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Bomb shelters in Lviv and other options how to hide out


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   In case of emergencies, you should always have a clear plan of action - it calms and adds confidence.

   You should go down to the shelter if you hear an air raid warning. It is important to have at least 2 exits, ventilation, heating, water access in the shelter.

   Mainly shelters are basements of houses, which are usually closed, so in case of emergency, they should be opened by employees of the LKP, heads of OSBB, or management companies. It is better to take food and other necessary things with you.

You can view a detailed map of shelters in Lviv:

   More about: Lviv's hotels with generators and bomb shelters


In addition, we have prepared a sample of bomb shelters in the districts of Lviv and links to shelter addresses for more than 100 people.

Halytskyi District :

1. LKP “Staryi Lviv”, (basement for 200 people)

Address: 9 Brativ Rohatyntsiv St.

2. LKP “Staryi Lviv”, (basement for 155 people)

Address: 13 Valova St.

3. LKP “Staryi Lviv”, (basement for 200 people)

Address:14 Valova St.

4. LKP “Staryi Lviv”, (basement for 160 people)

Address: 16 Valova St.

5. LKP “Iceberg”, (basement for 172 people)

Address: 15 Venetsianova St.

6. OSBB “Bilia porokhovoi vezhi”, (basement for 260 people)

Address: 26 Vynnychenka St.

7. LKP “Kniazhe Misto”, (basements for 185 people)

Address:3 Vyshyvanoho Sq.

8. LKP “Kniazhe Misto”, (basement for 125 people)

Address: 4 Vyshyvanoho Sq.

9. LKP “Iceberg”, (basement for 124 people)

Address:14 Viitovycha St.,

10. LKP “Staryi Lviv”, (basement for 160 people)

Address:18 Virmenska St.


Shevchenkivskyi District:

1. LKP “Balaton-409”, (basement for 100 people)

Address: 3 Horodnytska St.

2. TzOV UK “Zboishcha”, (basement for 1105 people)

Address: 10 Hrinchenka St.

3. LKP “Balaton-409”, (basement for 398 people)

Address:1 Donetska St.,

4. LKP “Balaton-409”, (basement for 140 people)

Address: 17 Zhovkivska St.

5. LKP “Balaton-409”, (basement for 130 people)

Address: 9 Zavodska St.

6. OSBB “Zamarstyniv-144”, (basement for 660 people)

Address:144 Zamarstynivska St.,

7. OSBB “ZAMARSTYNIVSKE-150”, (basement for 910 people)

Address:150 Zamarstynivska St.,

8. LKP “Varshavske-407”, (basement for 122 people)

Address:10 Kleparivska St.

9. LKP “Varshavske-407”, (basement for 148 people)

Address: 25a Kleparivska St.

10. PP “UK “RIDNYI DIM”, (basement for 988 people)

Address:1 Mazepy St.


Frankivskyi District:

1. LKP “Lvivskyi likhtar”, (basement for 707 people)

Address: 5 Yaponska St.

2. ZhBK №262, (basement for 350 people)

Address: 136 Chuprynky St.,

3. ZhBK “Lisotech”, (basement for 430 people)

Address: 134 Chuprynky St.

4. LKP “Lvivskyi likhtar”, (basement for 816 people)

Address: 4 Khudozhnia St.

5. OSBB “OPTIMIST”, (basement for 750 people)

Address: 3 Khudozhnia St.

6. ZhBK № 95, ( basement for 423 people)

Address: 8 Troleibusna St.

7. OSBB “TROLEIBUSNA 7”, (basement for 400 people)

Address: 7 Troleibusna St.

8. LKP “Vuletske”, (basement for 335 people)

Address: 44 Sakharova St.,

9. LKP “Mahistralne”, (basement for 864 people)

Address: 12 Troleibusna St.

10. LKP “Vuletske”, (basement for 270 people)

Address: 94 Stryіska St.



Lychakivskyi District:

1. LKP “Gospodar”, (basement for 370 people)

Address: 10 Bohomoltsia St.

2. LKP “Gospodar”, (basement for 107 people)

Address: 25 Vyshenskoho St.

3. LKP “Gospodar”, (basement for 210 people)

Address: 11 Hulak-Artemovskoho St.

4. LKP “Gospodar”, (basement for 221 people)

 Address: 14 Dovbusha St., 

5. LKP “Gospodar”, (basement for 158 people)

Address: 7 Zankovetskoi St., 

6. LKP “Gospodar”, (basement for 1072 people)

 Address: 113 Zelena St., 

7. LKP “Gospodar”, (basement for 405 people)

 Address: 16 Klonovycha St.,

8. LKP “Leohom”, (basement for 211 people)

 Address: 7 Konyskoho St.,

9. LKP “Gospodar”, (basement for 400 people)

 Address: 106 Levytskoho St.,



Zaliznychnyi District:

1. LKP “Levandivka”, (basement for 443 people)

Address: 20 Bortnianskoho St.,

2. LKP “Levandivka”, (basement for 296 people)

Address: 15 Brativ Mikhnovskykh St.

3. OSBB “Brativ Mikhnovskykh 31A”, (basement for 860 people)

Address: 31a Brativ Mikhnovskykh St.

4. LKP “Levandivka”, (basement for 226 people)

Address: 45 Brativ Mikhnovskykh St.

5. LKP “Siaivo”, (basement for 726 people)

Address: 11 Vyhovskoho St.

6. LKP “Levandivka”, (basement for 211 people)

Address: 106 Horodotska St.

7. LKP “Sygnivka”, (basement for 498 people)

Address: 188 Horodotska St.

8. LKP “Sygnivka”, (basement for 560 people)

Address: 315 Horodotska St.,

9. LKP “Siaivo”, (basement for 933 people)

Address: 12 Yavornytskoho St.,

10. LKP “Levandivka”, (basement for 193 people)

Address: 9 Shevchenka St.



Sykhivskyi District:

1. LKP “GRAND-1”, (basement for 1332 people)

Address: 1 Antonenka-Davydovycha St.,

2. LKP “Pid Zubroiu”, (basement for 636 people)

Address: 3 Antonenka-Davydovycha St.

3. LKP “ANTONYCHA 10”, (basement for 600 people)

Address: 10 Antonycha St.,

4. LKP “Pid Zubroiu”, (basement for 769 people)

Address: 20 Vernadskoho St.

5. LKP “VERNADSKOHO 4”, (basement for 600 people)

Address: 4 Vernadskoho St., 

6. LKP “VERNADSKOHO-8”, (basement for 820 people)

Address: 8 Vernadskoho St., 

7. LKP “DOVZHENKA 9”, (basement for 656 people)

Address: 9 Dovzhenka St.

8. LKP “DRAGANA 16”, (basement for 698 people)

Address: 16 Dragana St.

9. LKP “Dnister”, (basement for 720 people)

Address: 32 Dunaiska St.

10. LKP “Zhytlovyk-S”, (basement for 641 people)

Address: 14 Enerhetychna St.

   However, if there is no shelter nearby or for some reason have no way of accessing it - you can find a safe place in the apartment. First, you need to analyze the building in which you are.

  • New building - monolithically structured houses. Mostly this is the building of the 2010s. These are stable and reliable buildings. It is better to say near weight-bearing walls. If there is an emergency staircase, it is best to be there. Places such as corridors, the  bathroom (if there is no gas boiler), the stairwell are safe as well;
  • Brick houses - mostly Austrian houses and early Soviet buildings, low-rise buildings, houses from the stairwell are safe as well. It is safer to be near  weight-bearing walls. These are the inner walls of the house. It is better to hide in the inner corridor without windows;
  • Prefabricated houses - Soviet buildings of the 70-80's. Such houses are the most vulnerable of all, so you should still check all the possibilities to find shelter nearby. If you are still inside, the safest place is the door openings of the weight-bearing walls.

General recommendations:

  • Avoid glass facades of high-rise buildings;
  • Avoid windows - there should be a wall between you and the window. Doors with glass inserts should also be avoided;
  • Seal the windows crosswise with scotch tape and cover them with curtains - this will save you from breaking glass;
  • Avoid corners formed by external walls - they are most vulnerable to bombing;
  • In case of air attacks, the upper floors of the house are most dangerous. It is better to go down;
  • It is important to note that - during artillery shelling and street clashes, the lower floors are more at risk;
  • If your house has a basement with only one exit, it is unsafe to go down there - you may be trapped during a collapse;
  • Remember the rule of 2 walls (there must be at least 2 walls between you and the street) and 2 exits (there must be at least 2 exits from the shelter).


Also good alternatives to bomb shelters:

  1. Underground passages. They are spacious and there are always at least 2 exits. You should stay further away from the staircases as debris from the streets can fly through them. Such hiding places are not suitable for long stays, because there is no heating, access to water, or toilets;

  2. Underground parking is a good option for shelter. Such places are equipped with emergency exits, fire and ventilation systems. Often there is also heating and bathrooms. If you go down to the underground parking-first find the evacuation scheme and get acquainted. If you don't see one - find and remember all the exits from the parking, make sure they are open;

  3. Subway. Almost all subways in the country (for example, in Kyiv) have been developed for a dual purpose: there are also objects of civil protection. They are very reliable as bomb shelters, because of their location deep underground. In addition, if there is a collapse at the exits of one of the stations,  you can go to other stations through the tunnels and find a way out. But a large concentration of people in the subway can be dangerous. Be attentive to the people around you, avoid panic. If you see a suspicious object or person - report to the station staff to avoid sabotage and provocation;

  4. If an air raid catches you on the street, and you do not have the opportunity to quickly get to any shelter - lie down on the ground and cover your head with your hands. If there is a curb nearby - hide behind it. Cover your ears with your hands and open your mouth - this will help avoid rupture of the eardrums in case of an explosion behind you.

Take care of yourself and remember that awareness of safety rules can save lives!!!


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