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10 alternative places to visit in Lviv

Yaroslava Yaroslavska



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Are you planning a trip to Lviv? Rynok Square, Opera House, Potocki Palace - a must-see for tourists. But Lviv opens something new every time - experience, stories, emotions.

We have prepared a list of alternative places to visit for both experienced travellers and beginners.

  • Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial
  • Powder Tower
  • Monastery of St. Onuphrius
  • Shevchenkivskyi Hai
  • House of Scientists
  • Stryiskyi Park
  • Saints Peter and Paul Church
  • Koliivshchyny Square
  • St. George's Cathedral
  • Franko Park

Між вулицями Замковою та Кривоноса, розташований Меморіал Героїв Небесної Сотні, відкритий напередодні святкувань 28-річниці Незалежності України.

Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial

Where: 6 Pidvalna St.

Traditionally, the route of most tourists goes from Rynok Square to the High Castle. But there is another unique place to visit on the way.

Between Zamkova and Kryvonosa streets, there is the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial, which opened on the eve of the 28th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence.

You will be surprised, but it is not about standard and typical places of memory. It is a modern and exceptional public space. The symbolism is the memorial is alive: residents walk here, children run around, and lovers come to meet.

This place is full of life, as the memory of the Heroes of the Revolution of Dignity.

Such a space inspires reflection and contemplation, especially when you can see Lviv in the palm of your hand. There are observation decks along the Memorial perimeter, which offer an incredible panorama of the city centre.

Undoubtedly, this place combines deep meaning and aesthetics of the cityscape.

Сьогодні тут Центр Архітектури, Дизайну на Урбаністики - інноваційний простір архітектурної спільноти міста.

Powder Tower

Where: 4 Pidvalna St.

The Powder Tower, the building with lions, the Architect's House... Many names.

First of all, it is one of the well-preserved defensive structures of Lviv. Hence its name.

In 1959, the Architect's House was opened here. On the third floor, you can see a graffito - "200 years of Lviv", made under the direction of the famous artist R. Selskyi.

Today the Center for Architecture, Design and Urbanism is an innovative space in the city's architectural community.

In Powder House, there is a permanent exhibition - "Multimedia Model of Lviv" - an urban map of the central part of the city. It also often hosts various art events, excursions, and exhibition projects.

Окрасою монастирського храму був іконостас XVIII ст., а на початку XX століття тут містились ікони пензля Модеста Сосенка.

Monastery of St. Onuphrius

Where: 36 B. Khmelnytskoho St.

You will not find this place on typical tourist routes. However, historically, it was from the territories adjacent to the High Castle that Lviv was built.

As a landmark, the bell tower is visible from afar, and the wall around the monastery outlines the entire complex.

The first mention of the temple dates back to princely times, and in the XVI century, a stone church was built.

The decoration of the monastery church was the iconostasis of the XVIII century, and in the early XX century, there were icons painted by Modest Sosenko.

The place attracts with architectural harmony, tranquillity and a kind of desolation.


Музей народної архітектури та побуту під відкритим небом, інша назва - скансен.

Shevchenkivskyi Hai

Where: 1 Chernecha Hora St.

Folk folklore, playing the drymba and flute, pottery, Easter eggs, rituals and fun: it's all about one of the most authentic places in Lviv - Shevchenkivskyi Hai.

It is an open-air museum of folk architecture and life.

The unique wooden architecture of Boikivshchyna, Lemkivshchyna, Hutsulshchyna, Podillia or Zakarpattia, combined with local peculiarities and flavour, creates a kind of micro-villages. Indeed, there are schools, churches, workshops and mills surrounded by picturesque nature. It is the authenticity and harmony with nature that is incredibly attractive.

The visit will be interesting for children: various master classes, a small petting zoo, and you can also dress up in Ukrainian costumes and take a picture.

Ще один приклад архітектурного різноманіття Львова. Фасад із могутніми атлантами, затишні балкони та лоджії - вже привернуть вашу увагу. А от, що справді здивує, так це - розкішність інтер'єрів.

House of Scientists

Where: 6 Lystopadovoho Chynu St.

It is another example of the architectural diversity of Lviv. The facade with mighty Atlanteans, cosy balconies and loggias will already attract your attention. But what will surprise you is the luxury of the interiors.

A huge hall with a wooden staircase dominates. The originality and elegance of the masters are striking. Traditionally, such buildings have open halls - Mirror, Red, White, Silver and Theater. And also a cosy courtyard with a miniature park.

In the past, the house was a private club of Galician aristocrats, better known as the Noble Casino. But the house became a "scientist" in 1948, where the Union of Architects operated.

Today the place is for events, presentations, photo shoots and excursions.

У парку збереглись каскади струмків, водонапірна вежа, декоративні руїни, а на центральній липовій алеї - світло-музичний фонтан «Івасик-Телесик»

Stryiskyi Park

Where: Parkova, Stryiska, Samchukа St.

Where can you take a leisurely walk along winding alleys, eat the best Lviv ice and admire the greenhouse with exotic plants?

For this, you should go to Stryiskyi Park.

It is the largest park in Lviv, opened in 1894.

The entrance to the park opens a decorative arch, then - a picturesque lake with swans. Nearby is a cosy greenhouse with exotic plants.

There are cascades of streams, a water tower, decorative ruins, and the light and music fountain "Ivasyk-Telesyk".

At the entrance, from U. Samchukf st., a new recreation complex - Mermaid's place - was arranged. It is a great summer location for atmospheric friendly gatherings and various activities, lectures, fairs, musical evenings, etc.

The youngest visitors can become passengers of the Children's Railway and ride the "Wind".

Безсумнівно культова споруда барокової архітектури Львова. Більш відомий як костел Єзуїтів, адже зведений за сприяння цього ордену ще на поч. XVII ст.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Where: 13 Teatralna St. 

Undoubtedly a cult building of the Baroque architecture of Lviv. It is better known as the Jesuit Church because it was built with the assistance of this order in the early XVII century.

The scale of the facade decoration is immediately striking - sculptural forms and white stone decor.

If you have been to Italy, you will notice the similarity because the church is built according to the canons of the Il Gesu Church in Rome.

More secrets are hidden in the dungeons of the temple. In most of them, there are crypts; in others is a space for visiting. Among the expositions are models with a panorama of princely, Gothic and Baroque Lviv.

Сучасний громадський простір. У центрі локалізовано криницю у формі фонтану.

Koliivshchyny Square

Where: between Brativ Rohatyntsiv and Staroievreiska streets

A small square is sandwiched between four houses. Once there was a well here where the residents of the Jewish district used to draw water. We can imagine how the locals met, communicated, worked and came to the rendezvous.

In 2021, the square was renovated. Now it is a modern public space. A fountain-shaped well is located in the centre.

Interestingly, the place still preserves memories of the changing life of the quarter. On the fountain, you can see inscriptions in three languages - Ukrainian, Polish and Yiddish, with the names of those who lived here before 1939. A kind of address book of the neighbourhood.

At the same time, the square is a successful combination of a place of memory of cultural heritage with public space.

Along the perimeter near the well, there are unusual street chairs, green spaces, lighting and numerous cosy restaurants.

Греко-католицький архикатедральний собор Святого Юра (площа Святого Юра, 5) – величний рококовий архітектурний ансамбль XVIII століття (до нього входять собор, дзвіниця, митрополичі палати і капітульні будівлі) домінує на високому узгір'ї над Львовом, чудово поєднуючись із міським ландшафтом.

St. George's Cathedral

Where: 5 St. George Square

The visiting card of Lviv is the residence of Greek Catholic bishops. On the Sviatoiurskyi hill, surrounded by a picturesque landscape, you can see the Cathedral of St. George.

It is a whole architectural complex with a bell tower, a cathedral, a palace of metropolitans, and capitular buildings.

The facade of the main entrance to the cathedral is decorated with the sculpture "Yurii the Serpent-fighter" by the famous Galician master - I. Pinzel. And in the bell tower hangs the oldest bell in Ukraine, cast in 1341. The metropolitan palace is surrounded by a park with three terraces.

Today there is a place that combines sacredness and modern public space. In summer, concerts, recitals, and presentations are held here. Additionally, you can enjoy coffee in the "Sviatoiurska coffee shop".

Парк Івана Франка закладений ще у XVI столітті, на території міських ланів, згодом докорінно змінений садівничим Карлом Бауером та витриманий в англійському пейзажному стилі.

Ivan Franko Park

Where: 11-13 S. Krushelnytskoi St.

The oldest city park in Ukraine is located in the central part of the city, opposite the main building of Ivan Franko University.

Ivan Franko Park was founded in the XVI century on the territory of the city fields, later radically changed by gardener Karl Bauer and designed in the English landscape style.

A unique rotunda gazebo, winding alleys, a gardener's house and centuries-old trees form a peculiar atmosphere in the city green zone. In addition to the charms of the garden landscape, a park is a great place for urban recreation.



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