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Fountains in Lviv


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On days when the air temperature in Lviv exceeds 30 degrees, the "dry," drinking, and overall urban fountains become a primary source of joyous emotions for many Lviv residents, especially children.

Our renowned Lviv boasts dozens of beautiful water features that provide relief to local residents and city guests during hot weather while also serving as decorative elements. However, once upon a time, Lviv was built on the banks of the Poltva River, and about 150 years ago, the city enclosed the water body in a collector.

As a result, Lvivians can now relax by the water either in parks near lakes or in the city center near fountains. Traditionally, the fountains in Lviv resume their operation in May, but unfortunately, not all of them. Only a few have been restored, and 5 of them remain closed due to the state of war in Ukraine. This includes the fountains on Market Square and near the sculpture of the Virgin Mary on Mariyska Square.

So, where can you find fountains in Lviv? - has prepared a list of the most interesting locations for you.

Fountain near the Opera House

22 Svobody Avenue

The fountain in front of the Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solomiya Krushelnytska is always a hallmark of Lviv on new souvenir and promotional products of the city.

It is a modern water feature that attracts tourists from all corners of the world to the city. It was opened in October 2020 and it is musical, illuminated, scented, and weather-dependent (if suddenly there is heavy rain or strong wind, which is typical for Lviv in summer, it automatically turns off).

In total, the fountain has 72 nozzles, with the largest ones located in the center. The water can reach a height of 10 meters. The height and intensity of the water jets can be adjusted, with the highest settings used during holidays and special occasions.

The lighting of the fountain is unique and is arranged in the decorative Morse code alphabet. Four messages are encoded: "Lviv - the city of possibilities," "Lviv - the city of great people," "Lviv - the city of love," and "Lviv - the city of literature."

Fountain near the Forum Shopping Center

7B Pid Dubom Street

The infrastructure in this area of the city is an unexpected result, and this water feature nearby is a complete attraction for children primarily and a highlight of the square near the shopping center! Here, kids can walk, run, and play around the fountain. In the summer, there are usually at least 15 children enjoying this place. It is a public space with good amenities and a bicycle path nearby, just a 7-minute walk from the city center. It's a place where you want to linger and relax.

Fountain with a Boy

Mytna Square, near the Pinzel Museum

It is the "oasis" at the beginning of Lychakivska Street, a part of the stone Lviv that is now adorned with greenery and flowers. Mytna Square remains a very popular urban spot for relaxation for both children and adults. The first "dry" fountain in Lviv started operating in April 2017, and Lviv residents christened it the "pedestrian" fountain. That's because it is designed without a traditional basin. Prior to its installation, there was no tradition of "running through fountains" in Lviv. The water in the fountain at Mytna Square shoots upward from 25 nozzles.

Fountain at Koliivshchyny Square

Here is a square with a fountain-memorial dedicated to the Jews in Lviv, featuring inscriptions in Ukrainian, Polish, and Hebrew, which has been ranked among the top 25 best projects in Europe. Previously, this area was part of the district where Jews lived. During Soviet times, the square was renamed in honor of an 18th-century uprising in which many Jews were killed. Its previous name was Vekslarska Square.

This fountain has been restored on the site of an ancient well. During archaeological excavations in 2018, researchers discovered the remains of the original well, built back in 1844 and used by the residents of the Jewish district. On September 12, 2021, the restored well-fountain, symbolizing the recognition of a shared past for harmonious coexistence and development in the city, started operating at Koliivshchyny Square.

Fountain dedicated to Hero of Ukraine Dmytro "Da Vinci" Kotsiubailo

Galitska Square

The fountain at Galitska Square started operating after a four-year reconstruction, specifically from 2019, and was redesigned in the place of the "Dandelion" fountain, dedicated to the fallen combatant "Vovkiv Da Vinci" Dmytro Kotsiubailo and all Ukrainian volunteers. Initially, the designers planned to dismantle the "Dandelion" sculpture and create a pedestrian fountain. However, during the reconstruction process, the project underwent several changes due to the discovery of the walls of the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, built in the 1530s.

Currently, the fountain takes the form of a round basin with illumination, made of corten steel, from the center of which water jets shoot up.

Eight drinking fountains in the city have also been restored and are now operational:

  • Rynok Square, 1 - near the Tourist Information Center
  • Svobody Square - near the Opera Theater
  • Svobody Avenue - near the Taras Shevchenko monument
  • Yevhena Malanuka Square
  • Mytna Square
  • Lychakivska Street, 175a - near the Pokrova Church
  • T. Chuprynky Street, 85
  • Na Valakh Square

Please note that these are approximate translations of the locations based on the provided information.

Дн безкоштовно випити і набрати води у Львові
Перелік питних фонтанів у Львові

Swan Fountain

Krynychna Square

Somewhere in Pidzamche... or since 1871, one of the streets was named Studenna (Cold) because of the cold spring that used to be here. Now, a fountain with swans stands in this very spot on Krynychna Square, and it has been called that since 1946. The location has been renovated and furnished with new benches, and it also has a fascinating history that not every Lviv resident is familiar with. A tourist guide can show the district from a new perspective.

Більше про: Парки Львова

Stream Fountain

Dvirtseva Square

This water feature welcomes Lviv residents and city guests in the truest sense of the word. It received a new lease of life at the Lviv train station and started operating in August 2020. The fountain is arranged along the facade of the station, extending to the car park. It consists of two parts and resembles a river in shape. It is adorned with colorful lighting, which can be admired in the evening. The water in the fountain comes from the water supply, undergoes filtration, and then bursts forth in streams of varying intensity and height. The fountain's design is quite new for Lviv—it features a so-called "ripple" pattern that zigzags from the main pedestrian alley. Small "waterfalls" also flow from the installed structures. The fountain operates only during the warm season and is preserved during winter.

Ivasyk-Telesyk Fountain

Stryiskyi Park

This fairytale composition is located in Stryiskyi Park, recreating the atmosphere of a fairy tale. A little boy tightly embraces the swan's neck, and together they seem ready to take flight from the ground. The fountain is situated on the central linden alley in Stryiskyi Park. It first appeared in this location in the 1960s but gradually fell into disrepair and ceased to be used. In 2011, a comprehensive reconstruction project began, and the fountain with the boy and swans was restored. Along with the restoration, the water supply system was upgraded to a more modern one.

Aquarius and Lion Fountain

25 Mykoly Kopernyka Street

Aquarius is another fountain that underwent restoration after a long hiatus. The main sculpture was created by the renowned Lviv artist Theodoziia Bryzh in the 1970s. Aquarius remained inactive for nearly 20 years until its restoration in 2018. The bowl was restored, lighting was installed, and the surrounding area was beautified. According to the architect's design, the water behind the sculpture flows in a circular pattern, while drinking water flows from a spout connected to a pipeline. It operates on a sensor, turning on when someone approaches.

As for the Lion Fountain on Kopernyka Street, it was one of the seven fountains where the water supply system delivered clean water to the city. Old photographs available on the internet show that it resembled a bath-fountain with drinking water. The water was supplied to this fountain from three water intakes.

Dandelion Fountain

Bogdan Khmelnytsky Park of Culture and Recreation

Once there was a Pelchynskyi Pond here, which was filled in 1921. The remains of the pond's dam have been preserved, and now there is a fountain in front of the main lower entrance to Bogdan Khmelnitsky Park of Culture and Recreation. Currently, there are six traditional dandelion fountains located in a spacious rectangular basin, which were built in the 1970s.

The Park of Culture and Recreation was established during the Soviet period in 1951. It has become the main venue for most city celebrations. Local residents and city guests still enjoy taking photos near the fountains.


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