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Movies in Lviv: September 2021

Nataliia Kidyba


"Autumn is a great time to talk about movies," we thought. So we are talking about the most anticipated movie premieres of September, which, of course, will be released in Lviv cinemas.


Release date: September 16

Available in English from September 23

It is undoubtedly the main premiere of September. "Dune" has a long story of film and TV adaptations. The film adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel has been attempted by many directors almost since the book was published in 1965. David Lynch did it in 1984, but the film was too grotesque and didn’t become as iconic as the book. In the 2021 version, we have Denis Villeneuve in the director's chair (he has already made one sci-fi masterpiece - "Blade Runner 2049"), music by Hans Zimmer in the soundtrack and Timothée Chalamet in the lead role. So these are 3 reasons to watch the movie. Let's hope that the film story about cosmic feudalism and the search for a spice that gives people superpowers will live up to expectations.

A tale of a toy horse

Release date: September 9

The Ukrainian-Estonian documentary by Ulyana Osovska and Denys Strashny shows the events in Donbass in contrast between the spiritual calm and disagreements of the war. The protagonist of the film is an unusual man. Anatoliy Lyutyuk was a dissident in the USSR and the founder of the Greek Catholic Church and the Center of Ukrainian Culture in Tallinn. But now he is taking on a new challenge - a trip to the frontline in eastern Ukraine. He delivers humanitarian aid and collects stories about mutual assistance between humans and animals there. Perhaps, this interspecific unity is reminiscent of the interconnectedness of all living things, even in the face of war. Anatoliy once made a promise to himself to look for good in everything, let's try to do it with him.


Release date: September 9

Available in English

This movie is a great event for the world of independent films. Director, Leos Carax, makes films once in a decade, so they must be special. But this one differs even from the background of the author's previous works. The musical shot in Los Angeles (the director is French and shoots mostly in his homeland) in co-authorship with the American rock band Sparks. Also, noteworthy are the lead actors - Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver. They are a true star duo. This movie opened this year's Cannes Film Festival and took the Palme d'Or for Best Director. We recommend going to the film for those who are ready for 2 and a half hours of immersing themselves in the strange and sad love story of a stand-up comedian and opera singer, which is full of tragic twists.

The Green Knight

Release date: August 26

From September 2 available in English

It is a fantasy film that interprets a medieval epic in an original manner. "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" is an English poem of the 14th century, which has no unambiguous interpretation and the author of which is unknown. The film adaptation of the mysterious text is not intended to literally follow the original. It is a surreal gloomy tale, shown through extremely beautiful shots. The plot features Camelot and King Arthur, traditional for English legends, but the focus of the story is not on them, but on the king's nephew, Sir Gawain. Entertainment and drinking interest him much more than knightly exploits, but the mysterious guest changes his life. Now he has to go through dangerous trials and risk his life, and we have the opportunity to watch his transformations.

Castle in the Sky

Release date: September 9

With the beginning of the pandemic, the number of new films released in cinemas has decreased markedly, but it also has positive consequences. Due to the lack of new products, restored masterpieces of film classics are re-released. For example, "Castle in the Sky" will appear on the screens this September. Hayao Miyazaki is a genius of children's (and not only children's) animation. Let's remember at least his "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Gone with the Wind", which have become viewers favorite. "Castle in the Sky" is a story about a city hanging in the sky, air pirates, and a touching friendship between a girl from a heavenly city and a boy from a mining settlement.

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