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Levchyk, the feline mayor of Lviv


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 Levchyk  - brown tabby cat, settled in the Lviv City Council in the beginning of September 2020. City hall employees managed to rescue the cat, which had climbed a tree near the balcony of the City Council.

At first, they were looking for the owner, but no one was found.  It turned out that the cat was living on the street, so City hall staff took him under their care, accompanied the visit to the veterinarian and settled the cat in the City Council. Since then, Levchyk has gotten the title of city's feline mayor, and the staff has started to manage his social media.

On Levchyk's Instagram page, you can observe as a legendary cat together with Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, congratulate followers on the holidays, meet international delegations and honored guests of the city, shake his paw and pose for photos.

Levchyk has gained popularity on social media not only among Ukrainians, but also among his followers from all over the world. On the page of Lviv's main cat, you can see photos and videos of him, and useful information also published here. In particular, Levchyk draws attention to charitable projects and highlights information about various important initiatives and events.

Lviv writer Natalka Maletych wrote a book about the four-legged mayor of Lviv, entitled "Levchyk the Cat and St. Nicholas" It tells a fabulous story about a cat who becomes the mayor of the city. It is worth adding that, according to the author, this is not quite a fairy tale, because many of the events described in the book actually happened. Here is the description of the book: "When there is a disaster in the country, not only people but also cats take it upon themselves to help and save those who need help the most. So Levchyk works tirelessly. He also dreams of going on a journey to his beloved mother cat. One day he decides to write a letter to St. Nicholas and tell him about his dream."  The book was published by The Old Lion Publishing House.

Levchyk's Instagram page is lvivcitycat, follow the link. Subscribe and put likes. And in such a difficult time for our country, always remember to treat animals with care. After all animals, unlike us, cannot ask for help, but they need it very much. A responsible attitude towards animals is a sign of a developed and humane society.

Вітання зі Львова від кота Левчика

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