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TOP Exhibitions in Autumn in Lviv

Autumn in Lviv is full not only of events and festivals, but also of exhibitions. This month art lovers will have good prospectus to satisfy their cultural whims, because more than one exhibition has opened.

Exhibition "Word and Metropolitan" (till 30.09)

Ukrainian art of the XXth century

An exhibition honoring Bishop Andrei as the Founder and long-time Patron of the museum, which highlights his personal contribution to the development of the museum and its collections, including a collection of manuscripts and old prints.

UlYana Yaroshevych "Behind the potter's wheel" (till 20.09)

Ya Gallery Lviv

A retrospective of the works of the iconic Lviv ceramist Ulyana Yaroshevych is presented in the cozy space of the art center, which will cover the evolution of the artist's creative method from the early 1970s to the early 2000s.

Denys Struk "Palimpsest" (till 27.09)

PM Gallery

An exhibition in which, through the author's works, we get to know and learn about both the palimpsest technique and the palimpsest as a subject. In his works, the artist presented palimpsest from an anthropological point of view, where each human genome, or file share with records of stories and successes of previous generations, can be deployed as a palimpsest.

Exhibition by Olha Pylnyk "Festina lente" (till 27.09)

Dzyga Art Center

By enlarging textile weaves to gigantic sizes, turning them into ceramic art objects, artist Olha Pylnyk thus increases their importance, shows their beauty and calls to change the focus of "love" from the shopping process to the things we buy.

Exhibition by Oksana Protsiv "Beauty will save the World" (till 28.09)

Art Salon Veles

Exhibition reminds that despite wars, fires, pandemics – beauty attracts, inspires, returns to new life. Beauty in memories and dreams, in love, the aroma of spring flowers and the fresh breath of autumn. Female silhouettes, birds, flowers – thanks to which you are, immersed in the romantic world of the author, which impresses with harmony, plasticity, sophistication.

Exhibition Sofia Suliy "Garden from the Shadows and the World" (till 30.09)

Apartment 35


Exhibition by Oleksandr Roitburd "Chronicles of the Plague" (till 30.09)

Museum of Modernism

Intellectual reflection of the artist on geopolitical and socio-cultural circumstances in Ukraine. According to the artist: Among the impetus for his project were the restrictions on the usual way of life during quarantine, "the helplessness of mankind before the disease, the epidemic, it reminded me of some horrors of the Middle Ages. And the third thing that follows from this is the crisis of the enlightenment project and such a new Middle Ages that is creeping up on us, something completely different, so digitalized, globalized."

Exhibition "Natives of Ukraine – Czechoslovak Soldiers in the World War II" (till 30.09)

Territory of Terror Museum

The exhibition tells the story of Volhynia Czechs and Transcarpathians, natives of modern Ukraine, who served in Czechoslovak military formations during World War II.

Exhibition of the paintings "V ART E" (till 11.10)

Lviv Organ Hall

The exhibition project "V ART E" emphasizes the importance of dialogue with the audience, the public of small and large cities, which has the desire to "face", experience emotions and reflect on the art that is being created today.

Exhibition-Research of the Photo Archive by Vilya Furhalo (till 13.12)

Urban History Centre

A digital archive is being created at the exhibition and it is possible to trace the transition of private works to the institution; how negatives are transformed into digital format and become an archive; how our knowledge of the author, photography and the images themselves are constructed.

Exhibition Project "Mazes of LKSF" (till 18.10)

"Powder Tower" Architecture, Design and Urban Planning Centre, Ya Gallery, Ya Gallery Lviv

"Labyrinths of LKSF" is an investigation of individual artists and their creative work, production activities and its impact on the artistic environment. This project is about artists, their experiences, as well as the rise and fall of the Lviv Ceramic and Sculpture Factory.

Exhibition by Ilya Kurchuk "Dialogue with the City" (till 30.09)


"My dialogue with Lviv is when you need to whisper so that it is better to hear. My Lviv is just like that - restrained and muted in tone and color" – this is how the author explains his dialogue with the city, which you can discover in the gallery.

Exhibition by Roman Zhuk "I still Love you" (till 31.10)

Lviv National Art Gallery: Lozynsky Palace

An exhibition by one of the founders of the domestic trans avant-garde – Roman Zhuk, which covers a large-scale creative section of the artist. The exhibition will feature both works of the early period and new paintings by the author.

Exhibition "Zenovii Flinta: Reality and Metaphysics" (till 18.10)

Andrey Sheptytskyi National Museum

The aim of the exhibition project is to actualize the museum spectator's attention to a new reading of the works of Zenovii Flint, painter, graphic artist, ceramist, and organizer of Lviv's artistic life and strategist of its monumental decoration, 1960-1980, which used to associate with the period of official art.

За межами Львова


Exhibition by Oleksandra Fedoruk "I will be" (till 04.10)

Pidhirtsi Castle

The project, dedicated to the preservation of national cultural heritage, is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the rich spiritual and material culture of Ukraine, feel the connection with the past and think about the future. They are a visualization of the decline of material culture and a loud metaphor of destruction in the spiritual realm.

Exhibition "Mysterious world of Scroll" (till 14.10)

Zolochiv Castle

The exhibition introduces the discerning spectator to a wonderful collection of oriental paintings and embroidery on vertical scrolls from the collection of the Museum of Oriental Art – Chinese Palace.


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