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Lviv Botanical Gardens


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Where can you get to know, explore and simply relax among plants in Lviv?

The largest botanical gardens of Lviv

Botanical Garden of the National Forestry University of Ukraine

There are several such locations in Lviv, and one of them is the Botanical Garden of the National Forestry University of Ukraine in Lviv. It is located near the central part of the city on General Chuprinka Street, 103, and next to it is the Administrative Building of the University, to the right is a square with benches and flower beds, where you can meet Lviv residents with children and pets. Globular maples were planted along the entrance alley.

Today, the botanic garden presents mostly plants from the European continent, North America and Asia. The collection of herbaceous plants also includes representatives from Africa, South and Central America, the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and Australia. This is the only botanical garden in Ukraine that has a forestry direction. Most of the territory is located on the left bank of the river. In addition, there is a collection fund of herbaceous flora of open ground, the dendroflora collections include more than half a thousand taxa (more than 5000 trees and bushes), more than 400 taxa of herbaceous flora. There are both native and introduced plant species. Among the interesting plants, you can see two-lobed relic ginkgo, century-old oak, tulip and walnut trees, magnolias, and of course, red, pink, variegated tulips.

The territory of the entire botanical garden, which includes the arboretum at 1 Olga Kobylyanska Street, the Arboretum at 103 Chuprinky Street and the arboretum in the village of Stradch near Lviv, covers a total of 26.05 hectares. Entrance to the garden is free, you can walk on your own, but you can allocate symbolic funds for its maintenance. By prior arrangement, you can sign up for a tour, where an expert can tell you more about the plants.

Botanical Garden of Ivan Franko Lviv National University

By all means, don't look for a reason to refuse, hurry to Cheremshyny Street, because you should mention the botanical garden of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University, which is located on two sites in the city - 4 Kyryla and Methodia Streets (2 ha) and 44 Cheremshiny Street (16.5 ha), on the territory of the ancient Tsetnerivka farm, which is near the Pogulyanka forest park and the Lychakiv park. The site has a pond, a swampy valley and dry elevated plateaus. This allows planting a wide variety of plants on its territory. Now this part of the garden is quite popular among Lviv residents.

Excursions, thematic classes, photo and video shootings are held there. It is one of the oldest gardens in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, which was founded in 1852. During the Second World War, the garden was seriously damaged by hostilities, many exotic plants died, but already in 1944 the site began to be restored. Later, a greenhouse complex appeared on the territory, which is still functioning.

Among the plants that mostly bloom in summer, but this year we are observing an abnormal warming of April, noble magnolias, bright as the sun, forsythia, rhododendrons, ericas, tulips, hyacinths, primroses and many, many other floral beauties will await you in the garden, and in the summer period of June, there are definitely peonies, white ash, sunflowers, marigolds, veronicas, downy paulownia and everyone's favorite jasmine. Later, in July, daylilies, yuccas, astilbes, lavender, wig tree, etc. bloom. The end of summer delights with yellow-hot flowers of coreopsis, sylphia, heather, hibiscus and other plants.

The greenhouses of the Botanical Garden will be available for visits only from May 1. You can enter the territory of the garden every Tuesday, every Wednesday, every Thursday and every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can also book an excursion, which costs UAH 720 per group (in addition to the cost of the entrance ticket). Entrance ticket to the territory - UAH 100; discounted entrance ticket (pupils, students) - 70 hryvnias

Botanical garden at Danylo Lviv National Medical University

And in conclusion, a botanical garden has been operating in the center of Lviv for almost a hundred years, which is a part of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, is protected as a national property, in respect of which a special regime of protection, reproduction and use has been established, where open days are not held, and in there is no "Boat Garden on Pekarska" in the tourist guides and they do not conduct excursions. This secret botanical garden belongs to the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, the only university botanic garden in Ukraine with a unique collection of medicinal plants, more than 1200 species.

The story begins on Pekarska Street, where there was a wasteland, and not far from where Poltva began. The river was buried, but the wasteland turned into a secret botanical garden, which was laid by professor Tadeusz Wilczynski, one of the founders of the Polish dendrological society in 1924, in 1927-28. Initially, the territory was marked as a garden of medicinal plants, and it occupied 6 hectares - today its area is 1.5 hectares, but the variety of greenery can surprise even the pickiest traveler. Almost a century later, you can find pomegranate and coffee beans, Argentine mate and a plant used to give tea its bergamot flavor. There are even different types of mint here, thanks to which chewing gum with different shades of mint flavor is made.

The place is definitely worth a visit, because you can see exotic and tropical plants with your own eyes - among the guests' favorites are always the luxurious tree-like peonies (handiwork of the founder Vilchynskyi). , which have already become an unspoken symbol of the park. You won't be able to get to this place just like that - you should notify the administration about your visit. You can visit the botanical garden from 09:00 to 17:30, Saturday-Sunday - weekends, at 73 Pekarska street.


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