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New cafes in Lviv 2021 - guide by LvivTravel

Олексій Федак


Today in Lviv you can find many cool places to drink high quality and freshly roasted coffee. In addition to espresso, cappuccino and late coffee, they offer alternative brewing methods: kalita, aeroproes, kemex and others.

We start researching the tastes and features of the new Lviv cafes together with the Lviv Coffee Check team:

  1. Kava bez nazvy
  2. The Wave Project
  3. Alterkava in the Art Center
  4. Karpe Coffee of Copernicus
  5. Pro100kava
  6. Black Honey 

Kava bez nazvy

Location: Andreolli passage (29 Rynok Square)

The first rave cafe in the city. Owner-barista exactly recommends tasting a coffee inside, still, there are also "to go" option. Techno music and graffiti decorated walls create underground vibes but with a good style.  

  • Doppio 40 UAH.
  • Hand brew 40 UAH.

Tea and cookies are also available.

The Wave Project

Location: Magnus

We've never been to Magnus Shopping mall before café opening. There are not a typical decision for location, but the view worth it. Minimalistic Scandinavian interior style café presents a menu with sets of coffee with 2 positions or solo.

  • Own roasted coffee beans are available.
  • Interesting filter soft taste.
  • Espresso - exactly recommended.


  • Espresso 50 UAH
  • Filter 50 UAH
  • Latte 55 UAH

So guys, let's catch the coffee wave!


Alter coffee

Location: 11 Stefanyka St.

New popular location among creative youth, which takes place in the special "kitchen room" (inside Lviv municipal art center).

Reasons to visit the place: open bar, modern coffee machine, library, terrace, design by Replus bureau, available exhibition and of course good coffee.

  • Espresso 24 UAH
  • Hand brew 40 UAH (Clever - highly recommended)

Get a piece of cheesecake for the best taste collab


Karpe Coffee

Location: 9 Kopernyka St.

The new location on Kopernyka street at the main entrance of Kinopalace cinema.

First association - black&white style design with a nice original font. Good choice of coffee from various Ukrainian roasters on the shelves. On our opinion, possibility to play chess during tasting V60/cappuccino is the main feature of KARP.

  • Espresso 26 UAH
  • Filter 40 UAH

Motto: "Karpe diem, quam minimum credula postero"

Own roasted coffee examples are available



Location: 5 Pekarska St.

Cozy third-wave coffee spot, furthermore it's exclusive in the area.

Tables inside are available. Also, you can check the sandwich menu and take a break from your work routine. (Food/coffee supply - 10/10)

  • Espresso 20 UAH
  • Latte 32/38 UAH
  • Filter (depends - ask barista)

Ahoy! Let's check&support a new coffee location in the city ;)


Black Honey

Location: Kryva Lypa 

BH style café on the pedestrian zone between the University and Svobody Ave. You will find a big coffee&tea menu (masala, etc.). I saw various alcohol behind the barista, but I forgot to check 😂 Nevertheless, that's the reason to return!

  • Espresso 48 UAH
  • Hand brew 52 UAH

Can admit interior design - not typical, like a mix of vintage and minimalism.

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