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Cultural Capital of Ukraine



Lviv Has Been Recognized As The Cultural Capital Of Ukraine 2009

On the 28th of April 2009, Lviv has been recognized as the cultural capital of Ukraine. This status award was given based on expert research of The State service of tourism and resorts and “The Council on tourism and resorts issues”. The main reasons of such obtaining is the conducting of more than 100 festivals annually, 60 museums, 100 churches of different confessions, and the big tourist interest in Lviv.

For the past 2 years the tourist stream to the city increased by 40 %, and now it is more than a million people per year.

Among the foreigners, the biggest amount of tourists come from Poland, Germany, Austria, Belarus, USA and Russia.

The city is known as a center of art, literature, music and theatre. Nowadays, the indisputable evidences of the city cultural richness is a big number of theaters, concert halls, creative unions, and also high number of many artistic activities. Temples, frescos, paintings, traditions, feasts, festivals – all these are the heirdom of the past and the product of the present geniuses, which can be felt only in Lviv.

Due to the rich cultural programme, developed infrastructure (now Lviv has more than 8 000 hotel rooms, over 700 caffees and restaurants, free WI-Fi zones in the city centery, good connection with many countries of the world) Lviv has the biggest tourist potential in Ukraine.

Lviv is also a huge educational center with 23 educational institutions, 7 of which prepares support staff for tourism infrastructure.

According to the statics, more than 10 thousand tourists come to each city festival.

Lviv has established many city-feasts, such as Coffee and Chocolate feasts, the feast of pampukh, The Day of Batyar, such festivals as “Ethnovyr”, “Krayina Mriy”, international theatrical festival “Golden Lion”.

Lviv is the city, where festivals and concerts are being held every week.

Proof of the great potential for the development is the research of an international consulting firm Monitor Group, which develops strategy for the competitiveness of the city. According to their research, tourism and IT-sector are the two most attractive cluster for the development of Lviv.

Website Global Services, known in the industry of outsourcing as the site of latest news and the latest research on IT and business services, on December 2011 published an article that notes Lviv, as one of the most promising cities for outsourcing.

Di Intelligence (branch of Financial Times Ltd) placed Lviv in top ten of European cities and regions of the future for 2012/2013 in the following categories: "The best economic efficiency for doing business" and "The best strategy for attracting foreign direct investment" among major European cities.


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