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Spring in Lviv: main events and celebrations 2023

The most important spring events.

Spring in Lviv is a wonderful time filled with tranquility, first warmth, and an incredible atmosphere of anticipation for Easter. We have prepared a selection of events for you to enjoy this spring.

How about a spring festival in one of Lviv's concert halls? Will you go to the theater or prefer a concert at the Philharmonic or Organ Hall?

*This publication is updated regularly. Stay tuned for updates!


6 performances

  • Play "Forest Song"

    The dramatic story, which concerns and touches everyone, invariably touches and inspires the audience, and the virtuoso performance of authentic Ukrainian songs is always admired.

    When? 23 March

    Where? Les Kurbas Theater, 3 Lesia Kurbasa St.

  • Perfomance "Oscar and the Lady in Pink "

    The dramatic performance of the Frankiv Drama Theater "Oscar and the Lady in Pink" in Lviv.

    A complex work with a deep meaning, the art project of the Frankiv Drama Theater is designed to awaken humanity and compassion through an emotional, tragic story. There will be no indifferent.
    Order tickets today.

    Human pain, faith and revelation in the performance "Oscar and the Pink Lady" on the stage of the Lviv Opera.

    When? 20 March

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

  • Performance "Mavka. Show"

    The premiere of a unique choreographic show in Lviv.
     The creators of the show used the legendary classic plot of Ukrainian mythology and emphasized its relevance today. The performance will be full of dynamic choreographic numbers and daring acrobatics, interactive and circus numbers, space suits and state-of-the-art sets. And all this will be tied to the sensitive history of Mavka, which remains relevant over the years. So "Mavka. The show" is a guaranteed incredible experience. Such a unique event cannot be missed!
    Are waiting for you!

    When? 23 May

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

Вистава "Оскар і Рожева Пані"
  • The play "Sweet Darusia"

    In the Palace of Culture of Railwaymen "Roks" will host a charity performance "Solodka Darusia".

    When? 16 March

    Where? Palace of Culture "Roks", 54-56 Fedkovycha st.

  • Play "Svatannia na Honcharivtsi"

    The Frankiv Drama Theater presents!
     Fresh, colorful, full of funny dialogues and various human vicissitudes reading of the play by the Ukrainian classic Hryhoriy Kvitka-Osnovyanenko. Love intrigues, weddings, unexpected meetings and strange events - this is what awaits viewers who go to Honcharivka for a matchmaking...

    When? 28 March

    Where? Palace of Culture "Roks", 54-56 Fedkovycha st.

  • Play "Love of Sich Rifleman"

    During the military campaign of 1914 in Transcarpathia, the Sich Riflemen were stationed in a cosy picturesque Magyar village. Who would have thought that it was here that the war-weary heart of Lieutenant Stepan Balynsky would find the love of his life - a Magyar girl Sharika?

    The magic of love, songs, dances, music, lots of laughter and funny moments - that's what we love romantic operettas for.

    When? 24 March

    Where? M. Zankovetska Theater, 1 Lesi Ukrainky St.

Вистава "Солодка Даруся"
Вистава «Веселі Ангелята»

6 concerts

  • Concert "Gadіukiny brothers"

    Cult Ukrainian rock band "Hadyukina Brothers" in Lviv.
    Partisan movement on the stage of !FESTrepublic, we promise it will be! Every person, depending on the situation, is a bit of a partisan! And situations are different. Partisanship is the way to victory. Musical partisanship of " Gady" - Rock'n'roll of Victory! The Gadyukiny brothers perform a concert accounting of the personnel.

    When? 25 March

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

  • Concert "TVORCHI"

    The band, which is called the loudest discovery of the young Ukrainian scene, will again impress with its cool electronic sound!

    The artists will perform their hits: "Body language", "I don't dance", Believe, Falling, "Face to face", as well as fresh ones: FREEDOM and Heart of steel, which was chosen by more than 50 thousand Ukrainians in the National Selection for Eurovision.

    When? 9 April

    Where? Malevich night club, 2 Chornovola Ave.


  • Concert "Stepan Hiha. Golden hits encore"

    Stepan Hiha has won the love and recognition of the public thanks to his full dedication to music. The creative activity of the artist can only be envied. He has several studio albums and dozens of golden hits. Visit the soulful concert of the wonderful musician and get a powerful charge of vital energy! We are waiting for you.

    When? 4 April

    Where? Malevich night club, 2 Chornovola Ave.

  • Musical hits of the world cinema screen

    Violin, saxophone and your favorite movies finally combined in a special musical program!

    We promise that during one concert together with us you will be able to musically experience several life stories, discover new and unexpected sound of famous hits and plunge into pleasant memories.

    When? 18 March

    Where? Theater "Word and Voice", 38 Horodotska St.


  • Concert "Ievhen Khmara"

    Ievhen Khmara is a musician whose performance is definitely worth visiting for several reasons. First of all, the man has the status of YAMAHA ARTIST, which indicates the perfect mastery of a YAMAHA piano. Secondly, he is a virtuoso pianist who is happy to be invited to various singing TV shows, concerts of stars to accompany him. It should also be said that he was a finalist in one of the seasons of the show "Ukraine has talent", presenting the world of piano music to the whole country with dignity. The third reason is that every concert of a piano performer is a real sound extravaganza consisting of constantly changing instrumental compositions. 

    When? 25 April

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

  • Anna Trincher concert

    On April 1, a concert by Anna Trincher will take place at the Dovzhenko Center in Lviv.
    The singer started her solo career when she was 9 years old. She took part in national projects, starred in a Ukrainian TV series and always had confidence that her work would be successful.

    When? 1 April

    Where? Dovzhenko center, 81 Chervonoi Kalyny Ave.


6 exhibitions

  • Exhibition of Oksana Andrushchenko "Home"

    From February 28 to March 26, the IconArt Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art will host Oksana Andrushchenko's exhibition "Home". It is dedicated to those rural huts that were destroyed by the enemy in the first days of the invasion.

    When? until March 26

    Where? Iconart, 26 Virmenska St.

  • Exhibition Mikhail Krasnyk's "Tactile Structures"

    We invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Tactile Structures" by Mykhailo Krasnyk on March 8 at 18:00 at Dzyga Gallery. Mykhailo Krasnyk is a well-known Lviv artist who has been working in the field of abstraction since the early 1980s. Each round of his inner evolution is a reflection demanded by time.

    When? until march 27

    Where? Art center "Dzyga", 35, Virmenska St.

  • Exhibition of paintings by Masha Prysyazhnyuk

    The artist's work process is intuitive, the works do not have a clear serialization, only after they are created can Maria explain to herself their common theme. The works of 2022 are more gloomy, dark, dramatic, and even violent. Mariia shares that her works are based on her impressions of the world today, trying to convey the feelings that overwhelm her and thousands of other people. It is important for her that the viewer finds a meaning in the paintings that is close to him or her. For the artist, the eyes are an extremely important detail of her characters, as they create a connection with the human viewer.

    When? until March 17

    Where? Tovarystvo_RPM, 11 Pekarska St.

Виставка «Коди рідної землі»
Виставка «24»
Виставка живопису Маші Присяжнюк
  • Exhibition Anatoliy Stepanenko's "The Heretic of Postmodernity"

    Anatolii Stepanenko (b. 1948, Irpin) is an iconic Ukrainian artist of the independence era. His exhibition "Postmodern Heretic" presents a unique part of his oeuvre from the mid-1970s to the early 2020s, which was saved and taken out of the Hero City of Ukraine Irpin in early spring 2022. These works clearly represent the forms and meanings of poststructuralism in Ukrainian visual culture and summarize the artist's extensive creative cycle that once began in Lviv.

    When? until March 19

    Where? Potocki palace, 15 Kopernyka St.

  • Exhibition "Inspired by the Pinzel in Godovytsia"

    The exhibition presents painting and sculptural works created at artistic plein air events held in August 2021 and October 2022 as part of the cultural and artistic project "Under the Star of Pinzel". The purpose of the plein air and the exhibition is to draw public attention to a unique architectural monument - the All Saints Church in the village of Godovytsy in the Lviv region, which needs conservation and restoration. The plastic decoration of the church of the 18th century was performed by Johann Georgy Pinzel, a master of baroque sculpture, whose work is being updated by the NGO "Art Studio of Yvonne Loban".

    When? until March 26

    Where? Andrei Sheptytskyi national museum, 20 Svobody Pr.

  • Exhibition "Roman Selskyі. Taming the color"

    The event is timed to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Roman Selskyi, the classic of Ukrainian colourism, the inspirer and driver of the development of the Lviv school of painting of the twentieth century.

    When? until March 19

    Where? Potocki palace, 15 Kopernyka St.

Виставка Анатолія Степаненка «Єретик постмодерну»

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