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Do you like to take your pet with you for walks, meetings and travels? 

Often it can be difficult: you need to find out in advance whether the place you are planning to visit is okay with your tailed friend, or hope that you will be lucky.

We have prepared a list of places where you can relax and have a delicious meal with your pets.

Hashtag Lounge Bar

20 Galitska St.

4 Valova St.

Open daily from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Do you enjoy smoking hookah but don't know where to leave your furry friend? We have the solution for you! Hashtag Lounge Bar is the perfect place for you and your four-legged companion to relax. We'll treat you to incredibly tasty hookah and your furry friend to water. We're looking forward to your visit.


Good Friend Pub

19 Lesi Ukrainky St.

2 Fedorova St. and 1 Fedorova St

3 Sichovykh Striltsiv St. (Kryva Lypa Sq)

Open daily from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Good Friend Pub is truly a good friend, as it gladly welcomes both you and your pet. So bring your four-legged friend and come visit. We're awaiting all beer and cider enthusiasts; we have more than 27 varieties available. Our delicious dishes will accompany you well!

By the way, by following Good Friend 2 on Instagram, you can get one beer or cider absolutely FREE!


Hash Rest & Bar

5 Staroevreiska St.

Open daily from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Hash Rest & Bar is the ideal spot for everyone. Whether you want to come here to work, have a date with your significant other, or even bring your beloved pet along, you're welcome! We value every guest and take care of everyone because Hash is all about care. We'll provide your pet with water and treat you to aromatic coffee and dessert. So, don't hesitate!


The Fifth Dungeon

5 Rynok Sq.

daily, 10am - 10pm

When you see a man in a dark hood on Rynok Square, do not be scared. Rather the exact opposite: get acquainted or follow him. You have the opportunity to get into the mysterious world of the Fifth Dungeon with stone walls and ceilings, wooden furniture, themed elements, and medieval cuisine.




Місце для проведення часу в компанії друзів
 Кальян-бар в центрі Львова.
Середньовічний ресторан у Львові.

The Royal Brewery

9 Staroievreiska St.

8am - 10pm, Fri-Sun – 8am - 11pm

Is it possible to eat well for a fixed price? Yes, there are business lunches in the Royal Brewery. Children's menu? Here it is. If you run in the morning and get hungry – come for breakfast. Snacks, beer, liqueurs, cocktails, whiskey, and many other alcoholic beverages.


Gastro family market

20 Rynok Sq.

daily, 10am - 10pm

Food court with numerous establishments under one roof. Here you can find "Bilyi Nalyv", "Barbecue, Wine and Friends", "Dogs&Burgers", "BPSH", "RONIN" and "Mushlya". The secret place is The Last Barricade, which you can get to only with a password.


Druzi cafe & bar

5 Krakivska St.

daily, 9am - 9pm

A city café where it will be good in a company, a couple, alone or with a pet. And what to say, if a parrot lives in this restaurant! Here you will find board games, a summer terrace in the courtyard and European cuisine.


Lazy Dog

9 Krakivska St.

daily, 11am - 9pm

The establishment does not need advertising or social media, everyone who feels good here already knows about it. You can even watch football with your pet in this pub. Get your favorite beer, a plate of goodies and cheer in a great company!


Паб Львова.
Фудкорт з численними закладами під одним дахом.
Міське кафе.
Паб у Львові.

Bilyi Nalyv

4 Hnatiuka St. | 6a Drukarska St. | 4 Serbska St.

daily, 12pm - 9pm

Have you ever heard the phrase "guilty pleasure"? This is definitely about the "Bilyi Nalyv". A desirable glass of cider, which you often do not allow yourself or from which daily worries always keep you away. Here you will find yourself in a friendly atmosphere in the company of like-minded people. What's more, "Bilyi Nalyv" claims to be a 1€ bar. Nice, isn't it?


Alternative coffee

14 Shevchenka Ave. | 17 Shevchenka St. | 11 Stefanyka St. | 25 Levytskoho St. | 25 Zaliznychna St.

addresses and working hours here

Alternative coffee is about style, good taste, books and coziness. For example, a coffee shop on Stefanyka St. is a part of the Municipal Art Center, on Shevchenka St., you can buy works of Ukrainian artists, an establishment on Levytskoho St. is located in the house of a modernist architect, and on Shevchenka Ave., you can have coffee in a cozy courtyard with wild grapes. So, yes, Alternative Coffee is about style. And about you.



3 Kryva Lypa passage | 21 Brativ Rohatyntsiv St.

daily, 8.30am - 8pm

Cukor can be a great place for your breakfast, morning coffee with the restaurant's own bakery, or a cup of beverage with a close friend. By the way, you can order breakfast all day long – so you can sleep as much as you like, or not worry when you forgot to have breakfast.



40 Staroievreiska St.

10am - 9pm, Fri-Sat – 10am - 9:30pm

Just look at the flavor combinations: brie, mozzarella, parmesan, and blue cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, nuts, and herbs or fried egg, blue and cream cheese, and maple sauce. Have you imagined how waffles with such fillings taste? In Sowa, you can also taste breakfasts in no less varied variations all day long.

Винарня Львова.
Кава у Львові.
Місце для сніданку.
Сучасне кафе у центрі Львова.

Bar Mushly

35 Rynok Sq.

daily, 8am - 10pm

Seafood and Mediterranean cuisine restaurant. Here you will find shrimps, mussels, scallops, oysters, lobsters – whatever you want. But this is only a small part of the story. To make the dishes perfect, seafood should be combined with the right sauce and drink that will emphasize all shades of taste.



10 Rymlianyna St.

10am - 9pm, Fri-Sat – 10am - 10pm

If you are a vegan and you often find it difficult to choose a dish for yourself in an establishment, OM NOM NOM is what you need! Salads, bowls, hot dogs and burgers, falafel. For those who consume meat and dairy products, we also advise you to come – coffee with coconut milk is simply incredible! Check it out for yourself.



28 Virmenska St.

daily, 11am - 11pm

In translation from Lviv language to Ukrainian "facet" means a young man. The name alone already hints at what the place will look like. Retro interior and the same atmosphere, vintage furniture, Lviv coffee, local cuisine and Galician liqueurs.



11 Drukarska St.

daily, 11am - 10pm

A restaurant of modern American cuisine. It's very American: a dozen types of burgers, fast service, a bar, a friendly and open atmosphere, and minimum personal boundaries. The owner is convinced that the burger is not junk food. Just think: bun, meatball, cheese, vegetables – what is unhealthy about it?

Ресторан морепродуктів та середземноморської кухні.
Веганське кафе.
Ресторан галицької кухні.
Американська кухня. Бургери у Львові.

Dobryi Pes

45 Doroshenka St.

10am - 10pm, Sun – 11am - 7pm

A real fast food place. Here you will quickly get your order ready so that you can continue to go on with your business. In addition to the standard ones, there is even a hot dog with mushrooms and lemon or vegan with tofu. Have you ever tried one of these?



1 Muzeina Sq.

daily, 10am - 9pm

A cafeteria on the square next to the Dominican Cathedral. From time to time here you can enjoy live music, visit a poetry evening or take part in a master class. If you need a warm cozy and lamp atmosphere – you can definitely choose this location.



4 Staroievreiska St. | 8 Kryva Lypa passage | 226а Kulparkivska St. (Victoria Gardens) | 1b Mazepy St. (SPARTAK) | 30 Stryiska St. (King Cross Leopolis)

daily, 10am - 10pm, Kryva Lypa passage – 11am - 10pm, King Cross Leopolis and SPARTAK – 10am - 9pm

Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant. Here you can sit for lunch inside the restaurant or get your order takeaway. The interior in dark colors and dim lighting create a special atmosphere. An extra bonus: breakfasts are available until 18:00.


Cheese Bakery

1 Halytska St. | 120 Shevchenka St.

daily, 9am - 9pm

Where else to taste cheesecake, if not in Lviv? Cheese Bakery prepares about 10 different kinds of this dessert: from the classic one to, for example, cheesecake with raspberries and parmesan. When you are here, we advise you to try one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant – cheesecakes with caramel sauce.

Справжній фаст-фуд заклад.
Кав’ярня біля Домініканського собору.
Ресторан паназійської кухні.
Кондитерська у Львові.


5 Virmenska St.

daily, 11am - 9:30pm

The main idea of the restaurant is maximum naturality and sincerity. Here they serve homemade bread, craft beer, dishes from organic products, and wine that will suit your mood. In addition, now, more than ever, it will be nice to visit Marevo, as more than 5 types of hot cocoa are ready for you. So autumn becomes warmer, don't you agree?



3 Kurbasa St. | 44 Sakharova St. | 200а Kulparkivska St. | 45 Stryiska St. | 12 Uhorska St.

daily, 8am - 8pm

Desserts here are true works of art. Of course, you may disagree, after all, so many men – so many minds. But just taste it! Almond croissant, macaroni with pistachio and raspberry, and a cup of aromatic cappuccino. Sets with sweets will be a great gift. The Shoco team knows its job!



2 Kubiiovycha St, | 47 Levytskoho St. | 15 Khorvatska St.

daily, 9am - 9pm

A place that few tourists know about. Therefore, it feels cozy and homely here. In this café, you will enjoy seasonal dishes, breakfasts prepared with love, desserts for vegans, and not only, warm cinnabons. This is a place where you are welcome.



33 Virmenska St.

daily, 12pm - 9pm

One of the most popular pubs in Lviv downtown. It is some kind of "a beer community". In the Choven pub you can choose from 16 taps of craft beer and cider – there is plenty to choose from. The beer list is constantly being updated.

Італійська кухня у Львові.
Кондитерська у Львові.
Кав'ярня у Львові.
Паб у Львові.


35 Virmenska St.

11am - 9:30pm, Fri-Sun – 11am - 10pm

A cult place for Lviv locals, the heart and soul of artistic Lviv, the center of a community of creative people. Although much less often, even today cultural events and music evenings take place in Dzyga, and the art center with the same name is located at this address.



11 Nalyvaika St.

daily, 12pm - 9pm

The chefs of RAMEN MO care so much about having good ramen that every day they cook fresh noodles and boil the broth for at least 12 hours. Besides, you can bring your own beer or cider to the place and drink it right here. If this is not love and care, then what is?

By the way, the owner of RAMEN MO had the courage to open a ramen shop during the coronavirus epidemic.

You can read about the "brave" establishments that opened their doors to visitors during the war here


People Place Bar

6 Katedralna Sq.

daily, 12pm - 11pm

People for people – this is how we can describe the concept of the restaurant. Imagine: you are sitting in a room among contemporary local artists' paintings, enthusiastically talking and holding a glass of organic wine from Chernihiv or Mykolaiv region, vinyl is playing in the background and it seems that this evening could not be better.



37 Svobody Ave. | 5 Valova St. | 7b Pid Dubom St. (Forum Lviv)  | 222а Kulparkivska St. (Victoria Gardens)

daily, Svobody Ave. and Valova St. – 8am - 9pm, Victoria Gardens and Forum Lviv – 10am - 9pm

"Animals also want to go to a cafeteria" – is written on the cup of KREDENS. Shall we take them with us? When you choose a drink, it is likely that you will need the advice of a barista – there are so many types of coffee and coffee drinks. And the warm shades of the halls will only warm up your appetite for a fragrant elixir.

Кав'ярня. Арт-галерея у Львові.
Раменна у Львові.
Винарня у Львові.
Кав'ярня у Львові.

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