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Coffee in Lviv



Lviv and coffee are two notions that became one. Perhaps now it’s impossible to imagine old narrow streets without seductive tart aroma that flies out of small windows of cozy cafés and running through the city mysteriously. In the summer Lviv citizens savor coffee sitting outside of cafés, in winter in cozy warm cafés, sluggishly talking about last news of the city.

History of Coffee in Lviv started back in late 18 century with the coming of the Austrians, who revealed all niceties of coffee brewing for Lviv citizens by opening numerous cafés. Coffee started to be more and more popular in different circles of society and soon all Lviv fell ill with coffeemania that can’t be healed. Owners of cafés were arranging evening concerts, dances, there you was to hear all the latest gossips… Often cafés were places where creative youth from Lviv was gathering. Many poems, songs and legends are devoted to coffee that makes this drink even mystical. 

Long time has passed, but love for coffee didn’t fade away and made Lviv the Coffee capital of Lviv. Every year Lviv entertains all coffee lovers with «Have a Cup of Coffee in Lviv» festival, where everyone can taste all sorts of this beverage, brewed in special Lviv way, according to traditional recipes.

Coffee in Lviv is not just a cup of black fragrant drink, but also a spirit of old city, its soul and pride, history that revive again and again with every sip.


Real coffee has to be as black as night, as sweet as a sin, as hot as love and as strong as friendship.

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