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Where to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Lviv?

COVID-19 is an acute infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and others from infection. In particular, there are mass vaccination centers in most of the towns of Ukraine. Vaccination is voluntary and free.

How to get vaccinated against coronavirus?

  • Consult your family doctor
  • Choose the nearest Vaccination Center
  • Take your passport and identification code with you
  • Get vaccinated!

You can register for vaccination in the personal vaccination cabinet of the electronic system HELSI.ME or directly in the live queue mode.

Vaccination points

Working hours and available vaccines – check by phone number of the medical institution!

20 Ruska St. (city polyclinic)

Tel. (032) 235-65-58

4 Symonenka St. (city polyclinic)

Tel. (067) 676-38-89

99 Povitriana St. (city polyclinic)

Tel. (032) 288-07-50

68 Chervonoi Kalyny Sq. (city polyclinic)

Tel. (095) 081-50-61
       (096) 923-18-66

32 Vyhovskoho St. (city polyclinic)

Tel. (095) 367-38-67

1 Medovoi Pechery St. (city polyclinic)

Tel. (067) 549-33-58

28 Lemkivska St. (municipal clinical hospital)

Tel. (096) 533-02-63,

       (098) 636-09-28

3 Stetska St. (municipal clinical hospital)

Tel. (032) 260-20-07,

       (032) 260-22-88,

        (067) 472-87-27

        (095) 460-20-07

61 Chuprynky St. (municipal clinical hospital)
Tel. (067) 622-78-10

       (032) 237-64-59,

       (032) 237-03-87


You will find vaccination points in medical institutions here

COVID certificates

You can get a vaccination confirmation document in two options:

  • In electronic form - in the digital portal or "Action" application. The COVID certificate has a QR code.
  • In paper form - from a family doctor.

You can get additional information on the official portal or at the hotline number 0 800 60 20 19.

Stay safe! ❤️

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