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Lviv in the paintings

Yaroslava Yaroslavska


Uninhabited city streets, majestic architectural dominants, and sunlight in the windows of houses are a kind of artistic aesthetics of the city.

Canvas, oil paints, graphics or watercolour - The city as a character in the picture?

It is common to see Lviv in the lens of cameras, hundreds of black-and-white photos or the most modern smartphones. And what about the city in the light of painting?

We will learn how the urban landscape of Lviv changed on the canvases of many masters of his time.

Alfred Kamienobrodzki

The Polish watercolour painter and architect created a series of urban motifs in the early 20th century. The anatomy of Lviv is expressed in the image of the main architectural elements of the city.

Stanislav Tondos

Polish author who illustrated the beauty of Lviv's urban landscapes. Based on his watercolours, at the end 19 - of the beginning 20th-century leaflets were published - stylization of city life in combination with architectural elements.

Odo Dobrowolski

Another master watercolourist, a native of Chernivtsi, created urban sketches of Lviv. Some of the works you can find in the Lviv Art Gallery.

Mykhailo Demtsia

Casual, contrasting, bright Lviv, in orange-yellow-red colours, appears in the works of Ukrainian impressionist artist - Mykhailo Demtsia.

Petro Sypniak

Reproduction of Lviv's plots we can find in the works of the famous Ukrainian artist Petro Sypniak. Versatility, artistic simplicity, optimism and love for the native land create a special vibrating effect in the master's work.

Viktor Zhmak

"It was raining quietly in Lviv", "Square. Evening", and "Evening Cafe" are the names of works from the personal exhibition “Lviv and I” by Ukrainian artist Viktor Zhmak. Bright colours, spatial imagination, texture and harmony reflect the creative reflection of the master.

Olena Kamenetska-Ostapchuk

The expressive and fantasy nature of painting, lightness, elegance and simplicity in the perception of the urban environment fill the works of the famous Lviv artist.

Pavlo Fediv

Architectural motifs of Lviv are recorded in watercolour paints in the works of another Lviv artist - Pavlo Fediv. Panoramic views and landscape plans of the hometown are conveyed through perfect compositions and richness of colour.

Serhii Tsemriuk

Carriages, the first trams, elegant female figures, partially blurred silhouettes and contours are real street impressionism.

Yurii Kokh

Magical realism in the urban landscape of Lviv - sounds weird? This vision of the city is represented by the famous Lviv artist Yurii Kokh. Coverage of various aspects of city life in historical and metaphysical manifestations.

Panorama of Hogenberg

XVII century. The first printed and famous image of Lviv was by Dutch master Abraham Hogenberg, designed by fortification engineer Aurelio Pasarotti.

The cult architecture (Latin Cathedral, Kornyakt Tower, the bell tower of the Armenian Cathedral) and defensive (towers, barbican and bastions) buildings are depicted.

Panorama of Hogenberg

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