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The main events of autumn 2022 in Lviv

Sofiia Dmytryshyn


How often in autumn after work do you run home, make tea or cocoa, and warm up after a rainy day? And on the weekend, you usually don't want to leave the house at all, right?

But autumn in Lviv offers many concerts, performances, movie screenings, and presentations!

We have prepared a list of events for you so that you can spend this autumn to the fullest.

5 performances

  • The Terrible Revenge

    World premiere at the Lviv National Opera, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of its author - Yevhen Stankovych. A shocking story about a family curse, which intersects Cossack folklore, the biblical legend of Cain and Abel and the ancient beliefs of our ancestors.

    When? November 13

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

  • Esmeralda

    Ballet, based on Victor Hugo's novel "Notre Dame". Here the events of the work and favorite characters will come to life. Elaborate costumes, scenery, music and dances add special grandeur and richness to the opera.

    When? November 20

    Where? Opera House, 28 Svobody Ave.

  • Lviv Tango

    "Your smile is mysterious, so seductively beckoning"… The performance is dedicated to the author of this song, Bohdan Vesolovskyi, his inspiration, love, muse. And all this to the rhythm of his own, Lviv tango.

    When? November 5, 13, 19, 25, 27

    Where? Maria Zankovetska Theatre, 1 Lesi Ukrainky St.


  • The ghost of Canterville Castle

    It so happened that one wealthy American acquired an ancient English castle filled with history, superstitious traditions and... a ghost. They say that it is the cursed soul of the former owner who killed his wife! But the new owner only laughs at these unheard-of tales.

    When? November 6, 20, 25

    Where? Lviv First Ukrainian Theater for Children & Youth,11 Hnatiuka St.

  • Imperium delendum est

    Our first stage work since the great war began. What can I say? It has no clear genre - just like our life today. It has many voices that sound with rage, pain and hope. There is a lot of music in it that resounds with struggle and freedom.

    When? November 13, 26

    Where? Lesi Ukrainky Theatre, 36 Horodotska St.

Пливе човен
Про що мовчать чоловіки

5 concerts


    This band creates a powerful groove on dance rhythms, mixing them with Ukrainian folk motifs and instruments and original Ukrainian lyrics. "Their unique musical product and style are mesmerizing, and therefore they are welcome guests at any celebration," the organizers say.

    When? November 22

    Where? !FESTrepublic Club, 24-26 Staroznesenska St.

  • Ivan Popovych. Greatest hits

    Ivan Popovych is one of the most famous Ukrainian pop singers, a bright figure of the Golden Fund of the Ukrainian pop scene, composer, People's Artist of Ukraine, participant of many outstanding cultural and artistic festivals.

    When? November 20

    Where? Dovzhenko centre, 81 Chervonoi kalyny ave.

  • Khrystyna Solovii

    There is never too much "Ukrainian rage". Khrystyna Soloviy continues her tour of Ukrainian cities with a new concert program, which includes the singer's golden hits "Hold", "Who else but you" and wartime hits "Ukrainian Fury", "I am your weapon" and others.

    When? November 24

    Where? Dovzhenko centre, 81 Chervonoi kalyny ave.

  • WellBoy

    On November 11, come to Malevich Concert Arena for a big solo performance of one of the brightest artists of the modern Ukrainian scene WellBoy! Exquisite and stunning, emotional and sincere singer will give everyone a lot of smiles and a great time in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

    When? November 11

    Where? Malevich Night Club, 2 Chornovola ave.

  • Dudaryk

    The world-famous, unique and authoritative national male choir "Dudaryk" with friends announces an art marathon in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The best from the repertoire of Dudaryk and guests!

    When? November 22

    Where? Maria Zankovetska Theatre, 1 Lesi Ukrainky St.


5 exhibitions

  • New Lviv sculpture

    The phenomenon of new sculpture is inherent in realism, which is present in all participants of the exhibition. Simple geometric shapes, abstractness or philosophy of spatial installations are still rare. Authors: Volodymyr Semkiv, Denys Shymansky, Vasyl Hrynevych, Oleksiy Abramov.

    When? until November 27

    Where? Art Center Ya Gallery, 8 Shota Rustaveli St.

  • Autumn. Children. Love

    Children won autumn from the war thanks to their resilience and ability to live joy every day, enjoy the moment and live despite the sounds of alarm. Under the supervision of the artist Khrystyna Valko, they created works that radiate the warmth of Indian summer.

    When? until November 30

    Where? Coffee shop-bookstore of the Staryi Lev, 17 Halytska st.

  • Paintings and graphics by Viktor Zhmak

    The breadth of motifs and uniqueness of compositions in the works of Viktor Zhmak: landscapes, still lifes, narrative paintings, portraits, nude nature, and abstract painting.

    When? until November 21

    Where? Franko House, 150-152 Franka st.

  • Hanna Drul. Still human. Ceramic sculpture

    One of the best artists working with the most ancient and eternally relevant material of ceramics in Lviv - Hanna Drul will present her solo exhibition in the Green Sofa Gallery created during the last two years. This exhibition of Hanna's sculptures, with a few exceptions, is entirely devoted to situations with the presence of the human figure.

    When? until November 20

    Where? Green Sofa Gallery, 7 Virmenska St.

  • Unconquered Kherson

    The photo exhibition about unbreakable Kherson is a meeting for everyone who is interested to see and feel the life of Kherson residents in the occupied city.
    Photo correspondent of the Media Platform "Vgoru" Oleksandr Korniakov was at the centre of the events.

    When? until November 10

    Where? Dzyga Art Center, 35 Virmenska St.


Not enough shows? Would you like more concerts? Or something completely different?

Go to the "Events" section and complete your autumn plans.


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