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Where to celebrate Christmas Eve in Lviv

Anna Vilchynska


Christmas Eve on the 6th of January brings together the whole big family!

This evening, with the first star, 12 fasting meals are placed on the table, according to the number of apostles. None of them should remain untouched: each of them should be at least a bit tested. There's also a candle on the table that symbolizes a living fire.

We've prepared a list of cozy places in Lviv where you can fully feel the atmosphere of traditional Ukrainian Christmas.

Traditional Christmas Dinner


🍴"Valentino" Restaurant

20 Ostapa Nyzhankivskoho St.

Christmas dinner traditions and real Galician Christmas dishes. There is an entertainment program and a 12-course dinner.

Price: 800 UAH


Booking by phone + 38 (097) 235 67 77


🍴 "Hrushevsky cinema & jazz" Restaurant

28 Shevchenka Ave.

The program of the evening will include a traditional dinner of 12 fasting dishes, stories about folk Christmas customs, and an integral attribute of the holiday - Ukrainian carols.

Price: 1180 UAH

Start: 5 p.m.


Booking by phone +38 (098) 676 46 00


🍴  “Starhorod” Restaurant

1 Rymlianyna St.

Christmas carol and dinner, carols to the accompaniment of musical instruments. Theatrical action based on a biblical story.

Start: 6 p.m.


Booking by phone +38 (050) 323 48 57


🍴  "Na rozi" Coffee shop

1 Vynnychenka St.

Traditional Galician dishes are waiting for you. Feel the spirit of Christmas and get to know all the characters of the biblical nativity scene.

Price: 650 UAH

Start: 4:30 p.m.

Details and booking by phone +38 (098) 079 70 37


🍴  "Boikivska hostyna" Restaurant

1 Mytropolyta Andreia St.

Christmas Eve in a boyko etno-style with collars, landlord and landlady and with stories about celebration of Christmas on Boikivschina historical region.

Price: 595 UAH

Start: 4 p.m.

Details and booking by phone +38 (067) 995 74 19; +38 (099) 275 46 09

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Individual dishes on the menu


🍴 "Grand Solie" Restaurant

13 Svobody Ave.

Stuffed cabbage baked in salt, oily fish wrapped in a slice of beet, ravioli "a-la borsch" or beef tongue in crispy dough will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding guest! On Christmas Eve, we will take care of traditional dishes to make you feel at home!


Booking by phone +38 (096) 167 83 52


🍴 "Trapezna idei" Restaurant

18a Valova St.

They'll have traditional dishes for Christmas: kutia, borsch with ears, pies with cabbage and buckwheat, and wooden stuffed cabbage prepared according to a special recipe.

Details and booking by phone +38 (032) 254 61 55

🍴 "Baczewski" Restaurant

8 Shevska St.

During Christmas, guests can enjoy traditional Christmas dishes and feel the festive atmosphere.


Booking by phone. +38 (098) 224 44 44


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