Стрийський парк
Stryiskyi park. Sculpture "Lily".

"Twenty years later"

At the beginning of the XX century, there were a few stadiums on the outskirts of the park, but none survived. Unlike the monument to the rebel Jan Kilinski, by Julian Markowski, which was erected in 1895. For some time, the park was named after this supporter of T. Kostiushko.

In Soviet times, an entrance arch was built from the side of Parkova Street, pavilions were rebuilt, and a children's narrow-gauge railway was laid.

Стрийський парк
Стрийський парк

Interesting facts

The territory of the park did not always look like it does today. For example, part of the lower terrace was once occupied by a cemetery. It was closed at the end of the XIX century, but burials were found during the XX century.

There was a stadium on the border of Stryiskyi Park and UCU. The first football match in Ukraine was played here - between Lviv and Krakow. An electric tram appeared in Lviv for the exhibition of 1894. There was even a route connecting Stryiskyi Park and the train station.

Стрийський парк
Стрийський парк

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