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“City museum” represented the conception of the first exhibition

Last week “City museum” presentation of the conception of the first exhibition took place in the Leopolis hotel. The first exhibition will be named as “Hero`s journey. Last day of summer”.

Why is it about childhood? Childhood is time, when our relationships with the city forms, daily activities helps understand the city. The city starts to influence to us at the same time, when we overcome restrictions, we get the freedom of choice and self-responsibility.

The exhibition has to tell about limitations on this way, creators of these limitations, real and imaginary dangers which are waiting for children, and experience which children get, when they overcome through all restrictions in an attempt to conquer the city.

The main problem, which violates the exhibition project, concentrate on the questions: What can we, adults, make the city space more friendly for children at the active cognition age? How children`s experience of the city cognition influence on us, adults? How can we stimulate children to expand the city`s perceptions and provide privacy in the process? How to form identity with the whole city, but not only with acquaintance street or rayon? Eventually, the ways of our ordinary routes, which are built from childhood, form our city, which we know and take responsibility.

The exhibition tells about kids at the 8-14 age, which childhood took place in the city. It is a period of growing up, time when children independently begin to go beyond the usual, parent-controlled spaces. Preliminary evaluation of the theme of the exhibition has shown that children of this age are in a certain way excluded from the urban space.

Our first exhibition will tell about childhood in the city, or rather, about when and how kids begin to expand the urban space. Given the mission and problems of the City Museum, we want to show how child at the active cognition age expand the city as the surrounding life of existence. So, the exhibition will have game form, quest, original trip around Lviv

Natalya Dzyubenko

the member of curator`s group of creation conception of the first exhibition of City Museum

City museum – museum without permanent exposition. It is dynamic space alternating exhibitions, which will embody the mission of the Museum and will show the mutual influence of the citizens on the city and vice versa.

During repairs are longing in the dungeons under the Town Hall, and the team of Museum is working on the first exhibition, you already can join the exhibition through online quizzes or polls.



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