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Independent Travelers – Marian Striltsiv

Hi there! The team of the Tourist Information Center asked three Independent Travelers about special locations in our city on Ukrainian Independence Day!

Today we invited Marian Striltsiv – creative director of the Turbat brand, marketing manager of Gorgany. He will share his experience with you.


-         What associations do you have with our city?

-         The city is associated with something of your own, with a home. Even after many long journeys, when you come to Lviv, it is still a place that you consider to be the final or starting point. It’s a point you know well, that is native for you, to which you return. Therefore, for me, this city is associated with a home.

-         Where do you take your friends who are travelers?

-         According to my observations, if my friends come from abroad, they are usually interested in such a combination of the historical Eastern European center and architecture, combined with the post-Soviet infrastructure, with post-Soviet buildings, neighborhoods, projects. That's why I try to combine and show them both sides of the city. Contrast is always interesting and evokes emotions. Sometimes when I show my friends the contrasts of the city I see very surprised reactions. When you take a tram to pass between Soviet-style houses and to get to the city center, you may immediately feel like it's a teleport – you get from one era, from one civilization to another.


-         Where not to go in Lviv?

-         I can't tell tourists not to go somewhere. Depends on the outlook. Every traveler has his or her expectations. I can say, for example, that it is not worth going to the area of the Pryvokzalnyi market because I do not like it from an aesthetic point of view. But this does not mean that a traveling photographer who came to photograph street life,  will not find good shots there. There you can take a picture no worse than, for example, in India. This is a very exotic place. That's why I won't say that there are places in Lviv where you shouldn't go, for sure.

-         A dish that you will never advise a tourist?

-         This question is difficult. Sometimes I go to places that people don't usually go to.  This is a moment of exploration for me as well. I remember one place near Volodymyra Velykoho street, where they make very cool pizza. It is better known as an establishment that specializes in pizza delivery. Once my friends and I were passing by it, and I offered to look inside. My friends said: "No, no, it's like a "place for alcoholics". We still went inside and there was a super tasty pizza and a great atmosphere. Therefore, I do not advise eating very tourist-oriented dishes. There is no authenticity in such dishes.

-         A place in Lviv that inspires you?

-         There are several such places. I love the area near Ukrainian Catholic University. This is such a pretty bright and progressive place. I mean the Center of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky and area around it. I think many points it out as well. I love panoramic places with a view of Lviv. Example…. Well, well, I won't tell secrets… (laughs). We used to climb on the roofs and there is one cool roof, from where you can see Lviv very well. The place is secret. It seems to me that inspiring places should have a little secret. It can be a garage with a great view of Lviv, or it can be a small courtyard. Sometimes for me, such a place of inspiration can be Virmenska street, although it is often crowded with tourists, but it is colorful. There are various interesting people and spaces. Probably among the central part of the city I love Virmenska street the most.

-         When does it not rain in Lviv?

-         When I'm not in Lviv.

-         Where did time stop in Lviv?

-         In Pidzamche district, yes, time in Lviv stopped in Pidzamche. It seems so to me for some reason. Because I rarely go there. And always, when I come there, there is nothing new. I have the impression that Pidzamche "froze" in time.

-         Paper or online map?

-         Both and together.

-         Tram or on foot?

-         On foot.

-         Galician cuisine or kebab?

-         Kebab.

-         Then where?

-         Wow! (laughs). Probably on Sichovykh Striltsiv street.

-         Museum of History or Beer?

-         Also, both. I have a tradition now. When I come abroad and there is a National Museum, I try to go there because sometimes the National Museum can give you such a contrasting picture of the history of a country or city. Both ways to discover a new place are interesting. In Lviv, I would probably still choose a beer museum.


-         If the theater, then ...?

-         The interactive one.

-         If the Gallery, then ...?

-         The Art Gallery.

-         Café?

-         On the street.

-         If the pub, then ...?

-         In the basement.

-         Panorama?

-         From where you can see the horizon.

-         Park?

-         ...of Ivan Franko.

-         To go to Lviv or from Lviv on Independence Day?

-         You can go to Lviv and around the city. Congratulations to all of you who will come to Lviv. In addition to the holiday that we all celebrate (Ukrainian Independence Day), I wish you to be independent in Lviv.  I wish you to have such a feeling of freedom, that your fantasies could lead you to ideas of where to go. That you could come up with some exciting activities. You can be both in the city center and outside the center. Go to other neighborhoods, explore, wander, and discover new places. This travel will become an adventure for you and you will want to repeat it. Here you will get unforgettable memories that you will tell your friends about: "We did it in Lviv ... only in Lviv, this can be done!" Congratulations to all of you. Come to Lviv!



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