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Spring in Lviv: main events and celebrations 2023


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The most important spring events.

Spring in Lviv is a wonderful time filled with tranquility, first warmth, and an incredible atmosphere of anticipation for Easter. We have prepared a selection of events for you to enjoy this spring.

How about a spring festival in one of Lviv's concert halls? Will you go to the theater or prefer a concert at the Philharmonic or Organ Hall?

*This publication is updated regularly. Stay tuned for updates!

  • Opera "Cavalleria rusticana"

    Love and passion, jealousy, betrayal and … vendetta. One of the first examples of musical verismo, the most successful opera of the Italian composer Pietro Mascagni, “Cavalleria rusticana”, has become one of the symbols of Italian culture at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Easter in a picturesque Sicilian village. Nothing portends trouble. The main character Santuzza, abandoned by her lover Turiddu and blinded by jealousy, tries to win him back by any means, but her actions result in his death.

    The drama of the characters is presented with the profoundly emotional and wonderful music of Pietro Mascagni and makes the audience sympathize with each character.

    Performed in the Italian language with Ukrainian subtitles

    When? 9 April  

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

  • Evening of performances of the project "Let the body speak"

    The modern dance platform presents an evening of performances of the "Speak with the Body" project.
    Today, the threat to the existence of Ukraine has once again ceased to be a fact of the past, so artists, choreographers, dancers feel the need to consider in their works the challenges that every Ukrainian faces. Body language and dance make it possible to talk about the most difficult things for which there are no words.
    The authors of the dance performances reflect on the nature of death and what motivates us to fight for independence, explore the collective traumas of Ukrainians that prevent them from reaching a new level of development.

    When? 14, 15 April

    Where? Les Kurbas theater, 3 Lesia Kurbasa St.

  • Modern ballet "Know yourself"

    On the three hundredth anniversary of the Ukrainian philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda, Lviv National Opera presents a modern ballet "Know yourself".

    "By knowing himself and the world around him," the philosopher believes, "a person asserts himself, develops his natural inclinations and abilities, chooses his own path and fulfils his earthly destiny with conscious and "kindred" work.

    When? 13 April

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

  • Play "Dinner with a Fool"

    Incredibly funny and at the same time lyrical story about what a man can do for true love. Unless, of course, he is a "Fool"

    The play "Dinner with a Fool" will make you laugh and think at the same time. The subtle humour that permeates the whole performance will not leave anyone indifferent, because this comedy has a deep meaning and a very interesting storyline.

    When? 23 April

    Where? theater "Voskresennya", 5 Henerala Hryhorenka Sq.

  • Performance "Mavka. Show"

    The premiere of a unique choreographic show in Lviv.

    The creators of the show used the legendary classic plot of Ukrainian mythology and emphasized its relevance today. The performance will be full of dynamic choreographic numbers and daring acrobatics, interactive and circus numbers, space suits and state-of-the-art sets. And all this will be tied to the sensitive history of Mavka, which remains relevant over the years. So "Mavka. The show" is a guaranteed incredible experience. Such a unique event cannot be missed!
    Are waiting for you!

    When? 23 May

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

  • Play "Heroes of Chaos"

    A performance that, through plastic and audiovisual effects, raises three important themes - the hero, murder, war. This is a production that speaks with bodies to a powerful industrial set.

    A hero has no age. A hero has no gender. A hero has many names and faces.

    When? 21 April

    Where? Lesi Ukrainky theater, 36 Horodotska St.

Вистава «Вечеря з дурнем»
Вистава «Герої Хаосу»


  • Concert "SKAY "

    The rock band "SKAY" will present their new album "Naprolom", so you will be singing new hits that were written by the creative team in the recent times.

    Furthermore, this concert is dedicated to the Victory, because it will only be achieved by Ukrainians! And to accelerate this date, the band members will allocate a portion of the proceeds from the sales to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    When? 17 April

    Where? M. ZankovetskaTheater, 1 Lesi Ukrainky street

  • Concert "TVORCHI"

    The band, known as the loudest discovery of the young Ukrainian music scene, will once again impress with their cool electronic sound! The artists will perform their hits: "Mova Tila," "Believe," "Falling," "Face-to-Face," as well as fresh tracks: "FREEDOM" which were selected by more than 50,000 Ukrainians in the national selection for "Eurovision."

    When? 9 April

    Where? "Malevich" Night Club, 2 Chornovola avenue


  • Oksana Mukha "Songs of an unconquered heart"

    "Songs of an unconquered heart" - this is the title of the new concert program by the performer, which is a creative, emotional, sincere response to what Ukraine is living through now.

    "Songs of an unconquered heart" combine both Ukrainian folk songs and popular classics of pop music, as well as new works created for Oksana Mukha. These songs contain the soul of Ukrainians, their nature, philosophy, fate, and victory.

    When?  24 April

    Where?  M. ZankovetskaTheater, 1 Lesi Ukrainky street


Oksana Mukha "Songs of an unconquered heart"
  • Concert "Shumei"

    A young singer with a charismatic voice, Oleg Shumey (SHUMEI), released his debut song a few weeks before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. It has since become one of the musical symbols for Ukrainian society. His songs and covers are being listened to on the frontlines, at patriotic events, and within the Ukrainian diaspora abroad. And very soon, you will have the opportunity to hear them live.

    When? 24 April

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody ave.


  • Concert "Ievhen Khmara"

    Yevhen Khmara is a musician whose performance is definitely worth attending for several reasons. Firstly, he holds the status of YAMAHA ARTIST, which indicates his perfect mastery of piano, specifically the YAMAHA brand. Secondly, he is a virtuoso pianist who is invited with pleasure to various singing TV shows, star concerts to accompany. It is also worth mentioning that he was a finalist in one of the seasons of the show "Ukraine's Got Talent", representing the world of piano music to the whole country with dignity. The third reason is that every concert of a piano performer is a true sound fairy tale, consisting of constantly changing instrumental compositions intertwined with each other.

    When? 25 April

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody ave.

  • Concert "NK | Nastya Kamenskykh"

    The star who loudly speaks and sings in support of Ukraine all over the world - from Lithuania to America, at large events, leading TV channels, and radio - NK | Nastya Kamenskykh is going on a tour of cities in Ukraine with a meaningful name "I am Ukraine!".

    At the concerts, you will not only hear new songs dedicated to the resilience of Ukraine and the strength of our people but also all of our favorite hits

    When? 29 April

    Where? "Malevich" Night Club, 2 Chornovola avenue

Музичні хіти світового кіноекрану


  • Exhibition "Pamfirova Malanka. Film laboratory"

    Exhibition "Pamfirova Malanka. Film laboratory" collected film costumes, props, ritual masks, sketches and storyboards of film scenes, photo and information materials about the creation of the film, about the living folk tradition of Malanka and about the special artistic reality of the film.

    Filmed even before the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the film "Pamfir" was able to become one of the most important artistic expressions about the current Ukraine - about our indomitable spirit and drive for life. 

    When? till 9 April

    Where? Lviv Municipal Art Center, 11 Stefanyka St

  • Anton Kovach's exhibition "Sign of color"

    Anton Kovach is one of the representatives of the Transcarpathian school of painting, which is currently sharing with connoisseurs a new vision of modern problems of painting. The exhibition presents a series of abstract canvases created in the period 2021-2022. The author uses color and form as the key expressive means of painting, and also experiments with ornamental motifs. Some of the works are not coincidentally related to the premonition of war, which the artist created in the second half of 2022.

    When? till 22 April

    Where? PM Gallery, 18 Kopernyka St.

  • Exhibition "100 names: art collection of Stepan Davymuka"

    For the first time, selected works from the art collection of Stepan Davymuka, a well-known Ukrainian political figure and ardent art connoisseur, will be presented within the walls of the National Museum. This collection includes hundreds of works by iconic Ukrainian and European artists, among which Ihor Kozhan, the curator of the exhibition, general director of the museum, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, Ihor Kozhan, selected 199 of the most revealing.

    When? till 9 May

    Where? National Museum named after Andrey Sheptytsky, 20 Svobody Ave

Exhibition "Pamfirova Malanka. Film laboratory"
Anton Kovach's exhibition "Sign of color"
Exhibition "100 names: art collection of Stepan Davymuka"

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