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Frantsuzki kanikuly

  • Restaurant
  • Coffee houses
  • Near city center


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Let's decipher:

[vacation] is about rest, lightness, new emotions

[French] - because, first of all, about desserts and pastries

We are a confectionery-restaurant

It is in this sequence

 The main items on our menu are desserts and pastries from the best, highest quality products, according to French recipes and sometimes - in our interpretation.

Cuisine - European, but not French.

We have top dishes with an accent on lightness and new combinations of flavours.


Why come to us?

  • Try each of the 25 desserts according to the recipes of the best French confectioners, break a crunchy croissant from the highest quality butter and Italian flour, and eat it with coffee for breakfast.
  • It will be tastier only in Paris.
  • And for lunch, choose between Benedict with salmon on a crispy brioche and a fluffy omelette with basil mousse and melted cheese. Or order both.
  • Take a selfie near the panoramic window overlooking Shevchenko Avenue, gather your best friends for coffee, but understand that at a cocktail party.

Let's go on vacation


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