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Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Memorial Museum of Art is located in Sofiivka - one of the most picturesque areas of pre-war Lviv.

The first President of the Ukrainian People’s Republic lived here with his family. In 1901, he bought the land plot for the construction and had his lovely villa built. In the comfort of this house, M. Hrushevskyi created many important works and provided the basis for a modern Ukrainian political idea. In Lviv, in contrast to eastern Ukraine, which was enslaved by the Russian Empire, the professor felt himself great. Here he had the opportunity to publish books freely and even to teach at the university.

The Ukrainian intellectual elite was concentrated around M. Hrushevskyi. In the six exhibition halls of the museum, almost all life and work periods of the scholar are represented. Particular emphasis is placed on the Lviv period of M. Hrushevskyi's activity (1894-1914).

Memorial interiors were restored, as well as furniture, household items, photographs, documents that carry visitors in the beginning of 20th century and create an illusion of the presence of the house owners.

                                                                                         Author Ihor Lylo
                                                                                         Translated by A. Kushch


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