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Guests of Lviv in 2024. Who are they?


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Who are the guests of Lviv in 2024? Annual survey of visitors of the city

In order to create an image of the visitor of Lviv and to explore their travel profile, Lviv Tourism Office has conducted the 2nd annual survey of visitors of the city together with the Sociological Laboratory of Ukrainian Catholic University. 

The sample of the foreign visitors has been increased to 15% and represents this category of visitors more precisely compared to the 2023 survey. Military personnel who are staying for rehabilitation in Lviv and internally displaced people also took part in the survey. 

Who is visiting Lviv and why?

The aim of the trip to Lviv. 43% of the responders came to Lviv for vacation, 19.7% of them came for work, and 15.4% of them came to visit their friends and/or family in Lviv. Additionally, there are people who have visited Lviv as a part of the transit(6.1%), as volunteers(4.7%), or in order to move in(as internally displaced people) - 4.4%, or for rehabilitation(1.9%), academic purposes(1.6%), or to take part in contests, tournaments and/or festivals(1.3%).

Foreigners come to Lviv for vacation (27.4%), work(25.3%), volunteering(17.9%), to pay a visit to their friends and/or family(15.8%), as part of transit(6.3%), or in order to receive medical treatment(3.2%).

79% of the visitors have come to Lviv before, and 21% of them have visited Lviv for the first time. In comparison, this ratio in 2021 was the following: 50.5% visitors of Lviv have come to the city for the first time, and 45.5% of them have come here more than once.

The city guests come to Lviv with their friends(29.3%), their family or friends(28.4%); slightly less of them travel here on their own(17.9%), with their partner(12.2%), their colleagues(11.4%) or with their tourist group(0.8%). 

The cities that the visitors of Lviv considered as alternatives are the following: Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhhorod, Odesa, Krakow, Ternopil, Warsaw, Prague, and Vienna.

The city visitors named the following attributes of Lviv as its advantages: aesthetic architecture and sites, cozy and intriguing cafes and restaurants, developed tourist infrastructure, relative safety and the events in the city at the time.

Staying in Lviv

More than half of the responders(62.8%) used social media for planning their trip. Additionally, some of them took advice from the friends and/or relatives that live in Lviv(38.1%) or had previously been to Lviv(37.5%); some also used the official tourism site(4.6%).

Which means of transportation are used to get to Lviv? The train is still considered the most popular means of transport(58.5%). City visitors also use their own car(25.2%) or a bus(11.6%) to get to Lviv.

Where do city visitors live in Lviv? Today, the hotels are in more demand(37%) than in 2023(26.2%). Rented apartments(29.6%) are the second most popular accommodation. The rest are the following: overnight stays at friends’/relatives’ house(21.7%) and hostels(9.3%)

The average stay duration of visitors of Lviv has increased in comparison with 2023: 3-7 days(2023 – 2-3 days). Foreigners stay in Lviv for 6-10 days(2023 - 4-7 days)*.


The average daily expenses per capita in Lviv is 1494 UAH for average tourists(€34). Foreigners spend 1986 UAH(€45)**.

How do they spend their time in Lviv? The visitors of Lviv prefer to take walks around the city alone(82.3%), visiting cafes and restaurants(78.7%), or cultural landmarks(52.5%). Among foreigners, visiting cafes and restaurants is at first place (77.9%), followed by taking walks alone(75.8%), visiting cultural landmarks(60%), events and fairs(25.3%).

Assessment of the city and willingness to come back again

This year, the city guests have evaluated the comfort of moving around the city and the touristic information higher than the previous year. They are less satisfied with transport connections with other cities and prices for goods and service.

The assessment of Lviv by the following criteria (where 1 is the lowest possible ranking, 5 is the highest one):

  • attractiveness of the city - 4.77
  • atmosphere - 4.76
  • Historical sights - 4.74
  • Food quality - 4.54
  • Catering service quality - 4.42
  • Hospitality of the city locals - 4.40
  • Events - 4.36
  • Safety in the outdoors - 4.26
  • Temporary sheltering services - 4.21
  • Public transportation -3.44

Locations that the guests like the most: Lviv Opera theater and Svobody Avenue(Liberty Avenue), Rynok Square(Market Square) and the Town Hall, the city center, Stryiskyi Park and Culture Park, Lychakiv cemetery, Vysokyi Zamok Park(High Castle Park), Pototsky Palace, St. George Cathedral, and the Heavenly Hundred Memorial. 

The following locations are the most favored among foreigners: Rynok Square(Market Square) and the Town Hall, Lviv Opera theater and Svobody Avenue(Liberty Avenue), and the city center.

82.8% of the visitors of Lviv would love to visit the city once again, and roughly 15.1% stated that they would not mind it.

What do the city visitors associate Lviv with:

  • History and authenticity - 24.0%
  • Home, calmness, coziness, warmth - 23.0%
  • Coffee - 20.6%
  • Beautiful architecture - 16.4%
  • Happiness, positive emotions - 11.6%
  • European culture and art - 10.5%
  • Lions - 8.2%
  • Rain, autumn - 7.0%
  • Tasty food, beer, alcohol - 7.0%
  • Friendly people - 5.1%

The most popular colors that people associated Lviv with - and consequently affected their perception of Lviv - are yellow and brown.

Yellow is the color of the solar energy, it invokes a positive mindset, balance, friendliness, and soothes aggression.

Brown creates not only the soothing effect, but also affects the increase of confidence in one’s own power. It also creates the feeling of stability and beneficence.

Methodological specifics of the survey

The survey was conducted from April 13 to April 28, 2024. Using the face-to-face method, 638 people from the age of 16 were interviewed.

The sampling was conducted using the method of random selection of ordinary representatives of city visitors. Positive discrimination in favor of internally displaced people and foreign guests was also applied. 

The main surveying locations: Rynok Square, the Heavenly Hundred Memorial Square, “Vernisazh” Market, Kryva Lypa Lane, the square near the Solomiia Krushelnytska National Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre of Lviv, module town assembly for internally displaced people, hotels, cultural and entertainment establishments in Lviv.

*Not including the answers of internally displaced people.

**Including food, public transportation expenses, expenses for souvenirs etc. Accommodation fees and transport fees for arrival to/departure from Lviv not included.


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