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Safe holidays in Lviv: Behaviour rules and restrictions that exist in Lviv

Danylo Yurchyk


Lviv is a hospitable, open to the world city. Lviv is a home to thousands of local people, and as good hosts we are always glad to see guests at our home. Each house has its own rules and Lviv is not an exception. Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of what is forbidden to do in Lviv to make your stay here as safe, peaceful and enjoyable as possible.      

Here are 4 things which is not permitted to do in Lviv:

1. Smoking in public places

The whole world is trying to get rid of this pernicious habit, smoking is becoming out of date and not interesting, and Lviv is no exception in the fight against nicotine addiction.

Smoking is allowed here only in designated areas - mainly near trash bins and at public and food outlets.

If you smoke in the non-smoking area, be prepared to receive a warning, and if you do it again, pay a fine.            

2. Noise from 10:00 PM to 08:00 AM

Everyone has the right to rest, whether it is a resident of a city or a tourist, which is why a night noise ban is imposed in Lviv. The noise can be attributed to:

· Loud shouts;

· Loud singing;

· Loud listening to music;

· Use of any other noise sources;

· Use of pyrotechnics;

· Running salutes and fireworks (The last two points are a separate ban, which we will talk about a little later).

So, if you do not follow the rules on keeping silence, be prepared to speak with law enforcement officials who will ask you to stop the noise, and in case of refusal, you will have to be charged with administrative penalties in the form of fines.

3. Use of pyrotechnics

Unfortunately, as a result of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, a lot of Lviv citizens are forced to defend our country's sovereignty with weapons in their hands.

The sound of the explosion is a strong trigger for the former military officers, so out of respect for them and to preserve silence in general, the City Council of Lviv decided to ban the use of pyrotechnics.

So be prepared to pay a fine if you use pyrotechnics.

4. Sale of alcohol from 10 PM to 10 AM

This prohibition is more relevant to sellers, but you should be aware of it. Don't be surprised if you won`t be able to buy alcohol at a supermarket or shop after 10:00 PM - this rule applies throughout the region.

However, there are places that do not follow this rule - buying alcohol here at night is at your own risk, because it is forbidden and you never know what quality is the alcohol you bought. If you notice the facts of the alcohol sale after 22:00 PM we advise you to inform the law enforcement agencies.

It is obligatory to disinfect hands regularly, wear a face-covering mask in public places and keeping the distance.


Let the knowledge and applying of these rules make your stay in Lviv safe and comfortable.



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