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Dishes from your favourite restaurants/cafes at home

Anastasiia Hirzekorn


Quarantine in Lviv brings a lot of changes to our lives - closed cultural institutions, cinemas, entertainment and sports complexes, and now also restaurants.

But we live in a dynamic world and as they say, if you won`t go to the restaurants, then the restaurants must go to you. And more and more of our and your favourite eateries are being brought onto online ordering and delivery.


Although grocery stores and supermarkets operate, the quarantine has made adjustments to their work, for example, the Silpo supesmarket network has closed all restaurant areas for visitors. However, it made it possible to order dishes from a special menu and take it to go.

Silpo Resto points in Lviv:

  • SM Forum, 7 Pid Dubom St., phone number: (050) 417 11 47
  • Victoria Gardens Shopping Center, 226a Kulparkivska St., phone number: (095) 289 30 28


The "Dva Kroky" (Two Steps) Store network also has a delivery service, and will be open 24/7 during quarantine period.

In addition, large supermarkets networks such as Auchan and Metro have long been able to order all their products online.

Do you need some coffee?

We will definitely not stay without coffee, because coffee will come to our home.

The Svit Cavy makes home delivery by phone number +380 (68) 307 25 21, and at 6 Cathedral St.  you can buy coffee to go or in beans.

The legendary coffee house Virmenka delivers its sweets and coffee home by phone number +380960773880. As a bonus, order from 200 UAH makes the delivery free. The list includes Napoleon, Spartac, Medivnyk, Lviv Syrnyk, Apple pliatsok and others. Prices start at 148 UAH per kilogram.

Kredens Cafe delivers coffee beans anywhere: drinks - within 5 kilometers. The menu will be limited. Everything at 50 UAH. In addition, coffee baristas will prepare coffee online and tell interesting and amazing stories, you can follow here.

Galician cuisine and more

The Kumpel network is also being brought onto online ordering and delivery of its products. With the help of Racketa service you will have the opportunity to order meal and beer in addition.

Gatherings with wine to be

If you have not yet made a video call with your friends, you can already start. Don`t forget to order your favourite wine!

Port Wine Bar has delivered its wines and dishes:

  • to order via direct or by phone number 0931612763 from 12 p.m. till 22:00 p.m.
  • delivery within Lviv, by time + - 1,5 hours this option will cost 30 UAH ⁃ minimum order amount - 200 UAH ⁃ payment is made in full in advance on the card
  • in Glovo service you can order via the "everything delivery" option
  • wines and dishes that you can savour at home are stored in Instagram stories.

What about ribs?

Quarantine is not a reason to forget the taste of ribs, because the !Fest network delivers from its restaurants Rebernya, Meat and Justice Restaurant, Kryivka and UCU Trapezna. You can order by phone number 067 63 71 444, more information about delivery will appear at their social webs a little later.


We all love to eat popcorn while watching movies, but unfortunately, during the quarantine, cinemas closed their doors to visitors and opened the delivery of popcorn home!

Yes, watching amusing TV series and movies at home is possible with popcorn thanks to the Planet Cinema network, which delivers your popcorn at the same time for free!


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